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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
I've been painting again. Got some more aceo's  (2.5" x 3.5") finished.
At the end of last year, I started to use paint, that was more highly pigmented. Taking pictures with the larger canvases, have been fine, but, I find with the aceo's, I am getting a glare. I like taking my pictures outside. I want to show the true colours and of course, the picture is brighter. But, I don't know if I like what I am seeing.

This is "Tulip". She is a Fairy Baby Crow.
This picture was taken outside.
Same art, but taken inside.
What do you think, honestly! I am so picky with my pictures! You wouldn't believe how many pictures I take of each painting, just to get one! LOL!
Enjoy the rest of the paintings.

"Dinner" (Earth Child, Baby Crow)
"Grim Reaper"
Just to let you know, Canada post has to file 72 hours, before a legal work disruption. They did not do this before July 2nd, which was the dead line. But, no agreement was made! So, there could still be a strike! I know "they" say we could still mail, but I'm not taking a chance! Because if they go on strike, everything stops! Personally, I'm going to give it a couple more weeks. I'll keep you all updated, when I know anything!

Big Hugs!


  1. Your aceos are looking great! THe strike sucks, we had a garbage strike but it was less than a week! Why businesses can't just give employees a decent wage, I don't know!

  2. Love your new artwork ♥

    I'd better put off posting your winnings for the time being then. I hope it's all sorted soon.

  3. Wow lighting much better outside Stacy, but then again all your paintings better again in person, I know how long it takes me to to get a pic that is right colour etc, and even to post on a site to sell usually takes an eternity (haha or seems to), well done on these and bummer with postal upsets! Hope they sort out so everyone is happy soon 🤗

  4. The outside picture has truer colors, so I understand your pickiness.

  5. Oh heaven you know how much I value your baby crows, they help me, and I've decided to hell with the car, I'd rather blog with such dear friends that are almost family, the car will not fill this empty space in my heart but my friends, you do, and i will continue with my Cash and Catch L I'll just change the format, add things so that you can go and look at everything, and of course, Window Shopping is allowed lol

  6. and like you I'm waiting for a final decision before i start mailing and also I have to purchase tons of padded envelopes of all

  7. Hope your postal situation is sorted out soon. Love those baby crows so cute! The photo taken outside is much brighter. I can understand....I spend lots of time editing my photos too! Hugs my friend ;) Diane

  8. *bouncing up and down in frustration* Come on Canada...I wants to post a parcel!!!! (loving the Grim reaper) XXX

  9. I love the new ACEOS Stacy! Hopefully Canada Post will be able to work things out soon. I am not shipping there right now because of it. :(

  10. Hi Stacy!
    I do believe the sunlit photos are better...brighter.
    Your baby crow is so cute 😘
    All of your paintings are wonderful!!!

    Hugs & Love

  11. No body does crows better than you do! You put the heart and soul into all of your sweet paintings. I like the photo from outside the best. Sunlight gives the true colors of colours! I don't turn on the flash to my camera sometimes indoors, and that helps too, just as long as there is adequate light bulb glow.
    I hope the Canadian postal scenario is resolved. That has to be annoying.
    love and hugs,
    Teresa in California
    thank you for liking my Alice canvas. It has taken on a 'life of it's own' as canvases have a way of doing most of the time. They seem to create themselves. I am just the 'medium' who puts it all together.

  12. Oh these are fabulous...and I do think your sunlit photos are a bit more striking too.
    After having said that, though, I love them all!!! :))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  13. Taking photos are never easy, I think. I actually like the brighter colors as they make them stand out more. And who will hang their paintings outside in the sun? I mean, if the colors are brighter they will stand out more inside and that is what I like. However, if you take photos in sunlight the colors will change a bit. I have a work lamp with daylight - I can recommend that for photos. Love your new art Stacy!!!

  14. Oh these are wonderful Stacy! Your crows are so diverse and lovely. I have trouble getting my images just right too. For smaller pieces, I usually use a scanner, but that doesn't always come out the way I want it to either. I try to use the photo that most looks like the painting to me. Different people will have their art in different lighting situations and everyone has a differently calibrated monitor so it's challenging, but I try to make it match on mine as much as possible...

  15. I guess even if we could help you - you still would take a million pictures of each painting just because you will stll want to get even better pictures, don't say no, that's how our brains work, artists feel for their art like other people feel for their children so there will always be trying! <3


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