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Friday, July 1, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Happy Canada Day!
We've been having thunder storms off and on. Which, I'm not complaining, because we need the rain! Hopefully it calms down tonight, for the fireworks!

I have finished some paintings. These are aceo's, 2.5" x 3.5".
He likes to read!
Crow speaks!
"The Avenger"
I'll be around soon to say hi! It's been a busy week! Mom's birthday, this past Tuesday and family was over yesterday to today.
Have a fantastic day and for all my American friends, wishing you an early Happy 4th of July!
Big Hugs!


  1. The thunderstorms just reached us. And like you, I'm not complaining at all. The tomatoes are soaking it all up. And the rain has cooled the weather, too.

    Happy Canada Day to you!

    P.S. I can't wait to show "Einstein" to the Little Princess. :-D

  2. Love the new paintings! Been thunderstorms here...I hate rain. Hopefully it will not rain out the fourth of July fireworks here in Washington D.C. where I will be. Take care

  3. We haven't had a good rain in a while and things are looking wilted here. I'ma lovin' the new stuff you've painted.

  4. I love all your new work my dear friend! I hope you enjoyed Canada Day. I love a good thunder storm. xo

  5. I love crows and I love your paintings, and I must add I truly love a good thunderstorm, for thunderstorms have always fascinated me.

  6. First of all...Happy Birthday, Stacy's Mom!!!
    Second of all...belated Happy Canada Day, dear Canada!!!
    I love thunderstorms as long as they aren't severe...rainy/stormy days cheer me up, I have always been this way :)
    Your new aceo's are terrific, dearest Stacy...I love all three~

    Lots of Love and Hugs

  7. Happy Canada Day Stacy! The photo of the cat with the moose is adorable! I hope your mom had a great birthday. The new artwork is wonderful as always. Listen is very cool! The Einstein crow is so sweet with his glasses.

  8. Well, I moved to the Pacific Northwest specifically FOR The rain. . . but I left behind the Northeast's dramatic summer thunderstorms and they are missed. Lucky to hear thunder once or twice a year here despite the 60+ inches of rain each year! But rain is just part of my soul and I always used to say in my youth I didn't trust people who needed sunny weather to be happy especially since I feel like I get reverse SADS when it is sunny too many days in a row. lol

    Hoping the rain let up for the fireworks though! Are they spectacular??

    We usually hide away on the weekend of the fourth. Being in a tourist-heavy summer area it's the time of year when our little town is not our own. . . but soon it will be Autumn again and that's my favorite season! ( I actually start a countdown to the Equinox calendar at the summer solstice celebrating the fact that now the days get shorter! lol)

    Lovely new work too Stacy!

    PS - I am answering your Pinterest question on my blog today too. :)

  9. Yay Stacy, my Canadian Kindred..Happy C-day to you too! Gorgeous your Einstein crow..too cute! By the way your new crow-art-header is spectacular and blog colors looks fab!

    It has been stormy here too..deeply magical indeed!
    Wishing you a beautiful wkd and Happy Creating!
    PS: Birthday blessings to your mom!

  10. Hope you have a lovely celebration. Those new pieces are magical..especially the "Listen" one...very different :D XXX

  11. Happy Canada Day!!! Hope you had some good fireworks without rain. The photo of the kitten and elk is precious. And of course all three of your ACEOs are great! Einstein reminds me of being in college, and now my son in college...throw the books to the side for a minute and take a break, lol! The Avenger is just plain cool! On a mission.

    So thank you for visiting my site. You saw some artwork that looked familiar? Yes, all of your artwork that I have is all around my work area...great inspiration and it just makes me smile! I get compliments too.

    Tell your mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you guys had a fun time with family and friends. Big hugs and lotsa love my friend.

  12. I hope you had an excellent Canada day! Awww to the moose and kitty. I love your reading crow, reading is one of my favorite things to do. Happy belated birthday to your mother.

  13. UGGH didn't know it was 'Canada Day'! Hope your day was brimming with good food and good company my Sweet Stacy, happy belated celebrations, loving little Einstein too :)

  14. We had a welcome break from the humidity and heat down here. The brids have been especially musical these past few days!

    Happy Canada Day!

    Enjoying the humor and energy in these new paintings. I think I need an avenger attitude!

    1. Meant to say the birds have been... typo.

      Good to see Luna finished, really like it.

  15. Great post! Love your artwork...crows are such gorgeous creatures.
    Christina ♥

  16. More absolutely GORGEOUS artwork, Sweetie...oh how I adore these!!!

    Hope you had a really fabulous Canada Day...and your Mum had a great birthday! :)

    All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  17. That cat is indeed friendly:)
    Love Einstein:)

  18. Wow these are AWESOME!!!! Happy belated Canada Day!!! Hugs!

  19. Einstein totally reminds me of a german children TV show - 'siebenstein' with Rudi ^_^
    Happy belated canada day! :-)


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