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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hey Everyone!
I didn't realize, I hadn't posted in awhile!
What can I say?? It has been HOT!!! Especially with the humidity! I think what the bad part of all this is, we have had very little rain! For June and July, I think 2 days in total! The grass is brown and I have started cutting back the garden and even the trees/bushes! I do try to give the trees and the herbs some water, but that's it. This week coming, looks like the same!

Of course I keep the bird feeders full and the bird bath full.

I was outside and I saw the cutest thing! One of my chipmunks was trying to get up the bird bath to get some water! It was a kodak moment, and I didn't have my camera! He kept jumping up with his little feet and legs wide open.
Image this little guy  jumping. I felt bad for him, so I ran inside and got a dish of water. He came right to it and drank. So precious!

Remember how I was saying, my picture of "Frederick" wasn't the right colour. Well, I didn't realize, the brown was off in his coat too. The skies have either been really bright or cloudy, so I ran outside one day, taking pictures under all the different shady areas. I know, crazy lady, but I got a good picture! Yes!
This is the "old" Frederick picture.
New Fredrick! Hope you can see the difference!
I did one more thing, I cut my hair again! I am getting good at this! Especially, when I have no mirror for the back of my hair! LOL! I left some hair longer and then I really cut the other areas short!
I didn't realize how shiny I was!! I told you, it's hot! LOL!

Side view.
Not too bad, eh??
Big Hugs!!! 


  1. Aw, good for you for taking care of the little chipmunk. He knew he had a pal.
    Great job on the haircut! My hair whimpers in fear if I pick up scissors:)

  2. That's actually a great idea...maybe I'll put out a pie pan of water. Love your hair!

  3. He looked like he was doing yoga :)

  4. Not bad on all counts lol...I cut my own hair but I've never even looked at the back lol, yours looks fabulous :D XXX

  5. I'm too nervous to cut my own hair. It looks like you did a good job. I'd look as though I was cutting mine in the dark with a fork.

  6. The chipmunk looks so funny with the arms and legs spread out. He was lucky you were around to help with the water. :) Frederick looks fabulous!

    Nice job with your hair. It must feel so good in the heat. It has been a strangely difficult summer heat wise this year. I am starting to think we need to get an air conditioner and I am not a fan of A/C!

  7. Great work, Stacy...on your haircut and saving a furry friend on a hot and humid day!!!

    Hugs and Love

  8. Oh Stacy......You look amazing. I love your hair !!! You did a great job. Hi to Mom Hope you both are well.. Sorry I haven't written..Not doing much of anything. I promise I will write soon. Have to tell you all about that last Art show I did.... Haaaahaahaha !!!

  9. Frederick is looking great! I think it's wonderful you take so much care getting the best possible image of your art. Your hair looks cute! Anytime I've tried to cut mine, it has been disastrous.... Yours looks wonderful.

  10. hey good job on the hair cute - looks cute. I've cut my hair myself for a long time - i abhor sitting in a beauty salon. If there is something special going on like a wedding i'll get it done but otherwise, that's it - and my uniform is jeans and t-shirts. very casual, lol. Love the chipmunk photo - we have them here and i love watching them. I can tell the difference with the crow although slight - i like it both ways.

    we are still in a drought here in california - but at least in the mountains where is still a lot of green where i live and our lake is full. have a nice week!

  11. I adore your new "do". Sorry I haven't been around either. So I guess this is a good time to thank you for the thinking of you gift you sent me. It came at a time when I really needed some encouragement and you are a sweetheart to think of me.
    Your chipmunk buddy is absolutely adorable. He's a lucky little critter to have someone dear like you to look out for him.
    xoxo Oma

  12. Your hair looks cute and perfect for the hot weather.It's been super hot here, too. Yesterday it hit 101 degrees, I don't know how high it was using the heat index. Too hot.

    I love your photograph of the little chipmunk. He is so cute and your pic is excellent. We don't have chipmunks around here, but we have more than enough gray squirrels to make up for it.

    The outdoor light quality really does effect the way painted colors look doesn't it. I could really see the difference in the photos. Frederick is delightful.

  13. We've had the opposite. . very chilly and rainy July which is so odd. We get enough rain in the fall thru spring so I think it is wearing on some who count on the sunny summers. . . but I am secretly loving it just the same!

    Oh it must be horrible for all the little creatures too! Looking for water and the heat! I love that you gave the little guy a drink and that he came running for it!

    And I see Frederick as he is meant to be seen and he is beautiful! You are tenacious about getting that imagery just right in your painting so I know you want it to show it off that way as well!

    And the haircut looks super cute too! :)


  14. It's great you helped the chipmunk! Frederick is definitely popping more now. Are you cooler with the shorter hair?

  15. What a sweet little friend you made!!! Love your hair too, I cut mine and Big F's too 😁 Hope all good and YES Frederick does look very different!

  16. your hair is looking good. I tend to cut my own hair too. Too much fussing to go to the hair dresser. I almost said groomers, the dogs get theirs cut, I can't afford to do mine. Sigh...............Looking good kid.

  17. :-D I wish we had chipmunks over here... but then again we have a lot of squirrels, hedgehogs and deers XD

  18. You need to give me lessons on how to cut my hair myself, your's looks fabulous!!!! Fredrick is a handsome dude! Oh and I can just picture that little chipmunk jumping up to get a drink, how CUTE!!!!!


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