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Friday, June 24, 2016

Important, Please read,
Canada post is having labour disputes. We still don't know what is exactly going on, meaning there could be a strike. So, I've had to put my shop on vacation mode!

More importantly, please, for those of you, I have won something from your blogs, or if you were going to send me something, please don't at this time! I would hate for anything to get lost! I didn't realize, that Canada post have been "doing things" for the month of June, making mail come later! Errrrr......
I will keep painting. (new aceo creations, 2.5" x 3.5")

And gardening, (my wild side! LOL!)
I'll be around soon!
Big Hugs!
I forgot to tell you, this weekend, again, over 40 Celsius, around 104 Fahrenheit, (with humidity). No bra weekend! LOL! 


  1. Dearest, Stacy...I absolutely love your header...WOW!!!
    So sorry to hear about your postal service hassle. Hope it all gets worked out for the best~

    Hugs & Love

  2. Dear Stacy
    Just came by to say hi before I leave for the mountains in the morning.
    Oh, I love how your blog looks!

    I did not know about that possible Canadian postal strike, I was going to send a package to my sister but guess I will take it to her when I visit in Aug.

    Keep cool and out of that heat... hot here today, 97 F, I look forward to the mountains!

    Be well m'dear and be happy

    Love from
    xo xo

  3. Woah, and they didnt tell you yet what is uo with the post stuff? Kind of scary, post apocalyptic feel...

  4. Wow that sounds like a hot weekend! Good reason to have lots of ice cream :)

  5. I heard about the post issue ... what a pain in the behind! Stay cool this weekend that is a scorcher!

  6. Yes word is spreading about the post issues quickly. I have a lot of Canadian customers so it is a sad issue to know that things may grind to a halt there. Hopefully they can get a resolution in time. Love the palette of colors in the new ACEOs!

    It'll be midnight dancing I suppose, yes? :)
    Stay cool Stacy!

  7. No bra weekend? Let those girls run free!

  8. I hope the post office issues are resolved soon. That's always such a drag, and a pain when your shop depends so much on shipping.

    You keep on painting and cultivating your wild side!

  9. Our post office is always unreliable! So I completely feel your pain!

  10. Problems with the post can be such a pain, can't they?! We are often having them here too.:/
    Do hope it is resolved for you soon...fingers crossed!

    Love your paintings...and the gorgeous pic of your garden. Thank you so much for sharing...:))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Love the new banner. So sorry about the possible strike. Good thing I still haven't gotten your package off, lol. Yes now I have something to blame it on besides my crazy two months and seeing my daughter, YAY!

    I love your ACEOs and your garden. We have hit 100 degrees here too. My yard is dirt and rock, I want green like yours. One of my neighbors suggested sealing sod from a local gold course, haha! I think I will have to take my chances on seed or fly you out here. Hope everything goes well with the negotiations and a strike doesn't happen. There is so much unsettling in the world right now. Big hugs, Rasz

    1. Oh my gosh! The post should have read STEALING sod from a local GOLF course...I could never do that but I guess it was a nice offer to my yard delema, lol!

  12. Tell me about it I only hope the package I'm sending to Margie will get there eventually ;) and your header is enchanting

  13. I hope they straighten things out soon! It must be so frustrating not having mail work properly. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ACEOs! Your ferns are so beautiful. We have them randomly in our yard. I would love to group them like you have. They look so neat altogether. Wishing you come cool weather. :)

  14. So frustrating...words cannot describe it :)

  15. OHHH wow is it all of Canada post? This is so frustrating for you. Yes keep painting and creating your beautiful art. Hugs N

  16. I did hear that there were issues with the mail there. Your new paintings look perfect, as does the wild side of your garden :) Have a wonderful week ♥

  17. Pew! and there was me feeling guilty at not having been out to mail your doll yet. Let me know as soon as it is safe to mail :D XXX

  18. Oh no! I hope the Post issues are positively resolved soon. What lovely ACEO paintings and your garden is beautiful. It's seriously hot there right now! It's hot here too, but not that hot...

  19. No bra weekend. Ha! I have no bra weeks:)
    Hope the post gets squared away.
    My vampire crow is posted today:)

  20. OH gosh, that canadian post😫 Hope it will be better soon!!!! Ha ha - no bra weekend - LOL LOL!!!! Looking forward to see your development in those paintings Stacy!! Big hugs - and stay cool. LOL!!

  21. hope all will go best for you dear take great care love and hugs

  22. Have a pleasant, productive day:)

  23. I hope they resolve their issues in a fair and equitable manner soon. I imagine gardening gives you plenty enough to do. Mine sure does even though it's small. I'm fighting back aphid hordes.

  24. I like! Thank you for sharing.

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  25. Hmm, that's such a drag! I will keep it in mind and keep my Canadian packages on stand-by a while then. Thanks for the head's up!

  26. I got my package and LOVE it! Also, so much thanks for the extra!

    We are hot too and no rain. Everything is going brown on us. It's been a miserable Summer for all!

    Saw the postal dispute. Was pleased my package made it thru okay.


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