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Friday, June 3, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
I have to tell you, this past week, I have been all over the place. I've been thinking too much about designs for the coin. I'm going against my rule, of just letting things flow! I have to tell you, (not to put any negativity out there), I did find something about a crow, that was just for Canada, but when contact was made with the person, they really didn't care, if money wasn't involved. That was a bummer, but I have to make sure if I am using a story, or even one of our Native Folklore's, that I have permission, or I could get sued.

Then I thought, don't let this get you down. Maybe I am suppose to use what I already know about crows, and bring that forth, for people who don't know.

My mom gave me an idea too. What can I say, mom is one of those people that you have to prove things too. We had went on a trip, (a bad trip, but something we had to do). Mom was standing beside our car and I was coming out of a gas station. Mom was pretty far away from me. I could tell she was staring up, but I didn't know what was going on. When I finally reached her, she said Stacy, I believe. I was like what? She said when I came out of the gas station store, 3 crows where gliding (circling) around my head. My mom's first thought was, that I was going to die. Crows equal death, but then she thought no, this is what I have always said. That crows, have always been there for me. Guiding me, protecting me. Mom realized the crows came to me, to say, everything was going to be alright, and they also came to me, to show my mom, for her to believe and for her to know, everything was going to be ok!. She said it was the weirdest thing to watch, because it was almost like my spirit was being lifted out of my body.

So my mom's suggestion, was to draw this. It would be a cool image to paint and something personally mine.

I did start to paint, but not for the coin yet. When I start those, I can't show them on my blog, until after everything.

I started another "Luna" painting. He's not finished yet.
My question to you, I have the sides painted black. Do you think I should carry the painting of the crow on to the side?
I also started doing this one. I think it will be called, "Birch Trees". Birch symbolizes, renewal and protection. The tree of inception and new beginnings!
Now, I have to announce the winner for the May Monster Madness Blog Party!
Wish I could give something to all of you! Mom picked the name!
The winner is............................... Sandra Cox! Yeh Sandra! I will be contacting you soon for your address! Enjoy Vamp!
Big Hugs


  1. Oh my gosh, you can see through his head! That's a strange effect...

  2. Wow, Stacy that's so cool that your mom saw the 3 crows circling over you!You and your mom are right, the crows are protecting and guiding you and YES everything is gonna be alright. OK the Bob Marley song is in my head now,lol.I love your new Luna!!! I think it would be lovely with the crow painted on the side too or even maybe some of your fun geometrical designs in white around the side.It will be gorgeous either way. I love these black and white toned paintings you are doing. "Birch Trees" is beautiful. Renewal and protection...perfect. Congrats to Sandra!

  3. What a wonderful story about the crows Stacy! I know you have so much inspiration within you in regards to them that it won't be hard to pull from it for you coin project!

    I love the idea of the crow in the new Luna continuing around the sides of the painting, yes!

    The only crow myth I know is the Inuit tale of the crow bringing the daylight.
    And I think there is a mischievous one about him spilling all the creators paints on himself and them mixing together and turning him his indelible black. lol Can't wait to see what you come up with when it's all said and done!

  4. Greetings! I am here to "socialize". How are you, I am fine! A crow holding a maple leaf in it's beak is my thought. Majestic snow capped mountains in the background.Perhaps "O Canada" In small letters underneath. Just a thought. This is my attempt at "socializing" How did I do?

  5. I REALLY love your new series of Luna paintings (as you know!) This newest one is just superb. Yes, I would carry the image over on the sides (both the crow and the moon). I think it makes the painting look "complete."

  6. Congratulations to Sarah for a stunning win...congratulations to you for yet more stunning paintings...but biggest congratulations of all to your mom....for finally seeing the magic :D XXX

  7. Congrats to Sandra!!! Woohoooo :) Love the new Luna painting, hey I love the idea of a flying crow on a coin to, so when you toss the coin, heads up, tail down, whatever the crow is flying on the coin ;) Your mum is using her third eye, awesome, and one more thing Stacy... I actually don't mind the painting not wrapping around the edges haha, I think because I feel it is more 'art' on a flat frontal surface, and the frame is just that, something that cradles your beautiful work... either way it works, I know I have asked myself the same question many times, but to me it is 'art' and perfect as is, and of course I don't think whether the image wraps around or not makes it more buyable, a person that loves it enough to purchase I don't think would worry about the sides(?) Of course EITHER works :)

  8. what a story! I like this new luna painting and I would carrying it over to the side - that would look fantastic!

  9. I love that your mom believes. I know how much that means to you. I bet your crows are celebrating.

    I agree with your mom, the best thing to paint will probable come from within, full of Stacy yumminess.

    I think the idea of letting the paint carry is very cool.

  10. I'm glad your mom saw the crows and had the feeling they were there to help. Your crow is beautiful, I don't know about painting over the sides. I used to do that, but don't anymore. I think it looks great already and would look great painted over, but I'm not sure what you should do. I think you will think of something wonderful and you for the coin...

  11. First you are right just relax and the coin art will come to you. Glad mom had the crow experience. I sure miss you. I will email you tomorrow. Have the best evening.

  12. That is such an amazing story Stacy! I'm so glad your mom noticed the crows and it provided inspiration. Your painting is looking awesome. It would be cool to carry the painting onto the sides!

  13. What a great story about the crows Stacy!!! You are blessed!!!! I believe you are!!!! I actually like it when you paint the crow on to the side. It gives more life and interesting effects on your painting :-)

  14. I actually think flying crows are some of the most majestic things we can see, what gives me a strange feeling is when I head to work and three or more crows sit on top of the door, those nights they usually will guide a soul to their next home...
    and for your experience here, in the end your mom understood they would not want to harm you, so thats even better I guess!
    And I have to agree on the first comment, it is a strange (but cool) effect that we can see through the crows head!

  15. Yay me! How exciting! I sent an email, let me know if you don't get it.
    Thanks, Stacy!

  16. Such amazing talent you have! I do think that perhaps you should carry the painting of the crow to the side...that would be magnificent!

  17. You have taken your crows to another level! Cannot wait to see the one for the coin!!! <3

  18. Wow, that is a wonderful story about you and your mum! I definitely believe about the crows, too!

    The new pictures are looking so AMAZING!

    Congratulations to the winner!

  19. Hi Stacy and Mom
    I really like the crow that you have at the top of your blog. To me it looks steam punk, which I am into. You need a crow that it very recognizable. After all is going to be on a coin. to see what is right away is very important. Congratulations...keep me posted as to your progress. Yes, do too !

  20. I love your wonderful new crow. And you know what? Sometimes, moving forward means letting go and walking with the flow of things. Hang in there. All of this will turn out right and in the perfect place for you. :)

  21. I do love your Luna paintings:)

  22. Your story about the crows and your mom gave me goosebumps! I do believe these signs are all around us but we aren't always in the right frame of mind to see them. Maybe that's why your mom saw them for you? Maybe just an affirmation of what you already believe? So cool!


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