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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hey Everyone
Hope you're all well!
The weather has been crazy here! For the past two days, it has been so cold, I think we are going to get snow! Seriously! Last weekend, swimming outside. The past two days, coat and mittens!!!

I have finished some paintings!
"Baby Crow" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Little Crow" (4" x 5" canvas)
I have decided something about my "Luna" paintings. They will all be called, La Luna and they will all have the tiny red heart. I don't know how many I will paint, but I will put a number in the back, to keep track.
I'm almost finished "La Luna" number 2. I just have to paint the red heart.
I continued the crow to the side. That was a challenge, but I'm glad I did, because it gave it a nice affect. Thanks for your advice everyone!
Through my research for the coin. I found these words and really love them. But, I forget where I got them from? LOL! Do you think, if I displayed them on my blog or used them for inspiration, I could get sued? I already knew, what was said in these words, I just like how the person, put them together.
Big Hugs


  1. Hi sweetie! These are beautiful! Do you know I have two beautiful drawings of yours in my living room? I am looking at them right now. They are right next to Magaly's black out poem.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words. You have made me smile so many times when I truly needed that. Be well and be happy sweet girl!

  2. I so love the red hearts in your La Luna paintings. You are so creative - can´t wait to se the paintings with them. Sorry about the cold, I think maybe the warm weather traveled all the way here.. LOL!!! Have no idea about a lawsuit - what is it with people suing each other over the smallest things???? A good idea is anyway to credit the author. Hope you are ok Stacy - thinking of you. Big hugs :-)

  3. Love your La Luna paintings!!! <3
    The crow is a powerful symbol. Huginn and Muninn were Odin's crows (ravens). :)

  4. Your La Luna collection is going to be awesome...both already make me "WANT"...and as you have clearly stated that you are quoting from someone else's work I don't see there being a problem with posting on your blog, but would recommend finding and contacting before using in anything for sale. :D XXX

  5. Hi Stacy! La Luna #2 is GORGEOUS! I love the "side effect"!

    And BABY CROW! GAHHH! Adorable!!!

    As others have said, yes, should be fine to use the words on your blog though if you CAN find the original and credit it, that's best. I recently had someone write me about a passage I had used in my description for one of my statues because it came, originally, from their research and website. BUT, I had found it on another site altogether and I had written the person of THAT blog and asked their permission. I never heard back from them and so I left it, naively, never thinking that "Oh, they might have taken it from somewhere else too!" lol

    I can't imagine you'd ever be sued, first step is usually someone contacts you and either asks you to remove it or to credit it. Lawsuits are the last step and ONLY when someone has made money utilizing something directly or derivatively.

    But here's another consideration. What you shared is not technical "research" but simply a written artistic declaration about a crow's abilities/connection. You could easily reword it in your own words and that would be legally fine in every way, no doubts or worries. No one owns words or thoughts, only the execution of them. Otherwise every single writer who ever typed "once upon a time" would be in big trouble. lol

  6. The La Luna series is so beautiful! Nice work carrying the wings to the side. It is looks amazing and will on someone's wall. Your little crows are super cute as always! :)

    People can be sue happy in our world which is ridiculous. You may be able to copy and paste that text to find the source so you can properly site it. They are marvelous words!

  7. Hi Stacy! Love your new art... noticed you're using cool colors now... are you out of your hot phase! LOL! Seriously love the blues and of course your art is always fantastic. Will visit your shop and spread a few hearts around! Our weather has been the same, cold and now blazing hot! Last night we had a huge thunderstorm with lightening and crashing thunder and now supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow! Take care, I think the heat will be your way in a few days! Hugs!

    1. OOps forgot to say that I always try to give attribution for art, quotes etc. If you have a link add it as the source or just mention somewhere on your blog. I have a little disclaimer note at the bottom of my blog that hopefully covers everything. So far know one has ever asked me to remove anything. :)

    2. Sorry, feel free to delete my ramblings. In too much of a hurry... I just read again that you don't remember where it came from... just add unknown under the quote and then add a disclaimer to your blog.

  8. That's so cool the way you made the crow turn the corner like that.

    I can't even imagine a June where I need to dress warm, but enjoy it while you can!

  9. Snow!?! The startled eyes of the first baby crow show exactly how I feel about snow in June. Shocking and mildly unfair. *sigh*

    Love the updates you made to La Luna, and the idea of making them into a series is just cool.

    The words you found are super cool, too, full of wisdom.

  10. The baby crows are so dear, and the La Luna series is nothing short of magical! I can't wait to see how the rest of the series develops.

  11. The baby crows are so dear, and the La Luna series is nothing short of magical! I can't wait to see how the rest of the series develops.

  12. I love your new paintings, baby crow is so adorable! I also like what you're doing with your "La Luna" series, they are wonderful. I'm not sure about the quote, it's very nice and I think it's probably okay to post it, but I think if you took the concept and put it into your own words it would be even better. You always do things so beautifully!

  13. So beautiful, your crows are adorable and gorgeous..Love the little crow....and La Luna is magnificent. Shine on!
    PS: yes it has been cold lately here too!

  14. Love the Baby Crow and Little Crow!!! Your La Lunas are wonderful!!! Are you going to make any aceos? It's been over 100 degrees here, hot, hot,hot!HUGS!

  15. The paintings are amazing! Not sure where the quote is from, have you typed it into Google?

  16. Hey Stacy, I got your card in the mail this week! Mine should be going out this week :-)

  17. I love the idea of the red heart and #ing your Luna series.
    And those little crows are sooooo sweet.

  18. The weather over here is acting crazy as well, scary, very scary changes over the past few years :-(

  19. Today another superstorm is moving through the coast, so baton down the hatches, looks like a wet and windy day, we had beautiful sunshine while away, toasty winter beach weather :) Love LOVE the art Stacy, and the graphic punch La Luna has is powerful xox


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