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Friday, June 24, 2016

Important, Please read,
Canada post is having labour disputes. We still don't know what is exactly going on, meaning there could be a strike. So, I've had to put my shop on vacation mode!

More importantly, please, for those of you, I have won something from your blogs, or if you were going to send me something, please don't at this time! I would hate for anything to get lost! I didn't realize, that Canada post have been "doing things" for the month of June, making mail come later! Errrrr......
I will keep painting. (new aceo creations, 2.5" x 3.5")

And gardening, (my wild side! LOL!)
I'll be around soon!
Big Hugs!
I forgot to tell you, this weekend, again, over 40 Celsius, around 104 Fahrenheit, (with humidity). No bra weekend! LOL! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're well! The temperature has changed around here! Yes!! It's around 10 degrees cooler! So much nicer! I am so happy. The days we had the extreme heat, I almost past out twice! Not good!

The night of the full moon, it was amazing! I was outside, dancing around. The wind was blowing and it felt like a nice Autumn night. It was gorgeous!!!!!

Now, speaking of full moons. Did you notice my banner has changed? La Luna #3 is finished! Enjoy! Personally, like all the others, I love the way she turned out! There is lots of texture in the body.
I hope you guys don't get tired of my La Luna's! LOL!
Big Hugs

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're all well!
I'm melting! Don't laugh, I really am! LOL! We have been reaching around 40 Celsius, which is around 104 Fahrenheit. I told you, melting!!!

On Monday June 20th, it's both the Summer Solstice and a full moon! From what I have been reading about this, it is a rare event! Lots of powerful energy! The last one happened 70 years ago! That's a long time! So enjoy that day and night!!!

I've finished some paintings. I did some smaller ones. These are 4" x 4". I had fun creating these. They all have their own personalities.
and, if I had to pick a favourite, it would be this one, "Warrior"
Big Hugs!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hi Everyone
You know how I told you it was so cold, that I was wearing a coat and mittens, well, lets just say, it's so hot outside, you could fry an egg on the pavement! It's went from one extreme, to another! Holy Moly, it is HOT!!!
The lilacs are blooming.
You can see behind the lilac tree, where we have left another large stump, for the animals.
The pigs wanted to say hi! LOL!
Mom's stinky flowers are looking great. I always forget the name of them. The smell is suppose to keep the rodents away!
I almost forgot! "La Luna #2" is finished! Enjoy! Lots of texture in this painting.
Big Hugs

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hey Everyone
Hope you're all well!
The weather has been crazy here! For the past two days, it has been so cold, I think we are going to get snow! Seriously! Last weekend, swimming outside. The past two days, coat and mittens!!!

I have finished some paintings!
"Baby Crow" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Little Crow" (4" x 5" canvas)
I have decided something about my "Luna" paintings. They will all be called, La Luna and they will all have the tiny red heart. I don't know how many I will paint, but I will put a number in the back, to keep track.
I'm almost finished "La Luna" number 2. I just have to paint the red heart.
I continued the crow to the side. That was a challenge, but I'm glad I did, because it gave it a nice affect. Thanks for your advice everyone!
Through my research for the coin. I found these words and really love them. But, I forget where I got them from? LOL! Do you think, if I displayed them on my blog or used them for inspiration, I could get sued? I already knew, what was said in these words, I just like how the person, put them together.
Big Hugs

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're all well!
I have to tell you, this past week, I have been all over the place. I've been thinking too much about designs for the coin. I'm going against my rule, of just letting things flow! I have to tell you, (not to put any negativity out there), I did find something about a crow, that was just for Canada, but when contact was made with the person, they really didn't care, if money wasn't involved. That was a bummer, but I have to make sure if I am using a story, or even one of our Native Folklore's, that I have permission, or I could get sued.

Then I thought, don't let this get you down. Maybe I am suppose to use what I already know about crows, and bring that forth, for people who don't know.

My mom gave me an idea too. What can I say, mom is one of those people that you have to prove things too. We had went on a trip, (a bad trip, but something we had to do). Mom was standing beside our car and I was coming out of a gas station. Mom was pretty far away from me. I could tell she was staring up, but I didn't know what was going on. When I finally reached her, she said Stacy, I believe. I was like what? She said when I came out of the gas station store, 3 crows where gliding (circling) around my head. My mom's first thought was, that I was going to die. Crows equal death, but then she thought no, this is what I have always said. That crows, have always been there for me. Guiding me, protecting me. Mom realized the crows came to me, to say, everything was going to be alright, and they also came to me, to show my mom, for her to believe and for her to know, everything was going to be ok!. She said it was the weirdest thing to watch, because it was almost like my spirit was being lifted out of my body.

So my mom's suggestion, was to draw this. It would be a cool image to paint and something personally mine.

I did start to paint, but not for the coin yet. When I start those, I can't show them on my blog, until after everything.

I started another "Luna" painting. He's not finished yet.
My question to you, I have the sides painted black. Do you think I should carry the painting of the crow on to the side?
I also started doing this one. I think it will be called, "Birch Trees". Birch symbolizes, renewal and protection. The tree of inception and new beginnings!
Now, I have to announce the winner for the May Monster Madness Blog Party!
Wish I could give something to all of you! Mom picked the name!
The winner is............................... Sandra Cox! Yeh Sandra! I will be contacting you soon for your address! Enjoy Vamp!
Big Hugs