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Friday, May 13, 2016

Hi Everyone!!!
Hope you're well!
I've been missing in blog land for the last few days! I promise I will be around in the next 3 days!

I've been looking at my Etsy shop and I didn't like it. It wasn't me anymore! My crows were giving me shit! They were right, I had lost them! But, maybe not lost them, just going through my journey and now is the right time for them to come back, full force!! I have so many ideas floating around in my head! This is a good thing!

So, my shop is in "revamping" mode, till I get some new art finished!

I did finish "Vision", and I put claws on him! (I liked how the claws turned out!) I felt he was very strong and powerful! When I looked at his face, it look to me like something was being shown to him. Something he could conquer. This is why I called the painting,"Vision".
And, I started another painting, which I will be calling, "Star".
Not done yet! Still lots more to do!
Big Hugs! I will be around soon! We're suppose to get snow this weekend???? Let's hope not too much! LOL! 


  1. Can you believe that, they said we may get snow too. NOOOO. I want to get my veggies in. I still have made no progress with painting, just my sketch book. At least I am still doing that. So many ideas, so many different things I want to do and just no time or energy to do everything. Things whirl around in my mind and I get excited, then nothing happens. It gets frustrating. It would be different if it was all one medium but its not, I want to quilt, sew, draw, paint, garden and get out in the woods. I need to clone your new work. Hugs Janice

  2. SNOW? We got some here in Alberta too this week, but only in the Mountain Parks, where it's not entirely unexpected.

  3. The claws, the eyes, the detail of the wings, the positions... you've been on artful fire, dear Stacy, and we are loving it. I shall fly over to your shop to see what you've been up to. One of these days, I need to follow your example and do something new with my blog... probably, but I'm lazy. ;-D

    Snow? What snow! That's insanity.

  4. Wow! These are both powerful pieces full of strength! I love how your work is evolving Stacy!

  5. I do like the claws on this one, and it turned out wonderfully! it is always so cool to see your painting process .... thanks for posting it a little early :)

  6. Your crows have definitely grown much stronger over the past few months. I am loving watching them (and you) grow :D XXX

  7. Hi sweet friend! Do i ever LOVE the new header, gorgeous crow art..magical! Wonderful new works..of course I love "star:..magnificent!
    Yikes I hear we are getting snow too, us Canadian/Ontarian Gals really go through it weatherwise don't it get summery soon!
    HUgs my friend!

  8. These crows are very powerful! I love that you are embracing different aspects of you. I hope you are feeling better.

  9. Your art is sheer perfection, and I'm completely in love with your new header ♥

  10. I am loving both of them, but especially Star

  11. Great claws! Loving the artworks! I still haven't got a frame or board for your beautiful artwork, sorry! I will find something eventually!

  12. beautiful detail in your crow, I like the direction you are taking with your work and your life,, your confidence and strength is soaring!

  13. I love the claws! Your creativity is taking flight! I love it!
    Teresa in California

  14. Snow? Snow! That's sick and wrong.
    I love the red heart in Luna:)
    Your crow does look like he's having a vision!
    Have a wondrous Sunday. I always enjoy visiting with you.

  15. These are wonderful, Stacy! I am so happy to hear that you are back!! It shows in your new paintings as well that YOU are indeed BACK!!!

    BIG HUGS!!!

  16. Aboslutely stunning work!!! I so love your "grown" take on your art now. Well done girl - so proud of you!! Good luck with your "new" Etsy shop!! Big hugs!!!

  17. Oh your crow claws are great!!! So real looking! Beautiful paintings indeed!!!

  18. Stacy, your new strength is being transfered into your art...your new crows are stunning!!!
    I have always loved and enjoyed your crow paintings! You are definitely "MagicLoveCrow", dear friend~


    1. decision. I'm through. You're the best and the sweetest friend ever. I'll keep in touch~


  19. Oh I love those POWER they have given him!!
    And your new painting is fabulous...gosh...your talent just keeps growing...:)

    Lots of Love xoxoxo


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