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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're well! I'm getting better, but still not 100%.
Today, I went back to the corner of our property, to visit the large old stump, of the Maple tree.
I wish she wasn't hidden! Would love everyone to see her. When we first moved in, she was a massive tree! Too big to be on the edge of another's property. In a forest, we would have left her. When it came to chopping her down, we left a very large stump. I would say it is about 12 feet high. She has been like this for about 10 years now. Losing her bark and slowly, withering down.
I think she is so beautiful. We had a lot of large trees on our property, that we had to cut down, but we have left the stumps high. The animals love it! If we leave them tall enough, the Nuthatches have homes in them for a couple of years.
For this girl, I have been gathering her "soil", she has been dropping, since withering down. I usually get a wheel barrel a year. It is so fertile! The garden loves it!!!

Just to let you know, when I painted "La Luna", a change with my art was happening again. It's hard to explain, when it happens. As you know, I never fight it, I just go with the flow. My crows are really speaking out to me, with what is happening inside of me. I continue to grow everyday, with the journey of loving myself.
"Debra", from She Who Seeks, wrote, I love the black feathered crow against the white moon. Very spiritual, I think. I see you've added a tiny heart near the moon's edge. Are you debating whether to paint it red or not, for a tiny splash of colour?

I have to admit, I was going to leave it white, but now I'm wondering. What do you think?

Some flowers blooming on the vine around my garden. For all of you, Happy Mother's Day! Remember, that counts for those special people who are there for you, like a mom, or for those special people who have fur babies.

Big Hugs! Talk soon!


  1. I wouldn't have thought about high trunks for the birds or the fertile soil. Great ideas.
    And I always like a small dash of red against a black and white.
    Have a wondrous weekend, my friend.

  2. PS I think the heart painted red would add richness to an already beautiful painting.

  3. A few years back, I listened to music by an electronic act called Nurse with Wound. The guy in that band would make album covers for himself and others under the name Babs Santini, and a lot of those covers were of wood, tree trunks, etc that looked like that had scary faces in them.

    I'm not sure how much the images were manipulated, or if he just found some really creepy knots in trees.

    But ever since then, I've had a tendency to find scary faces in tree trunks like this one.

    (By the way, I love the painting you chose for the new top of your page!)

  4. Now that I see your fab new painting in large size as your blog header, I see that there are already some red highlights in the crow's feathers. Personally I would paint the little heart the same shade of red, both to "draw out" the highlighted feathers and for a wee splash of colour against the white and grey of the moon.

    And thanks for your concerned inquiry about family and friends in Fort McMurray! I've known a couple of young men over the years who have worked up there but lived in Edmonton. I don't know anyone who was a full-time resident but my heart is certainly with all those displaced people. We are seeing a lot of them here in Edmonton now as they are successfully being evacuated south.

  5. Beautiful trunk, and it's lovely that it's a bird habitat. In Australia, funny looking owls called Tawny Frogmouths enjoy dead trees.

  6. Beautiful trunk, and it's lovely that it's a bird habitat. In Australia, funny looking owls called Tawny Frogmouths enjoy dead trees.

  7. You are a dear spirit. I am honored to know you.....

  8. I love the tree stump...reminds us that life is but a phase in our existence. Re the colour it red would speak of passion and deep love, but the white speaks to me of hope XXX

  9. What a lovely tree - it certainly looks like a whole history of a life. I honor the work you are doing inside - that is huge. And your art has been changing so much lately. I love following your journey Stacy. Keep on going. Big hugs xxx

  10. I love that you connect with the trees on such a level,, it rewards you for your care!! I admire how you developing a great insight into your creativity!!

  11. Dearest Stacy,

    This is such a lovely and truly a spiritual post. I love everything about it!!!
    La Luna, makes a very beautiful and spiritual header! I believe she is one of your very best pieces...ever!!!
    Of course you know that I love your tree spirit...very haunting in a beautiful way.
    As for painting the heart red, this must be your choice. I myself would not alter it one iota...I see it as perfect~

    Happy Mother's Day...Crow Mommy

    Lots of love and Hugs

  12. I do really love this new direction of your crows - such depth and strength in La Luna

  13. How neat that stump is being 12 feet tall! I can see why the wildlife would appreciate it so much. A splash of red in La Luna would be fabulous although it is completely gorgeous as is too! What pretty purple flowers you have there too. :)

  14. Your right it's changing again! A splash of red would be great, but it looks nice now as well. Glad your feeling better. Love the new header - looks great

  15. You well know that when given the choice, I will always choose red. But also, I think it would truly pop considering the wee red on the crow's feather.

    I love how you connect to the nature that surrounds you. It feels so... right. ♥

  16. I am so glad to hear that you are beginning to finally feel better! Our bodies are so complex sometimes.

    Happy Mother's Day to mama crow and to all including fur baby moms.

    Love and Hugs, Stacy!!!

  17. I'm glad you're feeling better! What beauty there is in the tree stump, I'm glad you left it tall for the animals. Your painting will be beautiful whatever you decide, I love it.

  18. That's pretty clever to use the soil around the tree for gardening.

  19. Glad to hear you're starting to improve. Hang in there and remember to take care of you first and foremost. I actually like the white background - it's makes the crow pop! :)

  20. Keep feeling better, Stacy. I have two big old trees and one is on the property line. Last week the neighbor cut huge portions of the tree down, I could not help but feel bad, but the tree was in the way of him mowing. A few years ago when the tree was trimmed, the cut branch featured a heart, so I took some photos. Keep your trunk as long as you can, it's serving others.

    I see a blend of colors for the heart: red, purple, and gray/black. As if the moon shadow is bringing out your favorite color and the light is changing throughout the night. Whatever you do, it will be great!

  21. I like the big stump! It looks so mystic and so you can remember the old maple tree!I love your new header, beautiful artwork <3 I think, the tiny heart in red would make a nice accent!

  22. So happy you're feeling a lot better, news in ages!:))
    I love your new header I said before, this really is one of my all-time favourites!!
    And that beautiful, magical tree stump...WOW...still nurturing your garden after all that time...:)
    Reminds me of the large Laburnum stump in my garden. We had to cut her down due to storm damage - she was almost blown down onto a neighbours roof!
    But...this spring, she has two tiny sprouts of green...and I thought she was dead! Such a wonderful surprise!!

    Yes, I think a tiny red heart would be utter perfection!!!

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  23. Stacy I am so glad to hear you are getting better! What a beautiful stump of that old maple! Even after She has dropped so much, still a gorgeous remainder. Like a standing stone. . . but of wood. :)

    The heart in the moon looks lovely in white, I think the color of red in the crow is just the right amount but adding maybe just a tinge of red in the heart would "connect" to the crow a bit more? But, my strongest sense is that the moon and crow are two different creatures of nature entirely. So perhaps leaving it white is a symbol of the moons astral/ethereal heart while the red in the crow is the symbol of it's living flesh and blood incarnation. . . and their connection, or love, is no less for those differences nor do they have to be alike. Of course, I could go on. . . you know, stories. . . lol But I will be interested to see what you decide and how you end up perceiving it. :) xoxo

  24. Hope you soon feel 110%:) I do love the La Luna picture:)

  25. I love how you left the stumps high so the Nuthatches could have a home. And using the "soil" for your garden is a superb idea. You are a sweetheart to Mother Earth, Stacy!

  26. I always feel bad for trees that get cut down because some neighbor doesn't like them :-( but you definitely had some great idea here!


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