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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Guess what? I'm doing better! Yes!! I've started taking drugs that are for a combination of the flu and allergies. I hate taking drugs, but at this time, I have to. The only down side is, I get sleepy when taking them. So, I'm trying to only really take them when I need them!

I did get some painting finished!
I kept "Earth" the way she was.
This girl is named, "Yes".
I really read all your comments about La Luna, so I decided to keep her as is, but I still wanted to do a painting, with a rose. This one I named "Wild Rose". I might change the finish on it. It might be a little too glossy. It's so hard to photograph the colour red too. I did love the way it turned out, but like I said, I might change the finish.
Now for "La Luna". This is the way she looked before.
Here is "La Luna" now.
I will be around soon! Big Hugs!
Oh, I forgot to tell you, I cut my hair again. I took my scissors and went shorter. 


  1. oooo la la La Loona,, lovely!!
    They are all beautiful and I'm so glad you're doing better,, it was hanging on too long that flu / cold ,, best take something before you get to run down,,

  2. Dearest, Stacy...I am so happy that, even though you are having to take medication, that you are finally feeling better...yes!!!

    All of your paintings are beautiful, but that goes without saying ;)
    Luna is very special and beautiful...just like you~

    Hugs and love

  3. La Luna is amazing and very different than your other stuff! Great!

  4. La Luna is beautiful -- I love the black feathered crow against the white moon. Very spiritual, I think. I see you've added a tiny heart near the moon's edge. Are you debating whether to paint it red or not, for a tiny splash of colour?

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better Stacy! I love your crow with the rose, it is so lovely!

  6. so nice to hear you're feeling better! beautiful new paintings!

  7. Gorgeous..I adore La Luna..stunning beauty!
    Lovely news about your hair...I am sure it looks fab..shine on!

  8. These are great. I can't decide if Wild Rose or La Luna is my favorite.
    I bet your hair looks cute!
    So glad you are on the mend.

  9. La Luna is perfection...and YES Yes Yes! lol she looks so happy :D XXX

  10. Beautiful artworks!

    Glad you have allergy medications! My hayfever has been playing up and it sucks!

  11. Glad you are feeling better! Love La Luna and Wild Rose!

  12. These are beautiful Stacy! Nice work with the rose. It is stunning. I love the black and white contrast of La Luna! I'm so happy you are feeling better. :-)

  13. Keep getting better, get lots of rest. I like all your new/finished work, especially Earth, like the greens you put into it. I'm itching to cut my hair, overdue. Hope you're back to good health very soon.

  14. I am sooo glad you are doing better. And I completely understand your anxiety when taking drugs--I hate them, too. But if we need them, we must swallow (and then take our naps).

    Love them all, but must say that "Wild Rose" is a dream. And "La Luna" is just incredible!

    Much love, my sweet Stacy. ♥

  15. Just stopped by to say hey. Have a great evening. Hope you're feeling well.

  16. Oh Stacy - so sorry about your health. I hope you get better soon and that, after all, the medicine makes life a bit easier. I so loved seeing your art. It has something so beautiful in it that it is impossible to describe. La Luna is over the moon!!! LOL!!! Just wonderful - like you!!!! Big hugs!!

  17. SO SO happy to hear you're finally on the mend. Oh I know it's not much fun having to take medication, but sometimes I guess there is no alternative and you just have to take it - if only to ease the awful discomfort.:/
    Oh such GORGEOUS paintings, Sweetie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!
    And La truly breath-taking!
    Do you know, I think I do actually like the new version even more!!

    Lots of Love & Big Hugs xoxoxo

  18. Oh Stacy, I love Luna. It is an amazing painting. I love your style.
    Remember to take your medicine and get plenty of sleep. You need your rest.

  19. I am sorry you are still suffering from flu and allergies. Sleep is a good part of healing so make sure you get rest. Your art this week is special. Somewhat of a different feel to it. I Love Love Love La Luna.
    Sending healing energy and love.

  20. Glad to hear the meds are helping. Make sure you do get plenty of rest! Love seeing your creative works and enjoy your new take on these! Have a great weekend, hope the fires don't spread your way!

  21. Oh wow! I love the new paintings. Glad to see the cold isn't keeping your creativity away.

  22. Lovely painting and definitely deserves that spot as header! <3 hope you feel good again!


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