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Friday, March 11, 2016

"Reclaiming My All"

(Grab a drink and relax. Long post)
I dropped one of my larger framed canvases, that I had finished a painting on and I broke the wood frame. I was going to throw it out. I looked at the painting. It was from last year, when I was going through and coming out of things. I thought, no, I'm not going to throw it out! This new painting will be representing, having peace, healing, forgiving the past, lessons learned, and forgiving myself. This painting is representing truly loving me! Being me! I then thought of Magaly Guerrero's poem she wrote at the end of 2015.

Another year’s swallowing its own tail,
riding helter-skelter on the Wheel
of living and dying and living again…

getting me from dizzy to sozzled
on the juices of Chaos’ other brother—
you know him,
he’s the calm-camouflaged Catastrophe
fed by society to all its accepting
self-blinded souls.

.In spring, I lived content
between happiness and heartache,
soaring over a precipice of brilliance,
thinking, Not my drama.

.Then came July’s heat
to sweat a lioness’ dying tears
over a world that screamed,

I waited for the ebb and flow of the status quo
to trip into an endless downward spiral,
where it would choke in stark, tumultuous grief.

But nothing ever changes—Chaos reigns
when we fight the fog while stuck in place.

.So I sat through the fall…
on naps, snacks and blogs…
of sweet blood denied,
of poverty-driven chaos,
of fuckin’ hard goings…

.Winter slapped me like a sickness—
a pandemic of empowerment and changes
shouting into my skull, “Take control ruthlessly.
Misery doesn’t need more friends. Escape 
clouds of barely submerged apprehension. 
Tongue kiss enlightenment. Reclaim your belief 
in dirt, in Faerie, in the resurgence of love, in Self!
Devour this creative boost.”
I am reclaiming my all.

I kissed Gaia with spirit, flesh and bone,
felt my old doors opening,
welcomed the rebirth of inspiration;

I met the eyes of the infant Wheel,
watched them open… open again,
glimpsing the spring of a new me.

I knew then, this painting was going to be called, "Reclaiming My All". I cut the canvas out of the wood frame and the painting came to be. I purposely kept the edges uneven. We all have our uneven edges and we have to love and accept them.

The front of the painting and the back have been primed with gesso. After the painting was completed, I then took embroidery floss, weaved the bottom and top and then made a loop for the hanger. The back and the front have been sprayed with matte varnish. The canvas has a nice thickness to it and will hang beautifully on a wall. The painting is roughly 12.5" x 15.5". I thought, is it too raw? But, in the words of Magaly, "That's what makes it wonderful. When we put all of our feelings into our art: the art comes to life, it breathes, it bleeds, it rejoices and grows with us.”

After the painting was complete, I thought about my journey this year, about loving myself! I have shared this with you, since the beginning. And, you have supported me. It's like we are going through this together. Many of you have written to me personally, about your own journey and that touches my heart, that we are all helping out each other. 
I then new, I had to give this painting away. To say thanks to all of you! 

I shared with Magaly, what I was doing, because her poem was part of my inspiration. She then shared with me, she was going to do an article about me and the evolution of my art! I was so touched, I started to cry! 
So, this became a team effort between Magaly and I.

I would be honoured, if you all go to Magaly's blog now. She is hosting the giveaway. Even if this painting is not calling out to you, her words are very special to me and I would like to share them with you!
Big Hugs
Thank you


  1. This is a really neat mixed media work. I like how you worked the symbolism of the torn canvas to the overall feel of the work. It's a wonderful accompaniment to Magaly's words.

  2. You and Magaly (and Gina, too) are my favorite readings on the net. :) Each one of you creative in her own peculiar way. Don't stop it!! :)
    I already own some of your art pieces. Let me say that this one is AWESOME!! <3

  3. You and Magaly are my favorite people. The piece is awesome and I have already entered on her blog. I also following on Instagram and enjoy her poems and Haiku's.

  4. I could almost hear your voice while reading this post! You are incredible as a person and as an artist! Thank you for your sweet comment!!! I am heading Magaly's way now I hope I win! Love you!!!

  5. I agree with what Georgina, the GreekWitch, said above: "I can almost hear your voice" and there is enough energy to make me all pumped up, too. Your work is a delight to me (and to so many others). And to see it grow and grow... with you and with us is just wonderful. One of those small (huge) miracles we didn't know we so needed. ♥

  6. I am so glad you saw your way through to saving this great piece. The pairing of Magaly's poem and your art is pure genius!

  7. Oh Sweetie...really love how you rescued and reworked your damaged piece...and I'm SO grateful you did.
    It is absolutely stunning!!!

    Dearest are a truly unique and beautiful person...and you are so talented...and I am incredibly grateful to have found you!

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  8. That looks great with the floss.

    This was a wonderful post :)

  9. Love what you did to this wonderful piece of art, was a happy accident for you...great mixed media piece!!!
    Magaly's poem is fantastic!!! She has always been so well as you are, my sweet friend~

    Hugs and Much Love

  10. Look at you two artists, inspiring each other! A wonderful painting linked to a wonderful poem!

  11. Oh my precious friend. Magaly's words sure did fit. I find that her words recently have been talking to me. I love your painting and so happy that you found the reason that this painting came to be again from last year, it makes so much sense. It's been a long year of pain, heartache and why's. Big hugs to you and lots of love! Rasz

  12. This collaboration is wonderful!!! Congratulations to both of you!! Love the poem, love the painting.

  13. Wow Magaly's poem is soooooo powerful!!! It speaks to me big time too! Probably all of us are going through so much the same because we are ONE!Your painting is amazing!!!

  14. You and Magaly make an awesome team! Sending hugs, sweet Stacy!! ❤

  15. A stunning painting to to go with the words! I love the rough cut of the canvas. It adds to the overall feeling of the piece! Beautifully done Stacy. :-)

  16. Wow, what a very powerful poem! Your painting is even more expressive now, fabulous example of Mixed Media! It's really wonderful and what a great way to save your work! Off to read Magaly's post... hugs!

  17. You write beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Talk about getting altering your history. To find something and create such a beautiful piece is so inspiring Stacy!! Thank you for sharing the poem - soooo you!! Big hugs my friend - and never give up!!!

  19. Oh it's beautiful, I am glad you created this work of art. It's wonderful that you took something that might have been wasted and turned it into something beautiful. The poem is wonderful too. I'm definitely hopping over to Magaly's blog.

  20. You show how if open to the wonders of the universe, you are open to growth, you are open to change, open to be inspired by others, in doing so you also shine a light for others, you Sweet Stacy are a talent that emerged from a nest of fun and feathers, and found a way to take your art to another level, to fly, explore, experience and document your journey... Magaly's 'Reclaiming' is utterly a divine declaration which is perfect for this work. Well done xoxox

  21. I so should have read this post earlier...I was in need of strong words and the fabulously strong images you create XXX

  22. This is magical dear heart. Magaly's words and your spellweaving on is raw and bloody and so damn honest. I have been away from the blogs of my friends for a long time and this is the post that drew me back, albeit a bit late, but perhaps this is exactly when the Universe meant for this to be seen. Hugs and love dear Stacy.

  23. Beautiful, just beautiful, my friend. This is raw and magical. Magaly's words and your spell weaving on canvas are a match made by the gods. Thank you for sharing dear Stacey.

  24. Collaborations between blog friends give me a bit of hope about this world, it was nice seeing your painting on her blog!

  25. You always inspire Stacy and your way of seeing something of deep value in something most would just write off as "ruined" is a lovely peek into your heart. :) Thank you for sharing, as always!

  26. Lovely giveaway and happy to see bloggers working together <3


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