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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're well! I changed back my comments, so they get posted right away. I had it the other way, where I could check the comments first, because I was getting spam, but when I would hit publish, some of the comments would be published and some not? So, I hope the spammers are gone!

The sun is out today! Snow is gone and there is a nice cool breeze! So, I took some pictures of my new art! All are aceo's, which means they are all 2.5" x 3.5", the size of a baseball card! Enjoy.

"Listen" "Mother Earth is talking."
"Cowgirl Ballerina Baby Crow"
"Blessings" "Fairy Baby Crow"
"Gone Fishing"
"Beautiful You Are" (I did a similar larger painting.)
Before you leave, I want to show you my bat! I am so excited! Ramona had a giveaway on her blog. The giveaway was for adopting a bat species, from Bat Conservation International. I thought, what an excellent giveaway! You are helping out these little creatures, that do so much for this earth! So, I won! I got to pick out from 5 different species! I picked the Bechstein's Bat. I didn't realize, this bat is one of the rarest mammals in the world! This is what I got in the mail.
Thanks so much Ramona for having such a thoughtful giveaway!!
Have a great one everyone!
Big Hugs! 


  1. Cute li'l bat! I'm glad your comments are back working again.

  2. Such a precious little bat...they do have a purpose.
    Much as your lovely and wonderful paintings that make us all smile and be happy!!!

    Hugs and Love

  3. Awesome artwork! I LOVE the Fairy Baby Crow. I already have one and am thinking that I just might need another :-)

    Adopting a bat is so cool! What a great idea and a fantastic giveaway! I have never seen a light brown bat before. And to have the stuffed animal bat with you...sweet dreams as he is up all night watching over you. Congratulations!

  4. All the adorable winged creatures fine their way to you! xoxo

  5. Awww, your ACEO paintings are adorable! I especially love "Happy." Wonderful giveaway idea, your bat is so cute!

  6. how lovely the sun has come your way! lovely new art and congrats on your bat - very cute :)

  7. The Ballerina one is adorable, but I think the Fairy Baby Crow is my fave.

  8. Beautiful artworks!

    Congratulations on winning the bat! So cute!

  9. So lovely to your crow art again. I love them all. Congratulations on winning the bat - you deserve it big time Stacy!!! Big hugs dear friend

  10. Love the happiness shining through all these pieces...and that bat is way too cute to be endangered :D XXX

  11. *I just buyed "Happy" :P XXX

  12. Beautiful pieces Stacy. I love Mother Earth as this time of year she is hard at work. :) Your bat is adorable. We had pet bats briefly living between our chimney and roof. Our chimney guy gently shooed them away so I hope they found a new home.

  13. I love the tenderness I see in "Listen". And the "Fairy Baby Crow" made me giggle. Sooo cute!

    Yay! for no snow. Soon you'll start gardening and I shall delight in the things you grow (and in your squirrels, too).

  14. Your Baby Crow series is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Love those little babies!! You capture their baby-ness perfectly!! Adorable. Hugs!

  15. Google is usually fairly good at catching spam but some does get through. I get notification emails when someone posts a comment and I simply look at the comment. If it's spam, I delete it.
    I love your work.

  16. Hi Stacy, I love your new work, it's all so much fun. I've been sick so nothing new. Have to get back on my feet soon, when one is ill it's slow going....I have to get my blog up and running, hope it is soon. No snow here either. Raining a lot... You know what they say..April showers brings May flowers... Can't wait for that.
    Hope all is well for you and Mom. I will write soon.

  17. What a great giveaway idea!!!!
    Love the new pics! It might sound too commercialized, but that would make a neat deck of cards.

  18. I have been trying to comment for a few days now. I am so busy with doctors. Next week the same. I love the art and just too cute bat. Saving the bats are important. Hey if you mom has a medical card she should use it. It will help her. Hugs

  19. Wow, great prize!!!!! what a great idea :) as always love the newbies and 'Listen' is the perfect banner :) hugs and love from Oz sweet friend xox

  20. Yipeeeeee, baby crows!!! Love all your gorgeous paintings my friend!I love your little bat it's soooooooo adorable! I had a beanie baby one a long time ago.Hugs!

  21. Happy to see the bat arrived and I am impressed, thought the plushies were smaller :-D

    Lovely paintings as always, too! Your crows always have so much character in them!

  22. Those spammers are a pain, aren't they?:/
    Here's hoping they have the message now!

    Oh such a gorgeous little bat!!! You are so lucky:)

    And your new paintings...WOW!!!!
    Love them all...especially "Listen" "Mother Earth is talking".

    Such incredible talent! :))

    All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  23. Winning this plush, baby bat from an endangered species group is wonderful! And what a special way to make it aware to the general public about these special creatures.

  24. Your art is so funny and uplifting! Love to be here ♥ Conny


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