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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Spring!
I hope everyone is having a great day!
I don't know if I have shared some of my Ukrainian eggs before? But, I thought it would be nice, on this Spring day!
Our eggs are over 35 years old! They are all real! They are so delicate! When I was looking at them, the colours have started to yellow and our BIG goose egg has a bad hole in it, but we would never get rid of them! I am Canadian, but my heritage is Ukrainian and Polish. These eggs take so much time to do!
Here are some of my eggs.
The large goose egg came from Vegreville, Alberta! The largest Ukrainian egg is there!
This is another favourite of our eggs. The poppy flower.
I have shown these pictures before, but I thought it would be fun to share again!
I still have my Ukrainian beads! They are wood and red!
I use to Ukrainian dance. It was an honour to be picked to carry the bread/paska. I was so nervous! Didn't want to drop it! LOL! I still have my Ukrainian boots, my blouse (mom embroidered my blouse) and my vest! You can see my beads in this picture again.

The sun has been out today! So, I thought I would show you "Birth". I never told you before, but all my abstract paintings are done with cards. Cards from a deck of cards. I have not used any paint brushes. I really loved creating this one! When I finished this painting, I saw creation. From earth, to people, and maybe me too. The birth of being me and loving me! So, I named it Birth! (16" x 20" canvas)

I will leave you with something I stole from Sandra Cox's blog! I thought it was so cute! LOL!
Big Hugs!
(thanks for your advice about hangers on canvases)


  1. Those are GORGEOUS Ukrainian Easter Eggs, Stacy! My Rare One has painted many of them and I've tried my hand a few times as well. It takes a great deal of skill -- and a steady hand too, of course!

    But I must pick a nit with your post today, my dear. The world's largest Ukrainian Easter Egg is NOT in Saskatchewan. It is located an hour east of Edmonton in Vegreville, Alberta! I have visited it several times and it's awesome indeed. My Rare One painted an egg to look just like it!

    1. I knew that Debra!! Bad Stacy! LOL! I goofed! I have been there several times too!

  2. Your collection of hand painted Easter eggs is beautiful. I have made hand painted eggs myself, but not Ukrainian style. It looks like the art of painting Ukrainian Easter eggs would take years to master, such beautifully intricate designs!

    Thanks for showing them to us.

  3. These are so beautiful! What a great item to collect!

  4. How lovely of you to share your treasured past. I sometimes envy those with such history... I seem to be pure Brit lol and that makes me a total mongrel :D As soon as I saw "Birth" I felt like I was looking through trees into a secret glade, being lit by the sun for the first time...beautiful XXX

  5. I love those eggs - they are all so beautiful! I bought one in Slovakia this summer that I loved (I posted a picture on my blog), and I had it up on the fireplace at Christmas and my husband knocked it to the floor and broke it! gurrrr. they are so delicate

  6. Enjoyed your post and remembered seeing you eggs before. I had no idea you painted your backgrounds and now abstracts with playing cards! Fantastic!

  7. The eggs are so beautiful. Such gorgeous designs on them. I love that poppy flower too. :) Birth is gorgeous! Enjoy the sun. We woke to snow today! Luckily it is warming up and no longer sticking. Cute flower lesson.

  8. How lovely of you to share photos of you in your youth and also of these fabulous eggs. I love your painting. "Birth" is just beautiful. I can see so very much in the creation. You must be in a much better place because your art speaks positive things. Love you sweet girl, Oma Linda

  9. I love your eggs so much!!! So beautiful Stacy!!! I am totally in to your "birth". I love the colors, the look of it - everything. And so personal!!! You go girl!!! I admire you!!! Big hugs and love from me :-)

  10. The eggs are beautiful. What an awesome post I have never seen them before. Great job with the abstract painting. It's fun using all sort of tools instead of a brush, right?. Happy Spring to you.

  11. Hi Stacy.. your blog uplifts me everytime I read it... getting caught up...
    love the eggs..

  12. These eggs are adorable and I can absolute relate on ever keeping them! And then those bright sparkling colors on your abstracts! Love the effect the cards made! Awesome stuff here as always! Hugs to you Dear! ♥ Conny

  13. These eggs are true works of art. It takes a steady hand and a creative mind to paint so well on them, they are a treasure , indeed. I also like your Birth painting – I saw the cute little yellow heart – the colors are wonderful. Now, I think you were a cutie in your Ukrainian clothes – I would have loved seeing you dance.

  14. OMG! and OMG! Those eggs are amazing. 35 years??? How wonderful. NOW those photos of you are so darn cute. It is a treasure to know your heritage. Big hugs.

  15. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE................!!!!!!!!
    I just got your surprise package and absolutely LOVE!!!!!! XXX

  16. Your painting Birth is so spectacular!!!Thats neat that you do them all with cards. And your eggs are so gorgeous Stacy. I love their intricate designs. I've always been fascinated by the Ukranian eggs. Had no idea you had such a spectacular collection.I adore the photos of you in your traditional dance cloths, you are sooooo cute!!!!! I would be nervous carrying the bread too,lol. And the cartoon is fabulous.It put a big smile on my face.I decided to take the day off to try to nip this flu in the bud and your post already makes me feel better.Hugs.

  17. "Birth" is lovely! I am so glad you are in such a happier place, it really flows through into the art. I so love your eggs too, they are amazing and gorgeous!

  18. Those eggs are stunning! I bet they take forever to create. I would never get rid of them either.

    I always love to see your girl-child-Stacy pics. They make me smile. And the pic of the flowers made me roar.

    Oh my goodness, "Birth" is the purrrfect spring painting! ♥

  19. Wow! I really like the detail on those eggs. What a neat tradition! And Birth is looking pretty darn sweet!

  20. OMGosh, those eggs are truly works of art. Amazing.
    And what cute pictures. Traditions are wonderful.
    Very interesting about using playing cards. I sure like the effect.
    Glad you enjoyed the cartoon:)

  21. The Ukrainian eggs are just beautiful! Such intricate designs! What a cutie pie you are in these pics! And speaking of pics, I love your new blog header, it's stunning! Your new artwork is always so fascinating to me! The cartoon is really cute and funny, thanks for sharing it with us!
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family!
    Hugs my friend, Diane

  22. I hope they still make eggs like this, so many beautiful crafts and traditions being lost :( Oh Stacy, I don't think you have changed over the years (well maybe you're possibly cuter) I loved this post, and the painting 'Birth' (done with cards WOW) is dense with colour & movement, awesome!

  23. Love traditional arts! Especially when they come with memories!


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