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Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Everyone!
Hope you're well!
I'm doing good! I've been getting ready to do the taxes. Lots of going through papers and shredding! I love shredding! LOL! It's very cleansing! I've been finding other things too, that I really don't need around me anymore, so through the shredder or in the garbage it is going!

Besides that, I've been busy planning something for all of you! I just hope you like it!

We are suppose to be hit with a Big snow storm on wednesday. Well, it's suppose to be a mixture of rain, freezing rain and snow! Honestly, I just hope it snows, because that wet stuff is a pain to shovel!

I did finish another painting.
"Before Time" (10" x 10" canvas painting)
Have a great one!
Big Hugs! 


  1. This is beautiful. I love the woman low on the painting.

  2. Beautiful painting... it looks different from your other ones...

    yey, cleaning and removing useless things from the house is a great way to let good energy in the house, I must to!
    Have a lovely day!!!

  3. Gorgeous "minimalist" painting...very dreamy. I had a bonfire this weekend(my version of shredding lol), wonderfully cleansing :D XXX

  4. What a beautiful painting. It has so much depth to it and the colors are amazing!! Hope you get those papers done - and it is always nice to clean out old stuff!!!! Stay safe in the weather and paint and enjoy!!! Big hugs my friend!!

  5. I can see a new direction in your art. This is really beautiful as well as was Prayer. I especially like the way you let the background come through the crows! Nice work.

  6. I I'll be happy when this winter is history! Your Art is warming & comforting....
    I like the word...shedder! and Bonfire! Lovely visit, thank you! xoxoxoxo

  7. Ooh a surprise! Can't wait to see more! Love the background and colors on your Before Time painting. So mysterious and rich! Hope you stay warm and dry this week. We're supposed to get rain and another cold front, but I'm in Florida...nothing too crazy. Happy Tuesday, gf! xo

  8. Oooooo, tax time approaches . . . don't remind me!

  9. Yes, there is something really cleansing about shredding isn't there? I love it too...all those old scraps of paper finally sorted and cleared out!:)
    And how I love your new is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Have a Great Day, Sweetie!

    Lots of Love xoxoxo

  10. Beautiful work Stacy! I totally agree. The white stuff is way better to deal with than the in between stuff!

  11. That's a big one! I like it a lot. The way the human figure threatens to disappear into the background is great.

  12. I'm not such a big fan of shredding... Wonderful painting, the crow and the girl fit so well together. I hope things are okay with the storm.

  13. Not that "T" word! I need to do my taxes, too, and haven't even started. Terrible woman. I better follow your lead and get to it. Maybe I'll get to shred,too. ;-)

    The weather is a mess here. At the moment, it's raining sideways.

    Love the texture of this painting! ♥

    1. P.S. I saw the notification for your email, but can't access my inbox where I am now. I'll check it later tonight!

  14. I like your picture!!!!!
    Good luck with the taxes......It's just not a fun job...except for the shredding. grin.
    Did you get the weather?

  15. WOW! Love the background on this one!! So many wonderful textures. Sure hope you didn't get too much bad weather. Keeping fingers crossed for ya. hugs!

  16. I've said this before, but I love your work. We did our taxes last week and took the papers to our accountant. We're waiting for the call to fetch them. We got money back last year and are hoping we get money back this year.
    We'll see.

  17. I'm still doing taxes. Always a nightmare for me :(

  18. Uggh taxes UGGGGGHHHHH, paperwork is only good when you are drawing or arting hahaha! Beautiful painting Stacy, so rich with colour!!!!

  19. Totally agree on the good feeling shredding old papers gives! And another beautiful painting <3


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