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Friday, February 26, 2016

"Crow Funnies"

I hope you have a great weekend! Keep on smiling!
For those of you that asked about the storm, yes we got it! We got a mixture of everything! Yuck! LOL! But, we are warming up again on the weekend!
Big Hugs!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Everyone!
Hope you're well!
I'm doing good! I've been getting ready to do the taxes. Lots of going through papers and shredding! I love shredding! LOL! It's very cleansing! I've been finding other things too, that I really don't need around me anymore, so through the shredder or in the garbage it is going!

Besides that, I've been busy planning something for all of you! I just hope you like it!

We are suppose to be hit with a Big snow storm on wednesday. Well, it's suppose to be a mixture of rain, freezing rain and snow! Honestly, I just hope it snows, because that wet stuff is a pain to shovel!

I did finish another painting.
"Before Time" (10" x 10" canvas painting)
Have a great one!
Big Hugs! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hi Everyone
I have the winner for the "Dark Pleasures" painting.
First, I want to thank Holly again, for another great Vampire's Day Soiree!
Now, I have to say, I laughed when I picked the winner for this painting! She has won many of my paintings and if she wants to pass it to someone else, I won't be offended, but if not, it is yours Magaly!!!!!

Just to let you know, I am planning something special! As soon as I get the painting completed!

I would like to leave you with the painting I just finished.
Remember this?
I didn't leave it as a "background".
I flipped it the other way and created, "Prayer" (5" x 7" canvas)

How do you like my self portrait, on the side bar? LOL!
Have a great one! Big Hugs! 

Monday, February 15, 2016

(11" x 14" canvas)
This painting took me around 2 weeks to do. And, I just worked on it alone. I usually have 3 paintings going at once, but not this time. She really called to me. The background has around 15 layers of paint on it. There is a lot of texture in the background! I hope you like it.

Question for all of you. Since October of last year, my backgrounds have really became a centre point for me. I am finding the backgrounds are really telling me a story, before I even finish the painting. I have been asked, why don't you sell some of your backgrounds.
I would not be calling them backgrounds if I did this. I just keep thinking, is this right? Because to me, the painting isn't finished yet! LOL! I don't know if I should give it a try? Honestly, how do you feel about it? I guess it would be considered an abstract painting.

I would be having Crows/Crow Gals/Abstracts. To confusing? I guess this is how a person as an artist grows. You never know where your art will take you. I always say, follow your heart!

I would really like to know, what you feel.

There are many ideas running around this brain of mind! Watch out, it could be scary! LOL!

Tomorrow, mom and I are going to see Deadpool! Cool!!!

Have a great one everyone! Big Hugs! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vampire's Day Soiree 2016

Welcome Everyone, to Holly's Vampire's Day Soiree!
A perfect day to celebrate our love of Vampires!
Enjoy my contribution to this bloody delicious event~

Her lips were kissed by the moonlight, as she frolicked  in the night's sky.

His piercing eyes watched, as she danced.

She new someone or something was there, but kept her eyes shut.

A touch of softness glided on her arms.

Her skin shivered.

She was scared, but wanted more.

"Dark Pleasures"

This painting was created from what I wrote and is called, "Dark Pleasures". It's a 5" x 5" painting and I am giving it away. If you would like it, please say so in the comments. I will ship anywhere and I will post the winner's name on Friday February 19th.

Thanks everyone for joining me! Check out the rest of the party goers here!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi Everyone
Hope you're well!
I didn't realize I hadn't posted in awhile. It's been snowing here! Yeh! Yes, I love it and since we have hardly had any, I am going to enjoy it!

I had some more situations happen in the past couple of days. A person very close to me, was asking me if I had seen anything in my stones and crystals when I am meditating. Because, many of times I do. I might not understand my visions at the time, until something happens.

I had to explain, I have been seeing lots, but it's different now. I started to explain, about me loving myself. And, in doing this, I am becoming a better person. So, now when I do my stones and crystals, yes, I am putting myself first. Concentrating on me. But, when I think of other people, I am praying they find their ways and finding love within them. I said if anything shows up, it does, but it hasn't.

Well, what I thought was a positive conversation, for me trying to explain things, got turned upside down! I was told, I am only thinking of myself now. (Which I am not, I am just putting myself first.) I was told, I am not the same person! (Happy about that!) Negativity was thrown at me, that I am being selfish.

The conversation went on and I tried with all my heart, to explain, in very simple terms. It wasn't going anywhere. I was told, well it's too bad, because "he" really believed. I said, that is good, but more important, he has to believe in himself! Love himself! Well, then I was asked, who have you been talking to? That kind of made me smile. I guess I shouldn't have done that, because then I was asked, what are you smiling about.

The conversation ended and I was happy, I stayed calm.

The next day, I could hear sarcastic words being said, to another person, about what I had said. And, it really hurt. I was mad at myself, because I started to cry! I think what hurt so much, was because I love this person and I am so grateful for them. But, I took a deep breath, wiped my tears and said, I choose to be happy.

I went on throughout the day and by the end of it, it was like nothing happened between us. It was weird. I know in the future, something might be brought up again, but I am going to just keep loving myself and being me!

By the way, tomorrow February 11th, when I go out, things have changed a bit and I have to say, I really don't want to go! But, I do believe everything happens for a reason, so I have to go with the flow! What is that saying, "Resist and it will Persist!" So, wish me luck!

I have noticed changes! Certain things, I am not involved in anymore. And, other things, that are being pushed my way.

I thought this was going to be easy? LOL! But, I guess things have to change, since I am changing.

Seriously, thank you for letting me share this with all of you! You don't realize how much it means to me! I hope you don't get sick of me talking about this!

Oh, just a reminder, make sure you come by on February 14th, for the Vampire's Day Soiree! I wrote something. Not saying it's good! LOL! But, I tried! And, I am also giving away a painting! Here is a sneak peak!
Thanks again everyone! Big Hugs!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hi Everyone! Hope you're well! Happy February! The last few days, I realized, there are a couple of things, that I have to really work on. Things that I am continuing to do and they have to stop! So, I was thinking of my choice of words. I feel I am doing well, with the healing process I am going through on loving myself and accepting myself and others and "trying" to change old patterns, but like I said, there are two things that I am still struggling with. So along with saying, I choose, I am now saying, I commit! I truly commit to heal myself, to love myself, to accept myself, fully!

Once I make progress, I will share what the two things are, that I am working on!

Lots of times, when I am meditating, my mind takes me places, and while I am searching, I have to do things. Like my painting. So, I decided to paint the top of my dresser! LOL! I know this won't be for everyone, but I love the way it turned out!
Here are some close up pictures. I had to get a ladder, to look down on it. Too bad I couldn't get it in one photo!
I went to Value Village and found a cool plate for some of my stones and crystals. I think it looks excellent with my painting.
I have to admit, I didn't want to put anything on top of it. That's how much I loved what I created. But, for now I had to! Here are some pics, with my little treasures on top.
I know it looks like a lot, but it really isn't! LOL!
Hope you had some fun looking at my creation!
Big Hugs