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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hi Everyone. The sun came out! Yeh! Enjoy the new art!

Violet/Believe (Fairy Baby Crow, with little Crow Gal) (4" x 5" canvas)
Pinky/Dream (Native Fairy Baby Crow, with little Crow Gal)  (4"x 4" canvas)
Willow (Crow Gal) (8" x 10" canvas)
Maple (Crow Gal) 8" x 10" canvas)
Red Moon Lava (8" x 10" canvas) I really didn't know the name of this painting, until I was finished. I really thought it looked lava on the crow.
You all know how I have been talking about loving yourself and what I have been discovering, through my readings. Well, I started to think about my Crow Gals. Personally, I would really love to bring them to life in doll form, but that might be awhile! LOL! So, I thought, how about making tags, that people can have as ornaments. I started to paint my gals and I have to say, I am loving the way they are turning out! They are roughly 3" x 6" on strathmore acrylic paper. I used lots of paint and then finished them with strips cut from an old pair of jeans, for the hanger. I really had fun making these and I know I will be making more!
They are all named, "Be You".
On the back, they all say..................
I hope you enjoyed the new art.
To all my American friends, being hit by the bad snow storm, please take care!!!
Big Hugs!


  1. Hi Stacy, These are all wonderful and I love your new catch phase.
    LOVE YOURSELF....I like that you put it on all your work. We all need to learn that. Missing you so please write. I think my computer is haunted ! Tell you in a letter. Be safe.

  2. beautiful Stacy, you are really coming into your own,, you are growing and blossoming,, I like the you that you are becoming, you seem stronger and more confident!
    love you girl!

  3. "Red Moon Lava" is striking. They are all beautiful, but you know I'm biased when it comes to red. And the fire you added to the background, wonderful!

    Love, love, love (and believe in) the tags. ♥

  4. Amazing work Stacy - Red Moon Lava is beyond!!! Your tags are so lovely!!! I am happy the sun came out so we could see the beams here with your lovely art :-) Have a lovely weekend with your love - YOU!!! Big hugs baby♥

  5. Yay for sunshine! I have to say Red Moon Lava is my favorite, too. The tags are an awesome idea.

    The weather predictors still can't decide if we are getting a few inches or 8-10 inches starting tonight so we shall see. Happy weekend!

  6. sweet friend these are gorgeous!!! Red Moon Lava is my favorite one...stunning!!!
    I love how you added "Love Yourself" on the back...nice touch.

    Lots of hugs and Love

    BTW...neat background~

  7. Beautiful, inspirational pieces Stacy! I love your Crow Gals. They would make awesome dolls! We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day! The calm before the storm. It looks like my part will only get 2 inches from it.

  8. Indeed looks like lava or fire or something like that, lovely :-)

  9. Hi Stacy! Love all the creativity you are doing and I bet your crow girls would be fun strung along a wire with tiny clothespins above a window or something.

    Happy and creative weekend to you! xoxo

  10. Oh WOW...these are absolutely stunning!
    Oh Sweetie...your talent is totally unique and amazing!!:)

    Have a brilliant and creative weekend, my dear Friend.

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Wow, Stacy, what awesome art!!! Red Moon Lava is absolutely breath taking. I love the depth in the reds! I'm also partial to Violet Believe. And the tags are sooooo cute. What a great idea. I like the little hippie girl one with pants on. She reminds me of me in the 70's. Hugs and Love!!!!!

  12. Hi Stacey, pinky/dream is my favourite, love them all though. your tags look wonderful, cant wait to see the dolls you're going to make :) they will be made with LOVE :)

  13. Hi Stacey, pinky/dream is my favourite, love them all though. your tags look wonderful, cant wait to see the dolls you're going to make :) they will be made with LOVE :)

  14. The BE YOU message and artwork is INSPIRATIONAL! You rock, my friend! Thank you for being you!!

  15. what a great idea. You could do tags for travel cases too. So do tell, do you have a special room that you keep all the art that is not sold yet? How do you manage that. I am curious because I want to start my own this year.
    Hugs Janice

  16. The tags are a great idea and I love the message on the back. However, Red Moon Lava is my real favorite in this post!

  17. Lovely new art and those tags are awesome! Stay warm

  18. These are wonderful! I especially love Red Moon Lava and the tags are so fabulous! Your pieces are so full of love and positive energy!


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