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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hey Everyone,
I've been painting up a storm! But, guess what? We have snow! LOL! We got a little bit of a melt, (one day). Now, we have been in a deep freeze for about two days and the winds have been strong. So no picture taking. As you know, I take my pictures outside! As soon as I see a break, I will run outside! LOL!

Here's a little sneak peak of what I've been up too.
I can't believe our postage rates have went up again! I hear the same is for my American friends. It is getting really crazy! For all of you that purchase things, when you see a high postage rate, do you not buy? Or do you understand? Just wondering. For me, I understand and I really have to want the item badly! LOL!

Just to let you all know, I have been doing really well! More lessons and lots more reading! The last thing I read about was control. How people control you, (over control of others). I didn't realize, people who try to control you, don't feel very good about themselves, (low self esteem). Close minded, manipulating, speaking for and over others.
And, at the other end, is lack of self control, having people control you. These people have even lower self esteem. Lack of self confidence, self respect. Feeling adrift, no purpose in life.
The third one was over control of self. The lowest of self esteems. Feeling tense and anxious. Being untrusting, fearful, avoiding spontaneity.

There were more points, but those were the main things. I have to admit, I could see myself in all of them. But, now I am working on self control. Having a high self esteem for me. Pursing my dreams and goals. Knowing and believing in my values. Accepting differences between me and others. Accepting that others, have a clear choice to chart the course of their lives. Again, there was more points, but those were the main ones.

I feel like a doctor! LOL!

Talk to you soon!

Big Hugs.


  1. great lessons Dr. Love Crow, lol, hey that sounds cute!!
    Your work is beautiful, it shows your passion, it truly does, I love this journey you're on and that you include us in your discoveries, thats a very generous thing to do,

  2. La falta de control sobre uno mismo puede ser fatal.
    ¡Trabajar el auto control es bueno!
    CariƱos para ti ^^ <3

  3. Oh I love the preview of your art! I am looking forward to seeing them more closely when the weather permits. I'm glad your are feeling better about you, you are one of the sweetest people I know!

  4. Love the Violet "Believe" painting! Great work and I am so with you on respect and confidence and all that good stuff that comes from within. It's not about approval but about what feels right and true to YOU! You have learned valuable lessons that took me years to get, so lots of power and good wishes to you, my friend! You deserve to be happy and at peace. You are an artist in every sense of the word. You will have bad days, like all of us, but you'll find joy in knowing that the bad moments are not permanent and the joy in your heart is there to stay! Shine on, gf!! Love and hugs, Ily xo

  5. Good for you! I love to see an Artist in full BLOOM! Thank you for the inspiration and beautiful Art! Huge hugs! Thaw on the way! xoDebi

  6. I'll say you've been busy painting!!! I am looking forward to seeing them closer...but even from the vie I was able to!!!
    It is great when we can find answers in books, dear Stacy...but I have always thought that you know where you are coming from and where you are going :)
    Hugs & Lots of Love

  7. Every one of your works looks like it ought to be an album cover for the trippiest band ever.

    I hope things keep going well for you!

  8. I just bought a Game of Thrones t-shirt from the US. The shipping and handling cost as much as the t-shirt. Plus it was in US dollars, of course. Man, it cost me a fortune! But I wanted that goddamn t-shirt bad enough I paid it.

  9. Wow, you have been a busy little Crow! All those paintings and you read a new book? When I get a book, I try to read before going to bed and I just end up falling asleep within 2-5 pages, lol! And yes, you keep reading and you will be a doctor. Maybe that would be fun and pay good, haha! As for the snow, that will keep you inside. We have had tons of rain (finally). And as your question about shipping costs, I do not think it would matter if I really wanted the item. It's just part of buying online. Big hugs my friend and lotsa love to you. Keep reading, you can teach us all a thing or two!

  10. Oh gosh Stacy - I am so proud of you and the work you are doing to get the life you really deserve!!!
    Yes, I see that the postal has gone up for some time. I must admit living in Norway there are not much to choose from in anything - especially living in a small town. If it hadn´t been for internet I would never have had the tools I need for my clay nor for my knitting. That being said, the postal often ends up being twice the price of the item. And our currency is extemely low right now.. So I think twice before bying...
    As for winter - we are feeeeezing here. I cannot wait for warmer days without snow and ice!!!
    Big hugs to you and keep up the good work :-)

  11. If the postage/handling is ridiculously high, it looks as if someone/company is padding it and I wouldn't trust to buy the item. Postage is a "gotcha" we have to pay, there are few alternatives, still, they (the mgmt) have no incentive to discount. How about a mail sale?

    Your new art looks great even inside!

    I think it's good to learn new things, the why and the how. Go with your gut, too.

  12. Is that a baby crow wizard or angel I see? Cool!!! Can't wait to see more pics. Yep I see myself in all three of the controller types too. Isn't it great that we can share our journeys with each other in all these lessons and adventures we are on?!!!! At lease we're never alone. I am totally understanding about the mail prices for artists. It's crazy expensive. You would think with all the competition in shipping companies the post office would lower their prices but they don't. Oh well, maybe we can start painting smaller and smaller. Maybe a pendant size painting,lol!Hugs!!!!

  13. You are so smart working on yourself. Happiness and confidence comes from within and no one else but ourselves can help it. :)

  14. Oooh! *waves at the pretty red on the back*!

    We are supposed to get a bunch of snow this weekend. We'll see. I've been staying at home, unless I have to go to the hospital, since the last meds are hell on my defenses and I don't want to catch something outside.

    When I want/need something I understand the price of postage. Besides, the cost of living (and mailing, it seems) is going up everywhere. And things have changed. I used to be able to send books internationally as media mail, but know that's history. Only first class. And when you want to send more than one book... expensive.

    Keep on reading. Keep on painting. Keep on smiling and living. ♥

  15. Stacy, I love how your style of art is always evolving! Glad you are painting up a storm.

    Yes, our postage has gone up again! It is really insane and I always think it will be the end of selling my beaded flowers, but people don't seem to mind. As for me, I will buy if I really want the item, but not if the seller pads the postage cost even higher.

  16. Wow! Stacy, your work continues to grow in it's artistic depth and style-intricacies! I love the feeling in all of your new pieces and look forward to watching you continue to evolve your wonderful art/soul! :)


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