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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hey My Friends!
Well, we still have no snow! I think it's going to be a green Christmas! I started to think, what happens if we get no snow at all for winter? That would be terrible! I remember, when I was little and the snow would be over the fences! And, on Halloween, we would be wearing our costumes over our snow suites. The good old days! LOL!
Yes, that's me!

I've been making some homemade suet balls, to give to my birds for a treat this Christmas season.
They're all ready in the freezer. I layer between suet and sunflower seeds and peanuts and then freeze them in plastic containers. When it's time, I cut the outside layer off. But, I can't give it to my birds, until it gets below 0! They might be in the freezer for awhile! LOL!

I did finish one painting, "You Are Beautiful". I didn't realize what I was painting, until I finished it. I saw a bride, seeing her groom for the first time. His eyes are glowing because of her beauty.
I want to thank you so much for all your kind comments you always give me on my art! You keep this crow girl going! 
I hope whatever you are celebrating this season, that you are filled with much love!!!
Big Hugs!


  1. beautiful painting and I love that it just becomes,, so naturally, not forced,, it flows.
    The suet will make some birds very happy, what a little cutie you are!

  2. I can't believe Ontario has no snow yet! Who do you think you are -- BC?

  3. The bride is beautiful indeed! Your birdfeeder astonishes me. I don't quite understand it, but that's because I am the least crafty person on the entire planet.
    Thank you for your sweet words! Many hugs and kisses my dear sister!

  4. Hey Sweet Lady. I love the idea of the home made suet bird feeders. You are so darn cute in that photo. I saw this piece on FB and love it. Your art seems so effortless to me. That is a very high compliment. I know the weather has changed so much, no snow would be terrible. Hope you get some soon.

  5. Stunning new crow painting ... really touches my heart!!!

    No snow yet here either. Kinda on the warm side for this time of the year which makes me happy LOL!!!!

    Have a wonderful holiday and give Mama Crow a big hug for me please!!! <3

  6. Your art is fabulous!

    Suet balls are interesting! what are they for, the birds?

  7. Merry Christmas Stacy! Adorable Picture of you, love those cute bangs! Your art always inspires me! Those little bird friends will be fat and happy this winter! We only have a dusting of snow, the lakes haven't even frozen over here, that is horrible for all the hockey, skaters, skiers etc! No snow, No fun! I'll be dreaming of a White Christmas, it could still happen! Peace and Joy to you and yours! ~ Diane

  8. Temperatures here are ridiculously high to. Had to turn the heating off!
    Your painting is beautiful as was your christmas card :D XXX

  9. Must be global warming I guess! Here in Va. it's like summer, 70 degrees on Christmas they are predicting. No White Christmas this year, yet again! :-(

    Love your suet balls. I am sure the birds will love your for it. Have a great holiday my friend.

  10. I love the gift you make for the birds Stacy. So sweet! You Are Beautiful so such a pretty piece. I am loving your childhood photo of being bundled up for winter!

  11. Halloween costumes over the snow suits - wow, that sounds like seriously cold fun! Well, it's not even winter yet - a few more days - so it might be a little bit too early to think there might be no snow this winter. You know how fast things can change. We have had some pretty frosty mornings recently.

  12. our weather has been strange down in NY. this week we were in the mid to high 60s? and a friend out in LA says its freezing ... the world is upside down! Lovely painting!

  13. The Winter Holidays will dance around the 60s, too. It's a tad strange (and scary at times).

    That painting tells all kinds of tales, my dear Stacy. ♥

  14. How cute you were and how lovely you are now, dear Stacy...inside and out.
    The birds are very lucky to have such a sweet helper to feed them in the cold winter least most winters are cold :)
    Your painting is "beautiful" as in its' title~

    Hugs and Love

  15. What a cutie! I don't think we are going to have a white Christmas this year either, but we were out last night and did see a few snow flakes. Your painting is gorgeous and full of love. The birds will be happy when it finally does get cold enough for the suet balls!

  16. You are sooo cute Stacy!!! Haven´t changed a bit!!!!!! We are without snow too - but I am one of them who loves it... We will have a green and rainy christmas too!! You are kind to all living creatures Stacy!!!!! The birds will love you. I love your painting. It is so special, and the face of the groom is priceless!!! And guess what - I see a tiny dove just around the neck of him. Just wonderful to find even more treasures in your work!! Thank you for your lovely email - you touch my heart!! Big hugs and love to you and mom!!

  17. Thank you for your kind words, the warmth, the love and prayers! Have a blessed Solstice!

  18. Oh how sweet that painting is, I love the love in it! You have the biggest, sweetest heart dear Stacy!


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