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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November 1st

Hi Everyone ;o) Happy November 1st ;o) Time really does go faster, when you get older! LOL!

Hope your Halloween was excellent ;o) I went and visited my grand-pa's grave. The picture on the side of my blog, is me there. I walked around, watched the animals and birds. Had a nice conversation. Laughed, cried and even danced. I always have a calming feeling when I go there.

I've been doing some painting ;o)
"Connected" 10" x 10" canvas
"Chillin" 5" x 5" canvas
On the full moon of October, I painted a background. This is one of the largest paintings I have ever done. 16" x 20". When I finished the back ground, I saw a face and a hand.
I couldn't stop painting the next few days. Here is a picture of the finished painting. I'm sorry, but I had to take the picture inside. Very cloudy today. When the sun comes out, I will share the painting again ;o) I was just so excited! I had to show you!
As I said, I feel my art is changing. Here is another, that I had to take inside. I will share with you again, when the sun comes out ;o) This one is an 8" x 8" canvas.
I haven't been doing a lot of painting and now, I can't stop! LOL!
I guess you would all like to know who the winner of the giveaway is???
The winner is Lone ;o) Yeh ;o) Lone, please e-mail me your address, thank you ;o)
And, I want to thank all of you again, for being you!!! Big Hugs ;o)


  1. I love the new image of you at the graveyard.

    Your paintings, as always, are wonderful. ♥

  2. I love that your "self" has started appearing in your art :D XXX

  3. Your so talented, Stacy it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful your artwork truly is!

    Loving the new pic on your side bar, too!!!

    Blessings ~ Kim

  4. OOOOHHHHH!!!! I WON??? Really?? Thank you so so much - I am more than lucky!!!! So happy about it Stacy!!!!
    I so loved to see your art. I have noticed a big change in your work and that is so amazing to follow. There is a lot of life inside you just bursting to be painted. I soo loved that little penguin. I love penguins and yours was the cutest ever!!!! Thanks again dear friend. Big big hugs

  5. Oh Stacy these are wonderful! I especially love your 16x20 piece, I think sometimes working big can be great. There's so much heart and love in your art dear Stacy!

  6. Congrats Lone, love you are painting again sweet Stacy, your creativity holds no bounds and great to see it unleashed again!

  7. Your ART is imagining your joyous spirit. Keep this wonderful momentum going creative heart! xo

  8. wonderful new pieces you're working on - especially loving the one on your blog masthead, which looks new. Glad you're smiling so broadly these days - as you should!

  9. So glad to see you here! I love your photo. You always have the best smile. :-) I love watching your art progress.

  10. I LOVE your new picture! You and your grandpa must've have some rather wonderful conversation and dancing because you look wonderful.

    "Connected" is such a delightful piece... zen oozes out of it. And "You Are Loved" took my breath away...

    Happy (belated) Halloween!

  11. lovely picture of you visiting your grand-pa Stacey, it's a beautiful place to find peace and gather your thoughts! wonderful new paintings, just go with the flow of whatever your heart feels like painting :) Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :)

  12. Oh Stacy, I love your new art. It looks like it's going in a wonderful new direction. Yea! All is good. Good for you !

  13. I love all your art! I've finally started back and have changed my style quite a bit. Now to get back to blogging. Basically took October off.

  14. Congrats to Lone! I loved seeing how you added the face and crow to the background! Glad to see you "can't stop painting" again! xo

  15. Your paintings are very mystical looking, dearest Stacy...and very beautiful.
    I love what you did for Halloween and visiting your grandfather. Lovely photo, too.
    You probably brightened every soul in that cemetery! I bet they all wish you would visit again soon :)

    Hugs and Love Always

  16. I love your new photo Stacy! The artwork is stunning. Full of emotion!

  17. Yes I noticed you art changing and that is a good thing. I love it!!!
    Congratulations to your winner.

  18. These are a little different and I do like them very much. I love the black and pink and the faces in them. I like the fairy one very much. I am missing your visits. Hope you are well

  19. These are a little different and I do like them very much. I love the black and pink and the faces in them. I like the fairy one very much. I am missing your visits. Hope you are well

  20. Oh I've been missing you!
    I absolutely ADORE your are so beautiful!!
    And these amazing paintings...utterly out of this world.
    Oh WOW what a talented artist you are...:)

    I do so hope you are keeping well, my dear friend.

    All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  21. Glad to see you are back in your "Groove"! Awesome art my friend! Truly inspired and original! Sending a bunch of hugs your way! ~ Diane

  22. Amazing art! Hugs and Kisses!! <3


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