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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Hi Everyone ;o)
I have been going through all your blogs, to say hi! It has been too long since I have been on here! I have to admit, some of you, I couldn't find?  I hope it was just a "blogger thing".

I have been going through much emotion for the past few weeks. One time, I even went to a mall parking lot. I parked way up in a corner, where there was no one around. I screamed so loud! I never thought I could scream that way before! If someone heard me, they probably would have thought I had been shot! I had to release! I screamed, and I cried and cried!

I have went through this and have done much meditating! Through this all, I have forgave. I still don't understand, but from what I have learned, there is a plan to everything, right?

Remember last year? It was one of the worst years of my life! And, one of the reasons why, because I stopped believing! Believing in me! Well, this year, that is what has got me through this! And, what has healed me! I have never stopped believing in me! Loving me! And, trusting!

No sorries ;o) It is all good! No regrets! I found this and it spoke to me!

Just enough all ready! Let's get this party started! LOL!

Thanks for sticking by me and always being there! All of you mean the world to me!

I have created some new art ;o) Enjoy ;o)

"Hazel" 5" x 7" canvas
"The Wish Granter" 5" x 5" canvas
"Magical Brew" 5" x 5" canvas
"Dream Weaver" 10" x 20" canvas
Big Hugs ;o) It is cold here! I love it! Happy October ;o)


  1. wow, beautiful art Stacy, you just went through some crappy stuff but wow, the art came out of it amazing!!
    Take care,, keep strong!

    1. Love you Laurie ;o) Thank you ;o) Yes, I will keep kicking butt! ;o)

  2. Yes, always believe in yourself, sweetie, because you are an amazing soul! Hugs to you.

  3. Oh Stacy, screaming and crying sometimes is just good!!! Some emotions need to be released this way. I wish though that you had screamed for joy, but somehow it doesn't sound like that.
    You have created some super beautiful art - that also is a big healer. I'm sending you hugs.

  4. Hugs, Stacy! ((())) Hope you're better. Stay positive. :)

  5. I am so happy that you are back with us all! Stacy, you are so very loved and never forget that, my sister!

    Loving the new artwork. "Magical Brew" speaks to me!

    Many blessings and much love ~


  6. Love the new paintings!!!
    Nice to have you Back! :)

  7. I completely understand that urge to be alone, to let out a scream and to cry.

    I'm glad you're back here, in blogland.

    Sending you hugs, and looking forward to seeing lots more of your gorgeous artwork ♥

  8. I know it sounds "blaise" these days, but trust me when I say "we have ALL been there"....and the quotee is totally correct. Even at our lowest ebb we are still the current that pulls another from the brink. We are all linked and therefore all loved.
    Chin up and stay proud of who you are XXX

  9. believe in those words that you quoted here in this post, because they are so very true and fit you to a tee!!!
    I am sorry that you are hurting because you do not deserve that at all!
    I love you and I am so happy that you are in my life in even a simple blogging.
    I love your art and I have missed it so very much! These are all gorgeous and I especially love Dream Weaver! Fantastic warm and beautiful!

    Great Big Hugs and Lots of Love

  10. So lovely to see your colorful art Stacy. And that those beautiful things inside you is alive and kicking no matter what is happening. That is where you are. That is where the truth is about you. All other things are just not you. You are unique, you are loved, you mean so much to so many people and negative thoughts are lies we or others are telling us. Please please remind your self of that - GROW STRONG, remember. Big hugs my friend :-)

  11. Stacy, my dear, dear friend, I am so glad that you have not given up on you. All of these crappy things that happen to us can either make or break us. You are a strong, lively, wonderful soul. Now that you have embraced that fact, you will be able to be there for someone else that needs to hear that message. Suffering is never for not. We are to learn lessons and then bless someone else with that truth through action or word. It is called life wisdom and sometimes it carrys a shit load of hurt. Remember gold has to go through fire to be golden.........and that is exactly what you are, golden and precious. xoxo Oma Linda

  12. And I just love Hazel, she is saucy and wonderful. Much like her maker. xoxo Oma Linda

  13. some wonderful new art! and I hope the scream was cathartic and that you are ok? you are a beautiful person both inside and out ... that smile of yours is penetrating and tells its own story. You might have lost sight of believing in you, but we all knew it was still there.

  14. Here's some advice I should also take, "put it behind you and move forward..."
    Everyone is sending you good thoughts as am I. You are a gem and a treasure. Keep sharing your wonderful voice.

    Here's some hugs and love your new work- Hazel jumped off the screen, it must be the blue and the dress, she's inspiring.


  15. What Gina said long as you can feel you are alive! Your wonderful ART echoes the bright light in your soul! Noe! positive energy ! It does the mind good!
    Huge Neighbourly hugs! xoDebi

  16. Screaming it all out is actually fantastic! It gets rid of negative energy like no other exercise. I am so glad you did that. Just always remember that after to fill your self with the positive energy of the Universe. Every one should find a place just to scream it out. You do bring joy to me and so many others. The hard thing about life is we rarely hear that we have touched someone else. Every day life can really suck at times, but if we seriously look around the world we have it pretty good. You know I love your art and Magical Brew is my fave. Well I really like Hazel too. Hugs my friend.

  17. Stacy, I went through a terrible time a few years back and I can tell you with an all knowing certainty that there is a plan and all will work out. Keep believing and love yourself unconditionally. Work on being the best version of yourself you can be. Sending so much love your way......xoxoxoxo

  18. Hang in there Stacy. Life throws us stuff to make us stronger! I have lived by the philosophy that things happen for a reason which seems to have worked for my sanity. Believing in yourself is so important. Don't worry, everything will fall into place in due time. :-) As always, your artwork is awesome! Hugs, Val

  19. Dear, dear Stacy...I am so glad you haven't given up on yourself.
    Please promise me you will NEVER do that?
    You are far too precious...and , anyway, negative experiences really can make us stronger - when we can learn to see them for what they are.
    This past year, I have more than once reached the point where I've been just about ready to break down and give in to adversity...but then "something" always made me pick myself up and keep going.
    You are much stronger than you think...and your talent is truly out-of-this-world!
    And yes...everything will eventually fall into place.
    Never doubt that, my dear friend.
    Also, if ever you need a shoulder...I am always here...:)

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  20. sending you big giant {{hugs}}!

  21. Love and hugs to you, sweet lady. I understand. I've done much the same thing. The writing you shared speaks to me strongly as well, and I love your new artwork. Be strong!

  22. I need your voice, and your words, and your colors, and the smile that only you can offer... So I'm glad you are holding on to you... for you... and for those of us who need you to smile. But if you need to cry, we'll hold you... even if we are miles away... I will help you hold on.

  23. Forgot to say that "Dream Weaver" left me in awe... What a glorious piece, Stacy! ♥

  24. You will be just fine. I just know it. Sending you kisses and hugs. Your new art is awesome. I love it all.

  25. I want to also mention that I've been there too,
    . Things will change for the better. Keep on smiling that beautiful smile. Always dream in color. 🎈

  26. Love the new art! Keep believing! :-)

  27. so sorry to hear you have been through such a rough time. I have not been blogging until recently myself. The first break since I began all this. Just so much else going on I had no time or energy but I am back and will be visiting again. I have missed you

  28. I am finally getting a chance to catch up with you. I did see your birthday wishes while I was in Sweden--thank you so much!

    I am glad to see you have taken up your paintbrush again. I know that you are alright, because these are all just so full of happiness and energy! Please don't ever stop expressing yourself.

    You bring joy to so many people, me included, with your art, your friendship and your smile. xoxo

  29. Hey long time posting, but filled with the bright art of a well loved friend, yes sweetie, you keep going, lift yourself up, & f@ck the others that drag you down xox

  30. Oh Stacy I hate to see you hurt one day....when I need cheering up i look at all my little crows that you sent me and I feel bless that you exist, life isn't always easy in fact it's darned difficult and no matter your pain you make people happy, you're a terrific young woman, never ever forget that love always xoxoxo

  31. *hugs* Every thing is going to be okay my friend!! There are 3 little birds outside your window... :D

  32. Oh these are wonderful, I especially love Dream Weaver. I hope things start to feel better soon dear Stacy!


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