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Friday, January 30, 2015

New Crow Art ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o) Time goes by too fast! LOL! It really does! I have some new art to show you ;o) Hope you enjoy ;o)

"If Not Now? When? (6" x 6" canvas) (Saw myself in this painting)
Remember, no matter what you have went through in life, those are your badges of honour. Love yourself and never wait for anything! Fly ;o)
"Hope" (8" x 8" canvas)
When you have hope in your heart, you can do everything ;o)
"Beautiful Creatures" (8" x 8" canvas) (Love this one!)
This is the 5th painting in my 6 painting commission that I am doing. Please, if you think of a name, put it in your comments ;o) We don't have a name yet ;o)
Big Hugs and I will be talking to you soon ;o)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Did It Again!!!!!

Ok, so you know how last year, I said, the thing I discovered about me, was that I never truly loved myself? Well, at the beginning of January 1st. I have been telling myself everyday, I Love Me! It has been working very well ;o)

Well, someone came into my life! I thought I was doing good. Nope! Another pattern I have, when I am "with" someone, I feel like I have to bow down to them. Like, I am the one always doing the dishes, when it should be both of us. You know what I mean? I guess that all has to come down to my self worth again!

Well, this relationship was short lived! Jan 8th to Jan 20th. Yep, I cried for a good night and day. But, it's out of my system. Big difference from last year!

Enough is enough! All this is stopping now! Anyone tries to mess with this Sexy Crow Goddess again, I am going to bitch slap them with my whip! LOL! Then blow them a kiss ;o)

I love you all! I have been around, but I haven't been commenting.

Thanks for still being there for me ;o)

Oh, I have to tell you, I have been working on something major from last year! It's all coming together, and I promise, by the end of February,  I will start to give you progress reports ;o)

Big Hugs

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o)
The sun came out today and I caught it, before it turned into this!
I don't want you to think I have been sitting on my butt doing nothing! Well, I have been sitting on my butt, but I have been painting ;o) LOL! So, please grab a drink and enjoy the new art ;o) I've been having fun ;o)
First up, my Crow Gal Paintings ;o) All are on flat canvas board, 6" x 8" ;o) Tried to make them all a little different ;o)
"Keep On Rockin" 6" x 8" flat canvas board
And, one of my favourites, "Can't Touch This" 6" x 8" flat canvas board
"Live, Grow, Go" 10" x 20" gallery wrapped canvas. These words came to me at the beginning of the year. A sign? We will see ;o)
Some close up photos ;o)
And, remember the special order paintings I am doing? Well, I finished number 4 ;o)
"Tumble Of Love" (thanks Shelle)
Here is a picture of all 4 together ;o)
I'm starting on number 5 now ;o)

I think that's it for now ;o) Hope you're all well ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winner, or Winners? And, A True Beautiful Story ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
Happy 1st day of 2015 ;o) I stayed up to ring in the New Year with good positive energy ;o) I have to admit, today, feeling kind of tense? Don't know why? But, I am shaking it off ;o) I will conquer 2015 ;o) I have 5 paintings to show you, but there hasn't been any sun out! I hope I can take some pictures by the end of January! LOL!

I want to thank you all for the lovely comments you are giving me, on how my blog looks ;o) Hugs ;o)

Now for the giveaway ;o) There was 12 names when I went through the list, that really wanted this book. I hope I counted right? What I did, was go back to my favourite store and got more books. I really wanted to send you all one, but they were sold out! But, I was able to get a few more ;o) Yepee ;o) So instead of one winner, we have 5 winners ;o)
Debra from She Who Seeks ;o)
Shelle from SunShine Shelle ;o)
Val from Miss Val's Creations ;o)
Gail from Art By Gail H. Ragsdale ;o)
Magaly from Magaly Guerrero's Pagan Culture ;o)

Please girls, e-mail your address at ;o)
Now, for the rest of you, if I can get more books, I will be contacting you ;o) I say if, because it looks like it's all going to e-books now. But, let's keep our fingers crossed ;o) I promise I won't forget ;o)

Now for a beautiful story ;o)

When my art goes to a new home, it truly makes me so happy inside. To know my art is being loved and cherished, is the best feeling ever.

I was contacted by one person, that has several of my paintings. She said she had to tell me something. She has a grand-daughter, that calls me "The Crow Lady". Her grand-daughter just loves my crows, absolutely loves them.

I think her grand-daughter is 5 and she is autistic.

Her grand-daughter has every painting. They are hanging in the living room.

It's hard for her grand-daughter to understand, she must not just ask for things and it was harder for them to say no to her. Her grand-daughter calls them her crow friends, it's so sweet.

It's was a small sacrifice, having all the paintings at her daughter's house, but worth it, because through my crows, her grand-daughter first started using her words properly. Before my crows, she would always say, I wants a cookie, but after the crows came in her life, she began asking, may I have a cookie. For that they will always be thankful to my crows ;o)

The change in their grand-daughter is just amazing. She has come right out of her shell. She is interacting with other children and volunteering conversation. No longer parroting what they say. It's wonderful and all it took were some crow paintings ;o) Her grand-daughter is still definitely autistic, but her world became so much bigger and easier with her speaking ;o)

Doesn't that make you feel all nice and warm inside? You really never know how something is going to affect someone!

Big Hugs