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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winners and New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o)
We've been having a very dark gloomy day today and there is no snow. I hope the sun comes out soon and I do hope we get some snow ;o)
If you are wondering, yes, I am behind in blog land, again! Uggg! I will be around ;o)

I have 4 winners ;o) Yes, I said 4 ;o) I had 44 comments, so I took that as a sign to have 4 winners ;o)
The names are Kim From The Wiccan Life ;o) Yeh Kim ;o)
Debbie from Craftymoose ;o) Yeh Debbie ;o)
Lorraine from Whoah There Cowboy ;o) Yeh Lorraine ;o)
Nicole from Nicole Beadwright ;o) Yeh Nicole ;o)

Please e-mail me at, with your address ;o) I have to go shopping now ;o) Yeepeee ;o) LOL!

I will leave you all with some new art ;o) I took the pictures inside, so they are kind of dark.
"Pole Dancer" 12" x 16" canvas (I might be keeping this one!)
"Strength" 11" x 14" canvas
"Chosen One" 5" x 7" canvas

Do you remember the special order I am doing? Well, I finished the second painting ;o)
I can't wait to see all these paintings together!
Big Hugs ;o) (question, what do you think of my header? Do you like it? Be honest ;o) I can take it!)