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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Crow Art, A Special Commission, Fly Painting Finished for Giveaway ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
My eyes are back to normal ;o) Yeh ;o)
I'm trying to catch up with all of you ;o) I might not be able to comment on all your posts, but I have visited ;o) I promise ;o)

I finished some aceo's (2.5" x 3.5")
"Soul Mates"
"The Spell"
"Beginner Witch"
The week of my birthday, I had a very special person contact me to do 7 8" x 8" paintings for her ;o) Her name is Angela, and I asked if I could share all of this with you and she said it was fine ;o)
Angela is trying to have a baby and these paintings are representing her spiritual journey of her babies coming to her ;o)
I have specific things she would like me to paint in every painting, but other wise, everything else is up to me ;o)
The first painting is the mother and father, with their child. This is the background for it ;o) I hope Angela likes it! She hasn't even seen this, but I know she is following my blog ;o)
Now, do you remember this?
Well, it's finished ;o)
Go to this link here, for the giveaway ;o) Now, I have to finish the aceo's for the giveaway ;o)
Happy Autumn ;o)
I think that's it? LOL!
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Hello, thank you. The background looks wonderful.I love the colors and design. I'm excited to see it when its completed. Thanks for taking on this task. I cannot be grateful enough. I love autum love but now that I see the finishing touches of the baby painting that you made, I hope I can win either one. You are a great artist. I hope you are feeling and doing better.

  2. Stacy, each and every one of these new paintings are truly Magical, Joyful, and Beautiful. I LOVE them. The designs are amazing. The titles you have given them are extremely accurate! EXCELLENT WORK!!!! And... congratulations on painting for Angela! Keeping wonderful positive successful thoughts for Angela!! :o) I've been there... and now as a result 23 years later I have my precious jewel - my daughter - McKenna!

    1. P.S. I am SO glad that you are feeling much better!!!!! Sending continued healing hugs your way!!! :) xo xo xo

  3. May your special commission paintings for Angela help her dreams come true!

  4. Stacy,
    Happy belated birthday so sorry to hear about your scratching and your eyes getting swollen that is awful!
    I am glad you are now feeling better and your paintings are amazin!
    Xo Marissa.

  5. I'm so glad you are doing better Stacy! Yay! Your new paintings are so sweet. The series of 7 paintings for Angela sounds like a wonderful challenge. I'm sure she will love how each piece comes out. :)

  6. Stacy, my sweet and adorable friend...I am so happy to hear that your eyes are well again! This is great news!!!

    Your art is so precious...There isn't anyone who can create such adorable and
    wonderful pieces!!! I love them all!!!

    Congratulations on your commission!!! Yea, Stacy!!!

    Great Big Hugs and Lots of Love

  7. I'm so glad your eyes are back to normal! I love your crows, they are adorable! Congratulations on your commission. It sounds like a very interesting project!

  8. fantastic that all the crazy swelling is gone! hope you're feeling better as well - nice new group of paintings! you've been busy

  9. "Beginner Witch" - now that is a title right down my alley. And a cute painting as well - as all of them. Your crows are simply the best.

  10. you are such a sweetheart, and you are a very talented young lady! Beautiful work, thank goodness your eyes are better,

  11. I think the love that shines in your work will be great inspiration for Angela's womb. I don't know her, but I will say a prayer for her and for her wish to be a parent.

    And I LOVE "Beginner Witch." Those boots are awesome. ;-D

  12. Wow, I love the baby crow witch on her broomstick!

    So glad your eyes are back to normal!

  13. Loving the fabulously hope filled energy you have put into the background for Angela's paintings. I enjoy looking at my pieces you made everyday and feeling the love you paint into them :D XXX

  14. You have such a lovely heart and soul, and i hope your friend gets pregnant before next takes a while sometimes and sometimes this beautiful miracle happens, I will happen to her too, love all your art now i'm going to see who's the lucky winner xoxoxo

  15. Glad to hear your eyes are back to normal and you are back to painting again. The background for the first painting looks wonderful! These are going to be very special! Baby witch crow looks great flying around on her broomstick, too! Hugs!

  16. So glad your eyes are better, Sweetie...that news has really made my day!:)

    Oh Angela is going to be so delighted with your beautiful paintings...and I'm sure they will bring her the luck she so longs for. Your beautiful, compassionate Soul will make sure of that.

    And I just adore the Baby Witch Crow on her Halloween!

    Big Hugs xxx

  17. I'm so glad you're feeling better, wonderful work!

  18. Hi I have miss you too. Glad your eyes are doing better. I really love each one of these pieces!!!!
    Wishing you and your mom a blessed week.

  19. My Dearest and Sweetest, Friend,

    I just wanted you to know that I have only one blog now. I haven't the time for being on the internet so much but family and friends wanted me to put my art, crafts and writings all on one blog so here it is...

    Note: I am deleting my two blogs but I have created a new blog for all of my art, crafts, photography and writings.
    Here is the URL...

    Big Hugs and Love

  20. Once again very lovely. I really like 'The Spell'. Nice colors.

  21. Such a joy to see you creating! So sweet to see the progress of the last lil painting...xox ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  22. So glad that you are better Stacy! All of the paintings are so special and the colors are so vibrant. Super hugs my friend. :)

  23. It's great to hear that you are feeling better. That was sure a scare! All of your new paintings are awesome as always. I love that you have been commissioned for such a personal and special project. You are definitely the perfect one for the job :) Big hugs my friend, Robin

  24. So glad your eyes are back to normal! Not a pleasant experience for you.
    Congratulations on the commissions!

  25. Dear Stacy
    I so love all your new art and might just have to have another of your wonderful pieces ... LOL
    I know your work for Angela will be awesome.

    I am packing for my trip to Nova Scotia (we leave on Tuesday ...yay)
    Just came by to say bye and see you soon ..

    Sending love to you ..
    Be well dear girl

    So glad your eye is better ....

  26. Glas your eyes are doing better. Love the new art! ;-)

  27. Soooo glad to hear your eyes are better!! Your paintings (as always) are fabulous! I have mine hanging on my kitchen wall! Love & Hugs to you!

  28. Great job Stacy, I love it all. So glad you are better and back on track. I will write soon. work is crazy. I know, when is it not?

  29. these are beautiful! i love the spell. happy october!

  30. Dear sweet Stacy, i left a personal message on my blog and i will leave it until Monday if you visit I will be happy, if you visit on don't leave a comment i will understand and will still love youx

  31. oh new blog well also previous blog that i forgot about: some photos, mostly writing and now more photos about my place, although had to go out yesterday to get Sam's Asthma medicine, they don't a few more photos a little bit of everything ;) x

  32. Oh boy have you been busy. Great stuff. I bet you feel really accomplished now. It will soon be time to get out my Christmas Santa crow. I also now have a place to show off all my little aceo's you made me, I will get a picture once that;'s done.
    Great to see someone is getting some art done


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