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Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy September ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
Happy September ;o)
My birthday month ;o)

I would like to share with you some pictures of my Aunt Stacy ;o) My Aunt Stacy, is who I was named after. She died at a very young age of 32 from bowel cancer. Very sad. My mom said she was the nicest person! Always smiling. I do feel a connection with her. Were any of you named after someone and feel a connection?

This is a picture with her daughter ;o)

This picture is her and her hubby.

I will leave you with my favourite baby picture of me ;o) I know many of you have seen this one, but some of you haven't.

I have to admit, I had another down weekend. I have started to write again. I find writing helps me, get out what I am feeling.
Big Hugs and I will be catching up with you soon ;o)


  1. Happy Birthday month, my sweet sister! Your Aunt Stacy was a very beautiful woman, like you. I must admit that I was not named after anyone in my family, lo and behold I was an "original"! LOL!!!

    GREAT pic of you!

    So glad to see you writing again, my friend!

    Love, Kim

  2. As our sweet friend Kim wrote...Happy Birthday Month, dearest,Stacy!!!

    I stand alone as far as my name goes. But, later when my mother remarried my stepfather's sister-in-law's name was that was a neat thing for me :)) Sadly, my Aunt Janet just passed away a few months ago.

    I love the photos. Your aunt was a beautiful lady and you do look very much like her. What a darling baby you were and what a darling and sweet lady you have grown into...I love you my dear friend.

    I am sorry that you had more bad days, Stacy...they do make life harder. But I have found that life gives me more up days so I try to remember those when life throws those days of doom and gloom at me :))

    Great Big Hugs and Lots of Love
    Be Well My Dear Friend

  3. Your auntie was gorgeous and my, how tragically young she died. But here you are to keep her name going!

  4. Happy birthday this month! I was named after a popular folk singer in my area...Michele Leigh. I don't think she was ever very famous or popular, just someone my hippie parents thought had a pretty name. LOL. No one else in my family is named Michele, so its my own, as far as that.

  5. I'm sorry to hear your aunt passed away at such a young age. So sad. :( I adore the old photos! I'm sure you cherish them. :) Your baby photo is incredibly cute! Cool old rotary phone. Brings back memories!

  6. Your Aunt has such a beautiful smile--just like you! Write, paint, anything that makes you happy!

  7. Stacy your Aunt was such a pretty lady. So sad she was taken at such a young age. What an honor to have her name! You are such a cutie pie in that picture! I hope you have a lovely Birthday Month! The trees are already starting to change color here, looks like fall is on its way!

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!! And YOU are adorable Stacy!! Always remember that!! You are in my prayers my friend!!!!!

  9. What a beautiful lady. I love the pictures you shared, especially the one of you with the phone. See you started communicating early on, no wonder you are such a wonderful blogger and long distance friend, lol! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Almost forgot, I was named after the bird Robin. Where I lived the Robins were the first to come back from winter migration in Spring and I was born in March so it fit I guess. All three of my children have a story behind their names and were named after relatives.

    Big healing hugs my friend,

  10. I wish a happy birthday to you, Stacy, my friend, in this month of September.

    Some days I'm feeling so happy, then there are those days I'm feeling down, but being able to write what's going on in my life for others to see, does seem to help me.

    By the way, those are some lovely photos in which I see.

    Have a wonderful night tonight my friend,


  11. Hello There My Favorite Little Blogger Buddy.
    Happy Birthday Month to you!! (This is my birthday month, too :o) These photos are wonderful. What a beautiful woman. Don't you just love looking at photos from the past? I do. Say little trooper -- you just hang in there. So many of us absolutely love visiting you here at your blog. We all have days that are not so wonderful...and sometimes it takes a lot of strength to push ourselves out of the funk...but I just know you can do it. You are a beautiful soul and never forget that. Try to find something that can continue to carry you in to more happy days. Feel the fear but do it anyway!! Somethings are always there but they don't have to win. It's all about baby steps. Sending you lots of ((((((HUGS))))))).

    P.S. I was named after my aunt, too - however, didn't really know her very well as I was growing up.

  12. The baby picture of you is so cute!! How sad that your aunt died at such a young age! I got my middle name in honor of my Dad's sister who died when she was 14 years old.

  13. Hi dear Stacy
    Your aunt was beautiful ...sad that she died so young ...
    I am sorry you had a 'down weekend' keep on writing as it can truly help ... I so believe that .
    You have to be 'the cutest little girl' ever love that shot of you ...awww , so precious ..

    Sending love and hugs
    (I might be taking a break from blogging very soon as Jake goes in for knee surgery this Wed... and recovery will be long and hard... I will miss you but I have your email )

  14. What a cutie!! :)
    My second and third names (here in Italy some people can have 3 or even 4 first names...) are from my grandmas. My father's mother died during WW II and I only knew my maternal grandma. I have always felt a connection with her. ♥

  15. wonderful pictures and memories. hope the writing helps

  16. oh indeed sweetie I was named after the youngest daughter of the Renaud Clan, my Godmother, Lorraine, she was blond blue eyes and the sweetest person you can imagine, and oh my gosh you were adorable you belonged in baby commercial, what a wonderful, happy adorable baby you were, and sweety you're never alone sometimes life is hard and it's difficultt to find something to hang on to , hang unto your art, hand unto all you blogger friends who love you so darned much, myself included, when you're that much, magic happens, all the best my sweet little Magic Love Crow xxxxxxooooooxxxxxxx

  17. Stacy,

    Your aunt was beautiful... I am sorry your family lost her so young.

    Awe what a cutie you were!

    I am sorry you are having down days... I hope things start looking up!

  18. Happy birthday month to you! I love these photos, so beautiful, you are such a cutey, then and now! I hope you feel better soon dear Stacy.

  19. Your aunt was a stunning woman. And I see where you got your smile from!

    Happy Birthday Month, my beloved Stacy. I will be saying this a lot in the following days. ;-) ♥

  20. Stacy,
    your aunt was so pretty and the picture of you is adorable..
    I just want to squeeze your cheeks...

  21. You were a darling baby! Alas, I was not named for anyone. How nice to know you were named for your Aunt, she looked lovely.

  22. You were a cutie! You still are! I am glad writing helps! Writing is very important to me too!

  23. Oh WOW...such a beautiful family...and the photo of cute!
    I am so sad to hear of your Aunt's premature passing. It must have been so hard to bear. Really makes you wonder "why?"
    But I am certain she is still with no more than a thought away...:)

    Take care, dear are always in my thoughts xxx

  24. Your aunt has a gorgeous smile , just like yours.
    I have taken to writing quite a bit lately to unload my mind Stacy .
    I know it is hard in these times we are down as most see us as upbeat but the downs are so hard sometimes. I am glad you are sharing so others can let you know you aren't alone. Nature helps me so much in these times and in nature I can usually find the place where my thoughts tell me "this indeed will pass" and I will be back in happier times soon enough . We are strong sweet lady , hang in there.

  25. Good Morning Stacy! Happy Birthday Month!!! I love the photos. Sorry your aunt left us so soon. You were an adorable baby and grew to be a lovely girl! So I was a late arrival, sort of a surprise and a rough pregnancy and was named after dad and mom. Hated my name as a kid and only use half of it now. (Lee Alice) Was a daddy's girl...good thing cause he was a good cook and woodworker and very clever with a lot of humor.
    Good for you writing again! (I play with watercolor to find my way)
    Have a good day, Tootsie!

  26. Your aunt was a gorgeous woman. So sorry she died so young. Love your baby picture Stacy, such a cutie. Happy Birthday month! Hugs. :)

  27. 32 is extremely young. So sad. I was named after Vanessa Redgrave, so don't really feel a connection with her. But I still do feel a strong connection with someone who also died very young and who I've only met two times when I was a child. Weird, isn't it?

  28. Thank you so much Stacy for dropping on my site yesterday, it made me feel good because \i know how much it meant to Margie, you are a little sweetie, I'm grateful and happy to know you

  29. Happy birthday month sweet lady. Your photo is adorable. I like the ones of our auntie too. I was named after my grandmother but never liked the name so changed it to Nikki/Nicole when I was eleven. No on had that name back then and didn't spell it that way either. Now I run across at least 1 Nikki or Nicole a day. LOL
    Sending you "UP" energy

  30. Hi kindred..what a beautiful tribute to her..gorgeous pictures..very touching! I was named after my father! Thanks for always sharing your soul...and I appreciate the warm sparkles you shine out! Happy Sept to you too..wishing you deep magic always!

  31. Dear Stacy
    I know your birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, Sept 18th, right?
    Well, being I won't be blogging at that time I just came by to wish you the most wonderful, amazing and special day on your birthday.
    Dance and sing and have a ball

    On your birthday ...

    May you have
    a song in your heart
    a smile on your lips
    and nothing but joy
    at your finger tips ...

    Lots of love to you...
    I will miss you while I am gone but I will be back before you know it.
    (Don't miss me too much ... LOL )

    Oh, I will give those hugs to Jake and Rose that you requested ..

    Big Hugs
    Take care Sweetie ...

  32. It looks like you look like her. So I see that as a connection. It must be nice to be named for someone. You take care of yourself and things will soon be better
    Hugs Janice


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