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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me?

Hi Everyone ;o)
Today is my birthday ;o)
Mom was suppose to take me to one of my favourite store's today. The store is in a small town, where everything has been kept, in that era. It's like walking back in time. We only go there around twice a year.

But,,,,,, yesterday (wednesday), around 2:00pm, I started to scratch! And, scratch! Mom is like, what is wrong with you? I said, I don't know? I was scratching my entire body! It was driving me nuts! I was scratching places, no lady should be scratching! LOL!

Went to bed last night. Tried to sleep. I woke up at 3:00am. I could hardly see! I went to see mom. My eyes, were swollen shut! And, the swelling went to on top of my lip area too. I took some of my drugs and went back to sleep.

This is a good picture of my eyes. They were completely swollen shut before.
Don't I look pretty ;o) LOL!
I had cream yesterday. I am allergic to milk. We are thinking, since my immune system is down, from taking things for the yellow jacket bites, this was a combination of the poison still in my system from the bites and the milk.

So, I didn't go anywhere today! I am just thankful, I didn't have to go to the hospital!
Tomorrow, I am going to see my eye doctor.

I am truly sorry everyone! But, again, I am so behind in blog land! I will try my best to catch up, but I think I won't be able to comment on all your posts! These drugs make me so sleepy!

All that being said, I haven't forgot about you!
I am having a birthday giveaway. I just haven't finished making everything yet!

The first painting is a 5" x 7" crow painting, "Autumn Love".
The second painting, isn't finished yet! This is a 5" x 7" baby crow painting, "Fly".
The third prize, will be a crow aceo and a baby crow aceo. And, I will also put some other goodies in the box ;o) If I don't have time to complete the aceo paintings, I will  pull some from my shop ;o)
The aceo size is 2.5" x 3.5".

So, please, tell me which item you would like to win ;o) If there is more than one item you would like to win, tell me and I will put your name in for what you want ;o)

If you don't tell me what you want, then your name won't be entered.

I will announce the winners on Wednesday October 1st ;o) Hopefully I will have everything finished by then! LOL!
And, who knows, I might throw in a booby prize too ;o) Got to love those boobies! LOL!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day on my birthday!

Big Hugs and Many Blessings xoxoxox


  1. Oh you poor thing! How awful to have this on top of the stings! I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better. Sorry your birthday trip got'll just have to go another day.

    I'd love to win any of your aceos. Thanks, Stacy!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you spent it all allergic. : \ I hope you're feeling much better tomorrow. I'd like to be entered for a chance to win the fly painting. It's so cute! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry you have to go through this stuff to begin with Stacy, but then of all days on your birthday. I do hope you get well soon my friend. I would love to be entered for the aceos. Birthday wishes and hugs to you. :)

  4. Happy birthday! Feel better soon! Allergies can be so tough!!
    I would love the fly one, but I am in Greece so if the giveaway is not international, I shouldn't take someone special chance!

  5. Oh no! That's a rotten thing to happen on your birthday! I hope everything gets back to normal soon! Happy Birthday, Stacey!

  6. I love all your paintings, but I suppose the autumn one! How lovely of you to do a giveaway when you are unwell! Happy birthday, I hope you feel better soon and have a great unbirthday celebration another day! What an awful thing to happen! Sending good thoughts your way! Hugs and love!

  7. Oh my goodness! I hope you get feeling better soon. Happy Birthday!!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better though. I had no idea that our Birthday's were so close together. Mine is tomorrow. =) Both the paintings are great but I would love the chance to win the "Fly" painting.

  8. oh no! no fun any day - let alone your Birthday! I hope you are feeling better and all that swelling has calmed down! Be sure to have a belated Birthday trip to that cute little town :)

  9. I was really hoping you'd have a great day, Tootsie. So sorry you had that allergic reaction. Hope you are so much better tomorrow. I guess you won't forget this birthday! Be well Stacy! xoxoLee

  10. Happy Birthday to you my friend, I'm sorry to hear about the suffering you encountered.

  11. Noooooo why! Get better soon and no more scratching! You will have to postpone your trip then, and have all the fun you deserve!
    I did have fun in your birthday :o*
    One big hug!

  12. Happy Birthday, Stacy! Sorry to hear you are not well.. :( I hope you recover soon and go out for a late birthday day! :) Hugs

  13. Happy happy birthday Stacy!!! And all the best for your health!!! Gosh what a terrible way to celebrate!! You are in my prayers!!! Thanks for a lovely giveaway - I am into autumn love :-) Love those colors!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Stacey! I'm so sorry you had an allergic reaction. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'll be sending positive vibes to you. :) Would love to be entered into your giveaway. That baby crow painting, "Fly" is my favorite.

  15. Happy Birthday my swollen little Magic Stacy, same thing happened to me once, and to this day I have no idea why, it was not a pretty sight, your still pretty, so no worries hope it doesn't hurt, of course you know me baby crow all the way know me my Magic Love Crow collection is all babies and they're on the wall in front of me all day, so of course baby. Things happen sometimes for no reason, but you know what you are on little tough cookie, to go trough so much and still give even more, you're now in my prayers...Love you, happy Birthday, and from now on it'll only get better...I've had so many of your lovely baby crow, if someone else wants it they should get it, you've spoiled me so of course me first reaction, was oh no poor Stacy and then it was oh shocks, and then me, me,me,me,me. You will have your day, guaranteed! and it will be magical, may a shroud of bright light surrounds and keep all bad things away, you're so loved, and your mama too xxxxxxxx

  16. i don't know if you know but I have a new blog when you feel up to it, when you're better it's called; I think you do cause \i remember seeing your name , just in case lol

  17. Happy Birthday, sad to see your poor eye though.
    Those wretched wasps really have a lot to answer for!
    I do hope you get to have a fabulous belated trip to the store.:)

    I would say "Autumn Love" is my favourite painting...but, of course, I love them would be really happy with any prize, should I be lucky enough to win! lol

    Do get well soon, and have a fabulous weekend xxx

  18. My Sweet, Sweet, are going through such a terrible time. I am very happy that there has been some improvement but I hope that soon you will feel like our dear, sweet, Stacy once more. You have suffered enough.

    Happy, happy, happy birthday, dear Stacy. I do hope that you will still be able to take your trip to what sounds like a lovely small town.

    I would love to win any one of you paintings. I love everything that you create because I know that it comes from your love of crows~

    Lots of Healing Love and Hugs

  19. Stacy sending you Happy Birthday wishes and well wishes !!
    I hope that subsides for you soon sweet girl ~ could be a left over reaction from those very naughty wasps . Do see a doc ( even though we try not to) if need be don't want to mess around with that type of reaction.

  20. Oh sweet baby girl. I am having those allergies too (and I don't live all that far from you,...tis the season I suppose). I have been taking nasal spray and reactine in the morning, neti pot and then two benadryl before bed just to function. Ugh. My eyes are swollen and I have a lupus-like rash across my eyes and nose. Ugh again. I have been also using hydrocortisone cream on the rash,...might help if you try it on your eyes without getting it IN your eyes of course. Best wishes,....happy birthday and I love your Autumn painting. Hugs from me and happy allergies. :)

  21. Happy belated birthday! What a horrid way to spend you birthday though with an allergic reaction like that! I hope the doctor was able to help you.

  22. Happy belated birthday Stacy! I'm sorry to hear of your unpleasant reaction. :( But I'm glad you didn't have to go to the hospital. Hopefully you are feeling back to normal. :) I love the autumn love painting. So sweet! Have a great weekend.

  23. Oh, Stacy! You poor sweet little gal! I am sorry you had to spend your birthday this way, but I must say that you are looking better than you had a couple of weeks ago after this first happened to you. I hope your eye doctor gives you good news!

    And, YES, of course I would love to join in on your wonderful and very thougtful birthday giveawy! I would really love to win the "Autumn Love" aceo as it would go so awesome with my anniversary being on Sept. 22nd!! LOL!


    Much love to you always!


  24. You are "sorry" you haven't been coming to our blogs when your "eyes are swollen shut"? Don't make me come there and kick you! I'm impressed that you are even typing this post--then again, I think we share a bit of the stubbornness when it comes to not letting life's random miseries dictate how we live. I hope you get to celebrate properly a bit after your birthday. It's what I did (remember how sick I was for mine, back in April).

    This post is two days old, so I'm praying you beautiful honey eyes are all healed. Goodness knows I know how annoying it is to have problems with one's eyes... and how much it hurts.

    Happy belated Birthday, my Crow Goddess! ♥

    1. Oops! Can't believe I forgot. Do throw my name in the hat for "Autumn Love." It sounds appropriate. ;-D

  25. Its sad to hear that you had a tough day on your special day. Happy belated birthday. I hope you are feeling better. I like both paintings, can you place my name for both. I like all your paintings but I hope I win Autumn Love.

  26. Oh my goodness Stacy, don't worry about us in blog land, just take care of yourself. How scary! Hope your feeling much much better soon!

    You can enter me for the ACEO... unfortunately I don't have room to collect anything bigger than that anymore :)

  27. Uh oh, this may be a double post, it looks like my other one vanished, but I'm not sure... Stacy, you are so sweet! How wonderful you are to think of us when you're not feeling well. I would love to win any of your pieces, I love your art and I feel so lucky with the pieces I already have! I'm sorry you're not feeling well, especially on your birthday. Happy belated birthday and I hope you can have your birthday day out, just another day. I hope you feel completely better soon dear friend!

  28. I am so sorry and why aren't you on my blogroll?? That's why I hadn't kept up and as I add, I lose people. Weird! I'm not sure what the limit is but I just deleted a few so I can add you again. Shhh, don't tell anyone! ;) I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better and that you can plan that outing with your mom soon. Happy Birthday a little belated but with lots of love! I will check my e-mail coming from you. Use the, not the Esty messages just in case. I have too much to keep up with all the social media I'm a part of. I do need to trim down once I know what works best for me. Hugs, Chica! xo

  29. PS - I want one!! Either one but the last one is to die for! "FLY!!!"

  30. Yay, Happy Birthday sweet kindred..wishing you many blessings on your special day and all year round..Gorgeous creations as always! Hope you are feeling all better soon..get well..hugs and sparkles! Happy Autumn! I hope you have a magical season with many new adventures!

  31. So sorry Stacy! Hope you are on the mend. Couldn't believe it when Mum told Ly what had happened.... lots of light your way!

  32. I hope that you are healing nicely and everything is good.

  33. Happy Birthday to you! I'm so sorry about your eyes! I hope you feel better! And even though I have one of your pieces already, put my name in for everything. :)

  34. AAAAARGH! STACY!!!! I am so sorry I hadn't seen these posts, you poor poorly thing you!!!! Hope you are feeling better by now at least, and are having a happy belated birthday :D XXX

  35. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Though it is a brithday WEEK right?? lol

    As always, the MLC blog is always a source of light and joy to visit Stacy. I hope that awful yellow jacket incident is far behind you now and you are painting your heart our again!

    With much love!


  36. Well first of all I sure hope you are feeling better by now. Allergies are the pits.Had been thinking of you. Its been very busy around here one way or other. Tristens party and Monday such a lovely day for a Here I am, maybe too late to be in on the giveaway, and that;s OK, was here just to check on ya. I would love any one of your lovely crows (just not halloween) I could probably pick a dozen, but I do love the Autumn one. I treasure those I already have and once my entry is finished I have a special place for all the ACEOs that I have now. Laura displays the ones I got for her (and the one she stole from me) and is proud of them. Wishing you quick healing and a wonderful October because its almost here.

  37. My long, long comment didn't pop up. That's weird. Well if it doesn't show up I want you to take care of Our Stacy! Do not worry about visiting us, focus your energy on getting better! So sorry you have been ill and hope you are getting better. Happy Belated Birthday! Big Healing Hugs!

  38. Sending you lots of positive energy! ((hugs))

  39. Oh Stacy, how awful to deal with something like that on your birthday. Since I wrote the newer post first, I know that your eyes are better now, but still - it's just awful. Happy belated birthday!
    I love all your crow paintings, so it's hard to go for a favorite. But if you really ask me which one I want it will be "Fly" - so cute!

  40. Stacy you poor dear! You have been having a run of bad luck! We need to all send healing and good energy towards you! This is ridiculous! You should not have these things happen to you! Maybe we should just say goodbye to September! LOL! Let's hope October is kinder to you! I'm so glad your Mom is there for you! Your paintings are adorable as always! Zapping you with my good vibes fairy wand!! zzzzapp! Heehee... Feel better!!

  41. Dear Sweet STacy I left a message I'm sure I can't find it, I wanted the baby crow, now I must be truthfull, and apologies for my greedyness, ??? is that a word I want it all so I can add it to my collection.......I want a basket of goodies, I want everything I'm horrible, but I love you and you magic love Crow, don't worry I know you'll be your usual lovely self and will give a little something to almost everyone...and even if you send me nothing I'll love you just the same after all i was the recipient of so many of your wonderful art xx

  42. Oh Stacy!! You poor thing! And on your birthday! I was just stopping by to say hello and let you know I've started blogging again!! I've missed you! I'm so sorry to hear about your eyes! I hope you had a good birthday anyway. xoxo

  43. I am making comments backwards, I wrote via Facebook and Etsy, so sad those little buggers stuffing up your birthday :( Cool to see how the paintings emerged, reading posts in reverse, sorta like Michael J Foxes 'back to the future' x


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