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Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Mail and New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o)
I'm still here ;o)
I am so blessed with you all! I really am! I know we have never met, but all of you, mean so much to me! I continue to get e-mails from you and it touches my heart, so much!
I want to do something really special for my birthday month ;o) I hope I get everything finished! LOL!

Before I show you some new art, I would like to share some Happy Mail ;o)
Debbie from Beneath The Witch's Moon was having a giveaway for The Mad Tea Party, blog hop ;o) Two embroidered tea towels ;o) Debbie embroidered them! I won! Yepee ;o) Thanks Debbie! I love them! They are so cute!
At the same time, Debbie was having another giveaway, on her other blog, Sunflower House Art. For the Where Bloggers Create blog party ;o) She made a mummy doll and the eyes glow in the dark! I won! Couldn't believe I won both! Thanks again Debbie ;o) I love my mummy ;o)
Debbie, also sent me this little love mummy fairy ;o)
I got some special gifts too ;o) Kim made me the most beautiful wreath, and sent me two funny cards to cheer me up ;o)
Thanks so much Kim! I have the wreath up already ;o) Big Hugs ;o) I love it!
And, I got a very special handmade faerie knitted doll from Gina ;o) Her name is Ravyn ;o)
I love her Gina ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

I did get two paintings finished ;o)
The first one is called, "You're The One"! It's an 9" x 12" canvas ;o)
"Happy", 6" x 6" canvas ;o)
Big Hugs and I will be talking to you all soon ;o)


  1. Your happy mail is so fun! I love the Alice in Wonderland embroidery. Adorable! The new paintings are so sweet. Making a "happy" one is a good sign. I hope you are feeling great!

  2. Great items indeed! Glad you are doing better! And glad you have been painting!

  3. Stacy you are always a winner with me :))) Congrats on the goodies.
    Oh that HAPPY painting has a big smile on my face.
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend, tell you mummy ( your real beautiful mommy lol) that we said HELLO too

  4. Hi Stacy
    All that 'happy mail' must have made you 'happy'
    Did you do 'the happy dance' ?
    I just know you did.. LOL
    I am happy for you ...

    And seeing all your beautiful new art has made me happy too.
    I am sure in a happy mood, aren't I? LOL
    I was a bit sad all day because of poor Jake but being at your new post has put smile on my face ;o)

    I so love your "Happy" painting ..
    Love "You're The One" too but "Happy" just makes me soooo happy.

    Now you be happy and have a most happy weekend.

    Lots of hugs

  5. Gotta love the happy mail. :) Congrats on all the winnings! And I love your new crows.

  6. You have lots to smile about with all that happy mail! Love the new paintings! Things are hectic here but will have more time starting next week, I hope! Have a good weekend!

  7. Happy mail and an adorable, sweet, caring Happy Stacy!!!
    Wonderful gifts and beautiful art, dear friend!!!

    I know that I am smiling and feeling great with my visit here~~~

    Lots and Lots of
    Hugs & Love

  8. Hi Stacy.
    So glad to hear you are feeling better . All your mail is neat. Love it.
    your art is so cute too puts a smile on my face.
    Take care. hugs..

  9. Good to "see" you in blogland again!!! I hope things turns out as you want now!!! Love those happy paintings!!! And seems you are a very lucky girl - so much lovely things in the mail!!

  10. Awesome wins!!!
    I love that tiny mummy fairy, it is a riot :oD
    I hope you are doing much better girl! Stop dancing cha-cha on the roof :oPpPpPpPpp

  11. Congrats on all of your wins and gifts! They are so wonderful! I think you inspire people so much! I love your two newest, I am glad you are painting again, I know when I'm sad I paint less and I'm starting to feel better if I'm painting more. I hope the same is true for you! Hugs dear Stacy!

  12. You received some very sweet mail! Your crows are so sweet again - I really like "You're the one".

  13. Faeries, mummies and adoring crows? You are so very loved!

  14. congrats on all your gifts! Love the new art too :-)

  15. Wow Stacy..... What wonderful gifts...very lucky girl you are..Looks like you are feeling better...(happy dance for you) I am kind of down one to talk to and too wordy to mention...I think I need major hugs.. Love your new art, awesome. I love the hand made Faerie Doll that Gina made..I'm going to her blog.

  16. Am so happy for you...all those wonderful wins and gifts!
    You so deserve it, Sweetie...and you are SO loved.
    I just adore that beautiful Faery Doll too...:)

    Big Hugs xxx

  17. of course my sweet Stacy you deserve all the presents in the world feels like I've been away forever, my laptop got all weird and stopped working, it was hell, but you make it paradise, so so happy to be here x

  18. it's awful when suddenly you can't reach your dearest friends it was awful but I'm back and i have a new blog that doesn't have photo in the title, still of course anything i do google does it too, still it let me keep my photos on so far: and drum roll : not photos l no photos and stuff, i thought they wouldn't catch me, ahhh well as long as they let me post, still I'lm so grateful to be able to visit all my friends, it's incredible \i felt so alone, I'm back not better than ever but as long as i can see my sweet friends I'm happy xxx

  19. wow aren't you the lucky one! those are some cute gifts sent your way! love the new paintings - hope you're having a great holiday weekend

  20. what cute prizes! I am glad you won! Your art is lovely as always! Hugs!

  21. Hi Stacy,

    Wow, congratulations on all your wins and gifts from friends... and beautiful new crows!


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