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Friday, July 18, 2014

Hi ;o)

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o)
As you might already know, I am behind in blog land. It's because, I had to paint! LOL! It was calling to me and when I get to painting, everything gets shut down. I feel my paintings are again, growing and going in different directions. As I always say, I paint from my heart ;o) The words "Own Your Craft" keep coming to me ;o)

This summer has been very weird for me! I had an amazing Spring, but summer, I have had enough. I don't even feel like there has been a summer? I don't know how to explain it? In my mind, I am already in fall ;o)

I screwed up my left leg! It started bugging me roughly 2 weeks ago. Very painful! I turned it the wrong way. I had enough and went to my chiropractor today. He said it is very swollen and I have tendonitis. He told me to stop trying to do so much! So, I am basically doing nothing for 3 days and then I am back to go see him ;o) I hate not being in control of your body!!! But, I have nothing to complain about! I know many of you, are going through some pretty tough things!!!

Now, if you don't mind, I have many paintings to show you ;o) One of them is the book painting ;o) So please put up your feet and grab a drink ;o) Here we go ;o) Remember to click on the pics to make them bigger ;o)

"Sky Dance " (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"My Pumpkin" (aceo)
"The Witch" (aceo)
"Pumpkin Kiss" (aceo)
"Time To Fly" (8" x 8" canvas)
"Let Go" (6" x 12" wood)
"To let go, is to be free!"
(I have to thank Ana from Introverted Art. She had this quote on her blog and I loved it!)
And, now for my book painting ;o) I called it "My Library". It is a 12" x 16" canvas. It was inspired  by my poem ;o) The background was inspired by Jan's book blog, but she doesn't have it anymore! But, I have to say thanks Jan ;o) 
Here are some of the stages ;o)
The finished piece ;o)

Big Hugs and I will be catching up with you all soon ;o) 


  1. Oh Stacy I'm so sorry you injured your leg! Try to rest, your wok is amazing, so many different feelings and subjects you touch, fun and whimsical, romantic and elegant, so beautiful,

  2. I hope you're better soon, sweetie! I love all the new work, but "The Witch" touches my heart!

  3. Love them all, especially the book painting! I hope your leg heals up soon. My right leg is bugging me too and I'm getting physio for it right now.

  4. I love your paintings, they are full of life and spirit!

    Hope your leg improves soon! Are you still allowed to paint while lying down or is it too hard?

  5. WOW! These are fabulous Stacy!! Most especially "The Witch" and the pumpkin aceos!!! Although, I must say that I do love them all!!

    I am so sorry to hear about your leg! I hope you get better soon, my friend! ;)

    Huge hugs,


  6. Love Love Love your new pieces!!! Especially the Witch!! ♥
    And the Library is so awesome!!
    I hope you get well soon. ♥

  7. Lovely new blog header! "Own your craft" that's great advice, a lifestyle blessing, too. Hope your leg is better, do what he chiro says and you should be well soon.

    The book painting is terrific, a library in the garden, two of my favorite things! Let Go and Time to Fly are dynamic, you pull something out and put it on canvas beautifully.

    All your new work is fab, the pumpkins have me thinking of autumn, too. The weather was hot and sticky, then we got a nice break, but it will soon be back to the high 80s, so autumn will have to be delayed a bit- just hope the snow stays away. lol Have a great week!

  8. With the "back to school" advertising they are already doing here, as well as summer "clearance sales" it is no wonder one can feel like it is Autumn already!

    I have to love that gorgeous header with the purple flower! Stacy, your work is always evolving, always beautiful, and always thoughtful and thought-provoking.

    Sorry to hear about your leg. I hope some rest, the Chiro, and some good wishes heal it quickly!

    Thank you for all your lovely, encouraging comments on my blog.

  9. First, I love the cover art on your blog! And yes your art is evolving again which is so great! I'm envious of the time you get to paint!!!

    Take care of your leg, I know what it's like to not be in control of your body and it's so frustrating!

  10. How could I forget to mention how amazing "My Library" is!!!!! What imagination and work and love went into this outstanding painting! Hugs!

  11. I am so sorry Stacy, please leave it time to heal, for now just sit enjoy the view get inspired if you can paint, paint, if you can't write, if you can't just think of all the people on these blogs that care so much about you, I know I do, your paintings, as always are magical, and oh so stunning. But YOU matter so much more, so take your time, Heal, think of that lovely library you created and imagine the kind of book you'd like to read...It is truly stunning..You are so talented, please please rest and get well, I don't want you to be in pain, you're in my prayers, and may you heal as quickly as you can draw a magical love Crow, with my love, your friend forever, me!

  12. Oh, no, my dearest friend...I do hope that your leg is better!

    Your paintings are amazing and I love, love, love your header...GORGEOUS!!!

    Don't ever worry about "getting behind in your blogging"...there is no such thing! You visit when you can and when you want to! Never worry about playing "catch-up"...I love when you visit but I would never expect you or the rest of my blogging friends to give up their personal time and interests to visit my blog~

    Big Hugs

  13. So sorry to hear about your leg...I really hope it is better really soon.
    Don't worry about being absent from blogland. When you return with sensational paintings like these...well, it is well worth the wait!

    These are truly astounding...I would never be able to choose a favourite. They are all so good. :)

    Big hugs xxx

  14. They are all so wonderful! I love The Witch and My Library, but they're all great! Hope your leg gets to feeling better soon!

  15. I am sorry to hear about your leg. I hope it feels much better soon! I love your new paintings, Sky Dance and Time to Fly really sing to me. Your library painting is wonderful!

  16. so sorry to hear about your leg - hope you feel better soon! Love that first painting and the dominance of the headdress - wonderful! and always love that book painting

  17. First of all - hope your leg is getting better and better. And that you can get some rest!!! I am so happy to see all that wonderful art Stacy!!! I totally love the crow library. And the "Let go is to be free" is over the top!!! So simple and yet so difficult to do just that - thanks for reminding us!!! All the best to you my dear Stacy!!!!! Big hugs!!!

  18. Hi Stacy! I hope that tendonitis heals soon. That does not sound fun! I adore those fall paintings with the sweet pumpkins. Fall has always been my favorite season. :) "My Library" came out amazing. So much detail! The text in the book is adorable. The others are beautiful too. I always love the inspirational pieces of yours like "time to fly".
    I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! ~Val

  19. Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear of your leg injury.
    I have had tendonitis and know how painful it can be.
    Take good care of yourself dear Stacy.

    Your new paintings are simply wonderful.
    I love all of them!

    Sending lots of hugs and i shall keep you in my prayers

  20. I hope your leg gets better soon; pain blows royally.

    I'm in total lust with "The Witch." Is it available for purchase? If so, hold it for me and send me an email. If not *sigh*, I will try not to envy its owner too much. But I don't promise anything!

  21. I love that you give in to the creative force! You're very inspiring, Stacy! :) I'm also fascinated at the way you can take the crow theme and your very recognizable personal style, and yet interpret it in so many different ways in your lovely artworks.

    Hope your leg is better soon! xo

  22. Beautiful paintings!! Do give your leg a good rest, though -- tendonitis is not fun! *Hugs*

  23. Love how Time to Fly and Let it Go came out! :)

  24. The book painting is my favorite from all times. BTW did you get our traveling book from Francie?

  25. So beautiful my friend..I love them all..the Library is so cool and powerful..and I also love the pumpkin sweet! Gorgeous and magical! Hope you are feeling all sparkling and bright real soon!
    HUgs and blessings

  26. I love all your art but this last painting with the library got me – it is splendid! I am a bookworm and the addition of books to your crows is irresistible. I hope your leg gets better quickly.

  27. I hope that your leg heals very quickly. I enjoyed seeing your newest paintings. I loved seeing your working process on The Library painting, so interesting. It turned out wonderfully! I haven't been doing my painting for a while, but I am starting to feel that "pull" toward the paint and paintbrushes again. I came to some type of "bump in the road" with my creativity for painting. Just wasn't feeling it for a while. Through the years I have had that happen many times, and then the time comes again when I have to force myself to put down the brush and go do other things.

    My summer so far has sped by too quickly. When I heard the cicadas starting their songs at the beginning of July, I couldn't believe that it was already time for them. Waah Waah Waah - summer is passing too soon they say.

  28. I keep on looking for they are all so magnificent, oh I'm adding you to my prayers that you get cured in no time , and still continue given us the magic of you art

  29. Love the new art. You know I'm ready for fall too. I've had enough of this sweltering weather, unfortunately here in Virginia we have the dog days of summer fast approaching. :-)

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  31. The book painting is awesome indeed. And I love all the pumpkin ones. I hope your leg will be better soon.

  32. my my you have been busy. I know how you feel about summer. Me too. Its just a pain. The garden gets so dry and I cant do anything for the heat, I love the coolness of Fall and Spring. I am not ready for snow but roll on the Autumn leaves and coolness Fresh air . No humidity. I hope your leg heals quickly with no more problems. Keep on painting

  33. My you ARE a Autumn child aren't you? : )

    Me TOO! I am so OVER Summer!! Ready for the shorter days and change in the air. It's my season too, of course.

    I hope that you are feeling better. The new work is awesome and so alive!


  34. loving the hearts on the crows and of course you knew I would love your pentacle witch crow! Hope your leg is feeling better hun. Suffering in the heat here, it is hot and humid and I hate it! Sitting in front of my fan though! big hugs xxx

  35. Nothing could be cuter than "Pumpkin Kiss"! Hope your leg is starting to feel better. It's hard to get things done when you don't feel well. Our summer has been hot and humid one day and cold and rainy the next. Crazy stuff! Trying just to enjoy every day whatever it is. Have a nice weekend Stacy, rest up!

  36. Usually I prefer the babies, but the witch and the librarian oh they squeezed my heart with joy, oh how love your talent sweet Stacy, be well, I'll pray that your legs get better ...

  37. You have been busy!!! Such wonderful paintings - I can't even pick a favorite this time, they are all so gorgeous! I haven't painted in ages - I wish I would!

  38. Stacy,

    Oh no... hope your leg is back to normal soon. No fun to be in pain!

    So glad your having inspiration... love your book painting! Cute! And all the others too!

  39. Hello my friend!!! I LOVE when you go painting. There are always wonderful works of crow art that come from that beautiful place within you! So sorry to hear about your knee. Frankly, that just sucks! Hopefully you will be on the mend soon and be up and about doing too much once again, lol!!! Big healing hugs to you :-)

  40. Look at you! Stacy, you have been so productive - just love your paintings :D they perk me up! Especially the baby crows, they really are adorable. Love the finished book painting - how great to have a library full of books to read!
    I an so sorry about your leg...follow orders and get better sooner ;)

  41. I hope that your leg is showing some healing and that you're actually getting to experience some summer. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. Your wonderful support always means so much to me, oh Magic Love Crow. And I love your 'Witch' crow!

  42. Fantastic work Stacy as always. I hope your leg gets better soon, sorry you're going through that. Super hugs my friend.

  43. LOVE them all Stacy but the pumpkin one is AMAZING!!!!\
    you are soooo kind!!!!

  44. I came by for another look at all your magnificent new works.
    They are all 'my favorites'

    I do hope so much you are feeling some better.
    It's such a pain to be bothered with annoying pains and aches, I know too well as I have been feeling horrible today but I have hopes tomorrow will be a better day.
    Take care dear Stacy.
    You are in my good thoughts and heartfelt prayers

    Big Hugs

    Oh, I must tell you something.
    We were away in the mountains over the weekend and I had a lovely girl stay with Jake.
    Well, I have the art I got from you in display in the guest bedroom and she loved it.
    I will have to get something for her.
    Cannot look right now as going back to bed but I shall later.

  45. I too am behind in blog world lol I hope your leg is feeling better! Your latest work is beautiful as always and I love the new background to your blog. Hope your having a great week :) xoxo

  46. Oh oh oh...your book painting turned out wonderful Stacy! There is a lot of movement in your larger grow paintings...well in all of them, but especially the larger works. I love all the detail you put into this!



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