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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

For Mama Crow's 75th Birthday

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're well ;o)
Before I start talking, I just want to let you know, that your blogs aren't coming up on my blog wheel. Is that what it's called? LOL! I am going to try to keep up with you, through your comments and on my blog list, on my blog.  I hope that all makes sense? ;o)

I want to thank you too, for your kind comments on my picture ;o) I think I will be putting it on my blog ;o)

Now for my mom ;o) She is turning 75 this Saturday June 28th ;o)
What I would like from all you, is to please send her some birthday wishes ;o) I am going to print off your comments and give them to her on her birthday ;o) I think that would be a special surprise ;o) And, if you could say what country you are from too ;o) You don't have to give your street address! LOL! Just say, Deb, from the United States. If you don't mind ;o) I think it would be fun for her to see where all my bloggy friends are from ;o)
Thanks everyone  ;o)
Lots of love, many blessings and BIG HUGS ;o)
You mean the world to me! 


  1. Yes, use the beautiful photo of you on your blog!!!

    Dear mama crow: I wish you a very happy birthday with all my gratitude to you for being Stacys mom. I really hope you will enjoy your day with your love ones around you. All the best and hugs from Lone in Norway :-)

  2. Happy 75th birthday, Mama Crow from Jan in the USA...Midwestern part!

    Have a wonderful day with your loved ones you dear "wise woman."

    Here are a few "cost-of-living facts" from the year 1939;

    How Much things cost in 1939 Average Cost of new house $3,800.00 Average wages per year $1,730.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents Average Cost for house rent $28.00 per month A loaf of Bread 8 cents A LB of Hamburger Meat 14 cents Average Price for new car $700.00 Toaster $16.00.
    I always get a kick out of prices then and now :))

    Have a wonderful birthday with many, many more in your future!

    Big Birthday Hugs

  3. happy happy birthday mama crow, I have never met you but feel I know you, your beautiful kind daughter has become such a good friend, I just know she must have got her kind heart and gentle soul from you, have the best day possible, love to you both!

  4. Happy Birthday Mama Crow from Debbie in the USA. You are a special lady to have such a special daughter! I see from the photo above where Stacy got her beaming smile and beautiful cheek bones! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy 75th Birthday, Mama Crow! You go, girl! Wishing you every joy and happiness in the world! From Debra She Who Seeks in Edmonton, Alberta.

    Stacy, I've got that Blogger Reader problem too. Mostly everyone does, I think. I've switched over to using Bloglovin as my Reader now -- everyone's updates show up there perfectly!

  6. Your mom is so beautiful!!! Happy birthday! Wishing you the very best day ever. Having your lovely daughter with you is a huge plus. I hope your health is better too. May all your dreams come true on this very special day.
    Nicole Campanella/ Beadwright
    Florence, Oregon USA

  7. Sto Lat! Happy Birthday!

    We have you to thank for Stacy and her beautiful art and wonderful personality. She's a good friend and cheerer upper. Does she get her love of dance from you?

    I'm happy to have met her through the blog and through her, meet you and your loving presence in each other's lives. A Mother is a gift and this shines through.

    Happy 75th from Gloria in the USA. Don't count the candles, just enjoy the sweetness of the cake...

  8. Happy Birthday! I hope you celebrate doing something you love! You have raised a wonderful daughter, and as we can all see a friend. So lovely that you have each other! Enjoy the day! Cynthia from Connecticut

  9. HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY MAMA CROW AND MANY GOOD WISHES FOR A FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!! You may know me as Stacy's "witchy" friend, Kim! LOL!!! I feel as though I already know you through your daughter's posts. I know you are a very special "mama" because you have raised such a special gal!!!

    Brightest Blessings to you,

    Kim from Reading, PA (United States)

  10. Happy Birthday Mama Crow!!!!! :D
    Sending lots and lots of uber cyber love from Misty in Boston!

  11. HI kindred, lovely tribute your mom!
    hugs and sparkles

    Hi Mama Crow, Wishing you many new blessings and Birthday Sparkles on your special day! And your daughter is truly a special soul!
    Wishing you much magic and joy!
    Victoria, Canada( Ontario) we are neighbours!

  12. Happy happy birthday Mama Crow. What a milestone. Hope your day is fabulous and sending love and good wishes for the coming year. Hugs.

    Terry from Ontario (how boring, wish I was more exotic)

  13. I am so honored to know your daughter, you've raised such a sweet and kind person! I know you must be so too. Happy, happy birthday wishes! from Lisa in California, U.S.

  14. Happy Birthday Mama Crow! I am one of the proud recipiants of your knitted cotton dish clothes. I must say,every time I see one of then (which is at least once per day) I offer up a little prayer "God bless and watch over Mama Crow" ... Big hugs to you on this most special of days!

  15. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet mom :) You have given so many people SOOOO much joy by sharing your sweet babe Stacy with us... AND she has shared YOU with countless bloggers who think as I do, that you are fabulous, a wise & awesome mother whose birthday should (MUST) be celebrated... so I want you to have a bubbly, cold & alcoholic (yes I'm naughty) on you birthday & know there are people from all over thinking of you today, & I will raise my glass at Coolum Beach Australia & toast you at our family dinner table too :) May good health & happiness shine on you & of course if you have a go at the pokies... I hope you hit a jackpot!!!!! Happy today, tomorrows & always hugs & kisses Shelle, Big F, Memphis, Trinity & Milo the Wonderdog xoxox

  16. Sweet Mama Crow I know already how kind you are, and wonderful and caring and I, Lorraine Renaud, from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, wish you the most magical birthday you've ever had before. You raised your daughter to be an extraordinary young woman, who yes, creates magic, that's on you, that's because of you, because of your caring and believing in her wonderful art. Stacy, I call her my little Magic Love Crow, and without you I don't think she'd be who she is today. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for being such an extraordinary Mom who cared for and encouraged this talented Stacy we love so much. Happy Birthday dear Mama Crow, I hope your day and year is full of Magic, for you deserve it! Happy Birthday Dear Mama Crow x and tons of hugs, and thank you for having and caring for the sweetest girl in the world!!!!

  17. Happy Happiest 75th Birthday Mama Crow. I hope you are going to have your best birthday thus far. You have so much to celebrate on your birthday and not the least of those are your darling children. Stacy is such a dear heart and you have done a super job raising a loving, caring person. It would be a good time for me to thank you for sharing your wisdom and your caring that you have shown me in the year past. You and your daughter are very special to me. Celebrate dear lady. Oma Linda at the Cuckoo Casa in the USA

  18. Happy Birthday Mama Crow!!!! Wishes for a year of delight and joy, with many more birthdays to go!

  19. Happy Happy Birthday Stacy's Mama, 75 years young. I know you must be as proud of your super talented daughter as I'm sure she is of you. I hope you both have a wonderful day with lots of magic and laughter. Lots of goddess love and fairy sparkles from across the ocean, Alison in Buckingham, England xxxxxxx

  20. Happy Birthday, Mama Crow! Hope you have fantabulous day and many more!

  21. Happy Birthday to you! Felicidades a ti, Mama! It may be summer but you're a Spring Chickie Crow and I wish you a fun-tastic birthday celebration with lots of love and good food and beautiful art surrounding you! All the best from Miami, Florida! :)

  22. Sweet "MAMA-CROW" Happy Birtday to you or I should better say Alles alles Liebe und Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag!! Because the good wishes comes to you all the way from Germany :) Your sweet daughter is a good friend of mine (kisses to her) and the best daughter you could have! Wish you the best day ever with much love and fun ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  23. Hellllloooooo Mama-Crow and a very very happy 75th birthday to you!!!! I hope your celebration is a wonderful one and I wish you many more happy birthdays! My mom just turned 80 and so you're still a youngin'! :)

    I have to tell you I think your daughter Stacy is mighty special!!

    Sending you love from Wichita, Kansas in USA. (Kansas is where Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz lived). But I've never met Dorothy OR Toto for that matter. :)

  24. Happy birthday from Australia, Mama Crow! You must be a special person to have such a lovely, creative daughter! I send love and kisses on the wings of faeries!


  25. Happy birthday to you sweet Mama!!!
    this comes all the way from South Texas in the RIO GRANDE VALLEY!!!
    que te la pases muy bien!!!
    hugs and more hugs
    Marissa Sanchez

  26. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    Kyra Wilson
    Vermont, USA.

  27. Hmm Must have been gremlins as I just posted a glowing Birthday wish to the VERY special Momma Crow and it disappeared. Well it takes more than gremlins to foil us here at the farm .lol So we will try again !
    Momma Crow it always tickles us to know you view our post with Stacy and enjoy the farm life here.
    We can tell by the way Stacy speaks of you that you are an incredible, loving and super lady ! Also you smile in the picture speaks volumes .
    We are wishing you a beautiful birthday for your magical 75th !! HAppy Happy Birthday wonderful woman .
    Love and Hugs from Willow and the critters :)))))

  28. Happy Birthday Tracy's wonderful Mama Crow!
    Sending you very best wishes from the UK

    Lots of Hugs xxx

  29. Hi, Stacy! blog disappeared today...its all gone. I had started a book blog again this morning because of so many requests for me to, and then this afternoon I got back online and you know the rest. So now my book blog will become my everything is the URL

    Big Hugs

  30. Happy Birthday Mama Crow! I hope you have a magical birthday celebration! Sending you Best Wishes from Minnesota USA, Diane

  31. Happy Birthday Mama Crow!!! My birthday is on the 29th and I'm expecting my daughter any day now... :) Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!! xoxo

  32. I just love your photo!!!! That beautiful smile of yours!!!!! You look so pretty. And Mama Crow also is looking pretty hot herself. What a mile stone :)

  33. Happy Birthday to Stacey's wonderful mama! Best wishes for a beautiful day from Crystal from Virginia :-)

  34. Hey, wishing Mama Crow a big Birthday (one day in advance)

  35. Happy 75th birthday Mama Crow! Enjoy from Val of Massachusetts in the US. :)

  36. Stacy...FYI...Well, my old blog is back with all of my postings but no pictures of anything...even my header and background are gone!

    I am going to keep it, now that it is back but I will be deleting all of the postings and starting my old blog over again. I have no idea what is going on! So now, this will again be my book blog, "Among Dusty Pages", and "Whispering Woods and Cottage Broomsticks" will be my everything else blog...Halloween is starting early this least for me :))

  37. Stacy,

    A BIGHappy Birthday to your mom. Hope you both have a fun celebration!

    Check out the Feedly Blog reader, I use it and it works great, I can help you set it up if you need help!

    ~Pam... Canada

  38. That is so wonderful of you! :) Happy Birthday Stacy's Mom! :) Wishing you lost of health and happiness.
    hugs, Natasha

  39. Please check your e-mail Stacy. Message for Mom.

  40. Happy birthday, mama crow. She has such an adorable face. You must be very proud of her.

  41. Happy Birthday with lots of love and hugs.

    Roxanne - United States

  42. I don't care that I'm getting to the party late--blame it on wedding preparations! I'm sending all my love and hugs to Mama Crow, and my thanks. For only a purely beautiful soul can create a heart that gives out so much light and love to those she touches. Beloved, Mama Crow, I adore your Stacy and you made her, so that makes me love you, too! I hope you had the best birthday ever... and many, many, many more!

    From New York City (with lots of Caribbean spice)! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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