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Friday, May 30, 2014

New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o)
I thank you all for the advice about the roses ;o) I know they aren't dead, so that is a good thing! LOL! When they bloom (hopefully before December, LOL), I will take some pictures ;o)

I received a special gift in the mail ;o)
Crystal, her daughter and their pups, went for a walk through their neighbourhood. While on the walk her daughter found and started pulling up a tone of 4 leaf clovers. She even found some 5 leaf clovers.
Personally, I have never seen a 4 leaf clover or a 5 leaf one.
Being the crafty person Crystal is, she pressed the four leaf clovers and made them into key rings ;o) Crystal gifted me one, with a pink key ring ;o)
I love it! Big Hugs Crystal ;o)

I have some new art to show you ;o) All are aceo's (2.5" x 3.5") Enjoy ;o)
"Pure Love"
"The Spell"
"The Messenger"
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. That is so sweet! I've heard a lot of people finding 4leaf clovers this year. I've never found one myself. Love the new art!

  2. love the keyring!!!!
    the Spell is my favorite...i love the eye!!! your crow paintings always make me feel so happy!!
    have a lovely,lovely weekend!!!! xoxo to you and your mom !!!

  3. Oh Stacy you are so loved you get these magical gifts and they are magical, and since you create it too, i could not think of a better person to receive 4 leaf clover, you deserve it all and i love always your Magic Love Crow

  4. You are already receiving the "good luck" that four-leaf clovers having great friends like Crystal, Stacy.

    Your art is always a joy to behold, my dear friend~

    Big Hugs

  5. You have been busy painting! I wish I had so much creativity, but my mojo is on vacation right now (it;s a very long vacation...). Love your crows, they make me smile.

  6. How darling your paintings are! I love "Dance" especially. Just lovely! I'd never seen a four leaf clover before either. What a sweet gift.

  7. Stacy,
    What a wonderful gift to receive, i once found a four leaf clover , many years ago.
    All of your new paintings are beautiful.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend


  8. Wow! I've never seen a real four leaf clover either! You lucky thing (literally ;) ) to receive such a lovely gift!

    You've been super busy with the art and all the pieces are wonderful! :)

  9. beautiful new at Stacy an what a wonderful gift, you are certain to have nothing but goo luck from now on!!

  10. What a lovely thing to do with a four-leafed clover. Such a pretty setting. Sometimes you can find a lot all together. Sometimes you can look for years and not see one. As for the paintings, I love the energy in Dance! Needs a disco ball! Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely, sweet comment!

  11. Such a lovely gift!!! I believe it will bring luck to your roses as well!!! I love all the bright colors coming out in your art - no wonder the crows looks so happy and want to dance!! Big hugs!!!

  12. How many new ACEOsssssss, Stacy!!!
    I often find 4 leaves cloves where I live. Even 5 or 6 leaves. :)

  13. Lovely gift! I have never found a four leaf clover and have never even heard of a five leaf clover--how special to find one. Your art is lovely as always and full of joy! Happy weekend!

  14. Ohhh that is so cool. I have not seen a 4 leaf clover since I was a kid. Your art is fab. The messenger is my fave.

  15. Such a cool gift!
    I have never seen a four leaf leaf clover...have spent years looking for one though *smiles*
    Your art is really something unique and magical!

    Happy Sunday xxx

  16. I love your pressed 4 leaf clover! So sweet. I used to love searching for them as a kid hoping for good luck. Of course I could never find one! Your new art is beautiful and quite dreamy. Have a great week Stacy!

  17. Your new crows are so darling. I especially like the offerings one. hee And what a clever idea to place a 4-leaf clover inside of a charm box. :)

  18. love the spell and the offering pics, hope you have lots of luck with your lucky four leaf clover xxx

  19. is that a real 4 leaf clove? how adorable that is. The other day I bumped into another artist who was doing crow art... I was a bit upset because to me crow art belongs to you only :)

  20. All of them lovely and original again. Today's favorite is "Pure Love".

  21. What an enchanting gift, Stacy!

    And the new art is fantastic! I always love all what you paint, but I can usually pick a favorite from the bunch. Not this time. I love them all. I think it has to do with their eyes--their is something magical in the shine of the eyes of these lot that says, "My eyes have been opened and opened again. And I SEE!"

    Hugs and Kisses! ♥

  22. Hey Stacy and mom,
    What a great gift...It's something you should keep close to your heart. I love all your new art. Especially The Spell. It is a great piece.
    Keep well and tae care.

  23. What a magical gift! I love "Offerings" the most! Happy June my friend! I'll try and return the Etsy treasury favor soon! ~ Diane

  24. Stacy You are going to have so much luck/blessings pour from the sky with that four leave clover ..
    watch out...
    offerings is my favorite..

  25. What an awesome, lucky little lovely keychain to have Stacy. I do hope you are ready to dance around a pot o gold ... which surely must be in store for you !
    Blessings and hugs of course ,

  26. I love all your new art! Glad you are enjoying your new lucky clover! :-)

  27. By the way for anyone who wants to find a four leaf clover I found out quite a bit about them since my daughter's and my initial hunt. Four leaf clover's are a genetic mutation and fairly rare. They say the odds of finding one are 1 in 10,000. If you do find one, mark the patch because 30% of the clover will be four leaves. I have a section in my front yard where I now regularly pull up two, three or more every time I visit it. Rain makes them appear even more and dryness causes them to revert back to three leaves. Interesting huh? Since I've pressed so many I may start selling them on Etsy, that is if they don't all get sold at local craft shows or I give them away to special people, maybe even on my blog. :-)


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