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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hey Everyone ;o)
Hope you're all well ;o) I think we are finally getting Spring/Summer temperatures ;o)
The 3 rose bushes I planted for mom on Mother's Day, still don't have no growth on them! Just sticks of wood coming out of the ground. I do think they are still alive. I hope ;o) I am going to give them one more week. The temperatures this week are suppose to be hot ;o)

Just to let you all know, Miss Purple is doing well ;o) Growing wildly ;o) She is next to my sign ;o) I took off the drift wood I had around her middle part. I didn't think she liked it ;o) LOL!
(Miss Purple is on the left) (click on pics to make them bigger)
This other part, is where I put one of the rose bushes for mom, beside the lilac tree. It's turning out to be very nice, I just hope the rose bush starts to grow ;o) And, you can see in the middle, is the other part to Miss Purple ;o) All the black mulch is new and the bird feeder too. I still have to add more earth and mulch.
One of my pet squirrels is trying to figure out what this purple thing is all about? LOL!
I did manage to get some paintings done ;o)
"Beach Dreams" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Hugs" (5" x 7" wood)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Really been frantic, will write (soooo behind had work/stuff/deadlines) I love your garden sweet Stacy, and it is supposed to be almost winter here and I'm still wearing singlet tops and 3/4 jeans! Looks like the seasons are forgetting what they are supposed to do ;) Oh, and Hugs is just so full of love, Beach Dreams, well, looks like a typical Autumn/Winters day in Coolum! Love both, and you my buddy xoxox

  2. Love 'Hugs'! Very graphic.

    The squirrel is so cute. (We don't have squirrels in Oz.) I love the way he's eyeing the purple *tree*. I wonder what he's thinking?! Haha.

  3. Beautiful! (Both the new art and the garden work!) I hope you're enjoying the weather :) Give the roses until next season. I put some in and it took them a full year to start to look like anything, but now they're beautiful.

    Brightest blessings!

  4. Awwww, your new pieces of art are sweet, love them, Stacy.
    Love all the shots of your yard, it looks awesome.
    I love to sit out in my back yard as it's a source of peace for me, the birds join me there for tea ....LOL
    I hope the rose bush grows, don't give up on it.


  5. I think that roses can be very capricious. Either soil is not what they like, or light, or whatever else they have in their mind :) Still I also hop ethat they will grow and bloom!
    I like your summer painting :) And Hugs too. Sending hugs back at you Stacy!

  6. I love your purple driftwood, although I think I must have missed the post mentioning who Miss Purple is!

  7. That purple driftwood looks fantastic in your garden. :))

  8. Love how your creativity extends to your garden! It looks like a calming place to sit--I'll be right over, LOL! The new paintings are sweet! I'll write back asap!

  9. enjoy the lovely weather (finally!) ... and looks like it's inspired some fun new painting :)

  10. Your roses will grow and they will be sensational I love all your photos, what a lovely place to grow everything, especially little Magic Love Crows dreaming of the beach, may Heaven grant you all that you wish and so richly deserve xxx

  11. I hope your rose bushes start growing sometimes they look dead on the outside but magic is happening on the inside, beautiful displays you have, I love the chair thats is so cute!

  12. My Sweet and Loving, Stacy...I can't stop smiling :) after my visit here today. I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful backyard and your wonderful new paintings!!!

    Love everything...thank you so much!!!

    Great Big Hugs

  13. Your pet squirrel is utterly adorable. Hee And love your new crow paintings. So so cute. xx

  14. AWE...
    Beach dreams!!!!!
    LOVE IT!
    Your back yard is gorgeous and BIG!!!
    Your roses will grow in no time ..
    and If they don't try the double knock out rose those grow
    on anything ...and everywhere.
    but, I am sure yours will do fine.
    Xo Marissa.

  15. I LOVE that you have pet squirrels in your yard! I really miss that aspect of living in Canada - they are so funny to watch :)

    Your little Hugs crow is gorgeous, and teeny tiny Beach Dreams is so sweet <3

  16. Stacy so much wonderful things to discover on your post this time :) How I love your garden, looks like a paradise...and the the sweet squirrel discover your art ;) But you crack me up with your Bikini wearing baby crow in the end :D Big hugs sweet one ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  17. I love love "Hugs" and "Bench Dreams" is really sweet too! I think this is the time of year for gardens, yours has so much joy and personality!

  18. Give the roses a cup of tea each...I swear mine love it...I always emptied my pot onto my roses when first planted and rarely lost any <3 XXX p.s.Love your garden :D

  19. Nice looks like the nicer weather is treating you well.

  20. Give the roses a little bit of time. You just planted them, didn't you? They are divas, after all. Even here in California it can take time until they start to leaf out, so be patient.

  21. Yay! Miss Purple is back! I think she should have her own blog! As for the roses, they can be slow to wake up. Give them water and give them time. I love the impressionistic strokes of 'Hugs'! Is this a new direction, where the crow takes up most of the image, with hints and dots of colour around the edge?

  22. Just noticed some new growth on our rose bushes this week and the rose of Sharon is the same... both the last to get moving! TTYL

  23. Sorry I have not been visiting you for a while Stacy. My net was gone for almost a week!! Finally back again to see your garden and those squirrels!!! How cool - and yet, are they stealing stones again this year??? And a bikini crow - LOL LOL!!!!! Big hugs dear Stacy!!!!

  24. i hope your rose bushes come in! i think that is me in the beach dreams painting, lol!

  25. I wonder if Miss Purple is making the roses shy. I mean, who wouldn't feel outdone by her splendor? And I think the squirrel is telling the other Miss Purple, "Can I worship you? Or hide a nut buy your trunk?" You never know. It can be anything!

    LOVE "Hugs." The eye is perfect...

  26. Gorgeous crows! And I love seeing photos of your yard. My aunt has a magic touch with roses. They are just amazing and some have huge flowers. I love them! :)

  27. Oh such an adorable little squirrel!
    Also love your Little Crows (especially "Beach Dreams" - really wish that was me!) lol...and the photos of your garden are fabulous...:)

    Big Hugs xxx

  28. Your beautiful garden space looks magical...gorgeous art! and I love the new works..enchanting and fun!
    Hugs..yay for the warmer weather finally in Ontario!

  29. Your yard is so fun Stacy! I hope the roses grow for you guys. Roses are something I always had trouble growing. They can be tricky! I love the curious squirrel. Beach Dreams has be thinking summer!!! Have a great weekend. :)

  30. Oooh you yard is amazing. Nice to see it without snow. LOL


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