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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Forever Yours

The stars are shining bright.
The moon is saying hello.
His touch, is soft, but firm and is all I am feeling.
His eyes, and quirky little smile, is all I am seeing.

My hand is placed upon the window.
I feel him.
Tears form, but my heart is smiling.

I let him go once and he came back.
I'm not letting him go again.

The signs, the signs are all there.
I trust. I trust with all my heart. Something so right, can't be wrong.

No Fear. No doubt.
I'm not running anymore.
I'm not scared.
I'm ready.
This is me.
I'm smiling.
I'm laughing.
I choose to live.
I choose to dance.
Let the love shine through.
The time is now.

I send out many blessings.

I know he feels me.
I know he wants me.
Our love is pure.

I'm in his arms.
I'm in his heart.
I'm in his soul.

I will not push.
I will not rush.
I will not force.

The candle has been lit.
The flame is burning bright.

Good night my love.
Forever yours, even if it's just in my dreams.
But, remember, dreams do come true and you are so true to me.

"MagicLoveCrow" "Stacy"
Something, I had to write ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Wow that was intense , heart felt and beautiful ~
    you can feel the emotional energy .
    Sending blessings for your dreams ~.

  2. Oh Stacy this is just beautiful. Dreams are made to come true. So special.

  3. I love your poem.
    Dreams do come true , may yours, dear girl.

    I was so happy when I went to my reader and saw this post, was at first surprised as I did not know you wrote poems.
    What a joy to read this before I shut down my laptop for the night, It's nearly 10 pm here and time for bed as I am beat ... LOL

    Sweet dreams Stacy.

    xo xo

  4. You made me cry... I can see the speaker through the glass, behind that window, raging with determination, promising the world that no one can take this away. So many tears... so much passion... ♥

  5. Beautifully written by a very beautiful friend and artist. <3

  6. Straight from one's heart are more than just words. They are true feelings that are attached to one's heartstrings...and beautifully so, dear Stacy~

    Hugs and Love

  7. so beautifully written, may this love come true forever and ever, dear dear Stacy

  8. As I read these very beautiful intense words, I could not help wondering if you are referring to anyone in particular.

  9. I could feel what you have felt! Dreams do come true.. some day for sure!

  10. Beautiful words Stacy. May all your dreams come true. :)

  11. Pure energy in your words, Stacy! May your dreams come true!!! ♥

  12. That is awesome, Stacy...Thank you so much for sharing
    Love & Joy,Diane

  13. So beautiful, so beautiful Stacy I don't have words to express how beautiful it is!!!
    Dreams come true...It's something I Know!
    Big, big, big kiss

  14. Stacy, just beautiful!
    Dreams my friend do COME TRUE.
    look at me with Tea...

  15. Oh that is so deep, Stacy, and clearly from the heart...and yes, dreams DO come true!
    The beauty of this post really made me

  16. You write as beautifully as you paint! May all your dreams come true!

  17. Something different... and beautiful...

  18. Ahhh my sweet friend dreams DO come true.
    off topic.
    OMG GOT are you kidding me. Lysa you evil woman all gone now. LOL
    I think it is the best season yet. Now we have to wait two weeks for the next episode.

  19. Beautiful...and yes dreams do come true...sprinkled and surrounded by love. I am si glad you shared this my crow friend. You are an amazing woman! Love &Hugs, Robin

  20. I believe the first step to make something happen in your life is to see it in your mind...

  21. Beautiful! Sorry it's been so long since I've been on here...I'm very pregnant and tired by now lol :) Hope your enjoying the warmer weather!! xoxo

  22. For this is Beautiful Stacy...I am at a loss for words...

  23. Stacy, you are an artist with words too! Beautiful and I hope the positiveness you put out comes back to you!

  24. Stacy,
    I just read your email and I'm so happy you are happy.
    "love is in the air" it's so beautiful and magical ....

    Good Night, may blessings abound in your life


  25. Stacy, what a lovely poem. Your heart speaks the truth and dreams do come true. ;)

  26. Just beautiful honey, shiny bright star hugs to you xxx

  27. ♫ Love is in the air...♪ ♫ So beautiful and hopeful and romantic and pure LOVE.

  28. So beautiful! I love it Stacy, and I love seeing this poetic side of you!!

  29. WOW! This is absolutely beautiful. Both my daughter and husband write poetry as well. I must say though, I am not surprised that you have this writing talent in addition to your painting talent, because you are 100% without a doubt a very beautiful soul.
    Sending you lots of hugs!
    Have a Wonderful Day and an Awesome Weekend.

  30. Oh, F-ing Ohhhhh, Stacy is in love, oh my goodness, great poem you sweet romantic.... F a duck, why is love so HARD (no rude answers thx) talk soon, been busy busy, Stacy Stacy... STACY!!! Love ya xoxox Talk soon babe x

  31. So beautiful and soulful...gorgeous poetry..I can feel the energy overflowing in your words..pure magic! Such special moments when poems come through like that..I love it!
    Hugs, thanks for sharing your poetic spirit!

  32. oh Stacy that was beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, I read it twice,

  33. Hey there! I found your blog through another blog that is following you and I'll be honest: it's really cool, congratulations :)
    Have a nice weekend, kisses*

  34. oh,my Stacy! hauntingly beautiful poem. I really am speechless,yet not one bit surprised at your talent. xo

  35. What a beautifully heartfelt poem. I can feel the passion. Great work, my friend. :)


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