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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o)
It seems like forever, since I have done a post. Been very busy! One thing, is tones of gardening! I put a layer of earth over our lawn, reseeded it and fertilized it. A lot of work, but it needed to be done, because we had such a long winter, a lot of the grass died off! Hopefully next week, I can start putting some new plants in ;o) I got mom 3 rose bushes for Mother's Day ;o)

I did manage to get some new art done ;o)
First two are aceo's (2.5" x 3.5")
"Groovy" (I like the look of the boy baby crow!)
"You Complete Me" (5" x 7" canvas) (like the feeling of this one)
"Two Become One" ( 6" x 16" wood arrow) ( like how she is looking back at him)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Oh my goodness. I'd say you got some painting done. Love each and every one. The bell bottoms on the boy crow are incredible.....makes me smile.
    I know that gardening is going to be different for all of us this year. All the plants I set out in my straw bale garden will be tested tonight because we are to have a hard freeze. My poor little plantlets.

  2. Those groovy crows look like Sonny and Cher!

  3. Sounds like some hard works been going on, and some beautiful painting as well!

  4. Hi Stacy! Gardening is teh best thing to do :) I see that many of my blogger friends engage in it. I'd liek to see the rose bushes!
    Lovely new paintings! The last Two Become One - is that a pregnant belly? :) Because it illustrates the concept like so preciseyl!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Love them all! I just can't get tired of your crows. Each one is so unique every time. Love the hippies! :)

  6. The arrow!! Divine. I love the groovy ones as well. Just looking at them made me happy.

    Good luck on the gardening. I need to get into mine. Especially before Winter descends.

  7. Love all your new work, especially the arrow, do more like this!

    It's been raining with hail for a few hours, lots of wind. Feel sorrow for those in yesterday's tornadoes. Hope the winds settle down, and things are better soon.

    You must be tired after all that lawn work- but calories lost, so that's a benefit! What color are the rose bushes?

  8. ha the happy magician rises again and spread her love and magic hands in hands with her Magic Love Crows, she makes the world a happier place, and I love you for it, always

  9. LOVE LOVE the new pieces! Wishing you a wonderful, productive Spring!

  10. Lovely crows! I'm in the garden to but mostly weeding and moving stuff.

  11. Stacy, I simply adore "you complete me"
    I want it for my hubby.
    Can you hold it for me, I will order it soon.

    So love all your new works.

    I did some gardening over the weekend with hubby, was fun


  12. You always make me smile. Love the arrow!!!! :)

  13. Stacy, I don't know where you find the time to do everything! Is your day longer than 24 hours up there, LOL? Seriously, beautiful, soulful new art, and I am sure your yard/garden with be lovely!

  14. Hey not to worry about the emails. I think you should do some GoT crows. Or have you and maybe I missed them? LOL
    Hope you and your mom are doing well.

  15. Really wonderful new art!

    Envy you being able to get out in the garden! We've had bad storms and tornadoes, really hate spring :(

  16. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Thats me, clapping! :) I hope your flowers and plants do well, it has been a long winter. I plan to re-pot next week and hope they will be okay. :) xoxo

  17. one long winter! glad you're getting out and gardening ... it's been pretty cold here and haven't made it to the yard just yet. But I'm thinking about it - ha!

  18. A love seeing a new crow pop up on my Blogger Dashboard! :D A bet you're feeling satisfied with your gardening work, even if it wasn't the most fun chore to do.

    1. *I* love seeing a new crow pop up on my Blogger Dashboard! ;)

  19. 'You complete Me' is wonderful! I It''s full of energy and movement and the endless cycle of perfectly balanced love. I'm so glad you continued the spiral crows and I really like these chunky canvases. embellished with text.

    Lestat, eh? Maybe ;)

  20. You have been a busy girl! Such nice work on your new paintings and your garden/yard will be beautiful! It has rained here for the last week... so looking forward to some Sunshine!! Your little 'Groovy" crows helped put a smile on my face! Haha!

  21. Yard work. One day, I will have the same claims. I just know it!

    Love all the art. "Groovy" is fun. "You Complete Me" is perfect for Beltane. Same goes for "Two Become One." I love the canvas for it. So much symbolism can be found in lovers painted on an arrow.

    Thanks for sharing your colors. And Blessed Beltane!

  22. You do sound like you have been busy ~ reseeding a lawn is a task ~ but beautiful benefits to behold .
    I always love when the baby crows get groovy !!
    Hugs my creative friend, tell your mom all the animals say hello .SOunds like everything will be coming up roses for mothers day ! :))))

  23. Stacy you are still way more productive than me, with art, gardening, and blogging, lol!
    I'm too afraid to start gardening as it doesn't feel all that warm out. It was a long and crazy winter wasn't it? I bet the roses are lovely. My front garden is all roses, and I keep adding a couple new ones every year. Don't have too many at the moment, maybe 10?
    lovin' the new art as always!

  24. are truly amazing...and so, so talented!
    How on earth do you find time to do so much??
    Oh I really love "You complete me" is so vibrant and full of love.
    Simply perfect!!

    Hugs xxx

  25. Hi Stacy,

    Glad your getting some yard work done!

    Very nice new art! :)

  26. These are all so wonderful! I especially like "Life" and the arrow one is great too! Definitely gardening season, it sounds like you have been very busy!

  27. Ohhh Stacy your work is so gorgeous!! My absolut favorite today is "You complete me" really love this! Wish you much sun and warm weather while working in the garden :) Out of my window there is sun now and I decide to take it to do a lil walk around the corner :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  28. Beautiful and I love the heart at the arrow crow on the bottom. Your work is always so fresh and magical. It's always a fun feast for the eyes. Have a great Saturday and keep up the awesomeness!

  29. Your new art is all superb Stacy, love that you are experimenting with your canvas too, at the moment I am really enjoying painting on assorted surfaces too... Roses for Mother's Day is gorgeous idea, planting the bushes so they last much longer! You are creative inside AND out :)

  30. I love all of your new art Stacy ... AND the new sparkly look to your blog! I'll bet your yard will be as beautiful as ever and I can't wait till you post progress photos of it. Your Mom will be happier than punch with some beautiful rose bushes for Mother's Day! Your Mom is so lucky to have such a loving daughter as yourself.

    Big hugs!

  31. Wonderful as always! The wood arrow shape looks so cool with one of your painting!


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