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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sneak Peak, Story, Johnny

Hi Everyone ;o)
I was going to show you some new art today, but when I looked at the pictures, they were just too bright! The sun was really reflecting off the snow!
I will give you a sneak peak of one ;o)
We had another major snow storm! But, then we are warming up, but getting really cold again! Maybe I won't be cutting the grass this summer? LOL!

Many of you asked about this painting, and if there was a story behind it?
I was touched by how many of you reacted to this painting.
I actually wasn't thinking about a person who passed away. I was thinking about how through the years, I have been hurt, by some people. And, it was funny, the same situation seemed to keep repeating its self every few years. They say, the same things will happen over and over again, until you get the message! Well, I got the message! I shed some tears, on to this skull, buried it, and let go of the pain. In order to let the new in, you have to let go of the old! And, that's what I did ;o) This is what this painting means to me ;o)

I have to leave you all with a smile ;o)
My bloggy friend Joan, sent me this picture ;o)
"Johnny The Artist"
Sorry the picture isn't bigger, but you can go to this link, to see the picture better ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. the lesson to let things finally go is a hard usually takes a couple of times before we get it right. I too am in the middle of doing just that. Thanks for the explanation on the painting. Makes it even more dear. Oma Linda

  2. oh sweet Stacy, I cannot imagine why anyone would hurt you, the sweetest young woman, but you past has made you who you are and you are an amazing person!See you have so much in common with Johnny (art) and might I add MY son is called Johnny as well, just sayin", ;)

  3. I second that! I truly cannot imagine why anyone would hurt you.

    You are an AMAZING Person! And there are so many of us out here in the blogosphere who adore you!! ***raising my hand**** and I'm one of them!!! :)

    Isn't that photo of "Your" Johnny totally worth looking at over and over and over again!! :) When I saw it on facebook, I immediately thought of how you must see it!!!!! Now if that photo doesn't put a smile on anyone's face......

    Have a Wonderful Weekend.

    Sending lots of ((((HUGS)))), and "sunshine"....too!! Sure hope it stops snowing over there.


  4. The sneaky detail looks awesome! I love the painting with the skull. And the story behind it. A beautiful post... then you go and add the most delicious cherry on top... "Johnny the Artist"!!! *swoon*

  5. good for you to let it go - that's not easy! and loving the Johnny 'eye candy'

  6. You teach me something new everyday. Have a great weekend.

  7. So beautiful..and heartfelt...wonderful to transform your hurt into something beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  8. It is a touching painting, dear friend, but then you always paint with your heart and soul. I hope that your tears drops have dried and that your heart is lighter.
    Have I ever told you the story of why I love and plant a "Weeping Willow" tree wherever I call home? When I was small my Pap-pa (I loved him so much) told me that whenever I am sad or hurt, to sit under a Willow tree and cry away the sadness or pain. That the Willow will absorb my tears and grow another branch to keep my sadness or pain inside that branch and when I come out from under the Willow Tree I will feel better. Pap-pa told me this is why the Willow has so many branches and is usually found near water, either above ground or below it...this water is collected tear drops~~~

    Hugs Dear Friend

    Love Johnny doing anything at all!!!

  9. I am so sorry for your pain sweet little Magic Crow, it happens too often, and it's incomprehensible...Letting go is the hardest thing to do, you're smart and brave...and magical, big hug to you

    I dig Johnny in this photo, well in any photos

  10. Stacy
    When we let go of the pain, it's so freeing.
    Our hearts can open up again to all the beauty around us.
    And you share of much of that beauty and I thank you for that,

    Soldier on brave and magical girl.
    Thanks for sharing the story behind that painting.

    May peace always surround you.

    Sending hugs, lots of them.


  11. Thank you for sharing that story - I am sorry about people hurting you!! It seems to be a lot of that going on!!! I am glad to read that you are about growing strong (!) - just think of all the love we are sending you!!! A big hug for your weekend :-)

  12. Sometimes it takes us awhile to get the message. I seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again before the light goes on :)

  13. Exactly! We are given the same situations over and over until we finally get it! Thanks for sharing! Have an awesome weekend! xo

  14. How lovely the first one is and how moving the second one is. Some lessons are difficult to learn, I definitely repeat some mistakes in the hopes that things can be different...

  15. I totally agree!
    We are given the same challenges over and over again, until we finally learn our life lessons.
    I share your pain...wish I could be a fast learner too!!

    Hugs xxx

  16. Stacy, beautiful crows!

    LOL Johnny as an artist... very cute!

  17. Great post, you are so wise sweet Stacy, really, proud of the way you approach everything with honesty and a desire to move forward, loving you, your painting and YOUR Johnny xoxo

  18. Stacy - great attitude! A lesson for all of us and thanks for sharing the photo of another artist. Yum! :D

  19. So your painting is about healing...great job. :-)

  20. Your paintings are always fun and moving at the same time. Great art!

  21. Thank you for the tease (you're such a tease) thank you for the explanation (I love how the crow seems to be nuzzling the skull) and thank you for Johnny. Always, thank you for Johnny. <3

  22. Hi Stacy, We avoided the snowstorm! What a crazy winter it has been. I love the meaning behind the skull painting. It must have been therapeutic to paint! It is difficult to let go of painful experiences but it is so freeing when we do! Johnny is fabulous as always. :)

  23. rich painting and storytelling behind it...

  24. How did I miss this post !
    I am glad you were able to move past these hurts Stacy.
    Looking at Johnny helps :))

  25. It's great to hear the feelings that created a painting. I realize that I have been living in past hurts that have been recurring over and over. I love how you let go. Big hugs!

  26. Stacy this is a wonderful way to show how you moved on. Truly spiritual.
    And wow thanks for the photo of Johnny the artist. Hmmmm big smiles


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