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Monday, March 10, 2014

An Amazing Story

Hi Everyone ;o)
Before I write this story, I want to say, please don't ever doubt, that when you send energy out onto this beautiful earth, that it doesn't get received.
It could be a smile to someone you walk by. It could be healing prayers to someone on blog land, that you have never met. The other person will feel what you have put out! I promise you!

It was the last week of February. The 22nd. I was upstairs cleaning my bedroom. I had my music on very loud! I heard my brother yelling, but I wasn't sure if it was for me, so I kept cleaning! Bad sister I am! LOL! Then he yelled again! So I answered this time ;o) Phone ;o) I run downstairs and answer.

Stacy, it's Robin! Robin?? Robin who? (I'm thinking, I don't know a Robin!) Robin, from blog land!
I almost dropped the phone! LOL!

Before I go any further, I have to say, Robin's husband has been suffering for over a year now! It started out at the beginning of 2013! He is still going through so much!
Around Valentine's Day, of this year, mom and I were out. We both thought, we should send something to Robin, to let her know, we are thinking of her and her family! We spotted this little porcelain bear. I think on the bottom of it, it said, "Take Care of Yourself","Someone Loves You". Mom and I both thought, this is perfect and got it! We wrapped it up and sent it off ;o)

Now fast forward to Robin's phone call. Robin, says, Stacy, I hope you don't mind me looking you up! I had to call you, an e-mail wouldn't do. (My mind is really thinking now!)

She says, she has been having nightmares about bears. Bears running after her, bears breaking into the house. All making her very scared. (I thought, oh great, we just sent her a bear!)

Robin's son took his mom's dreams as a sign. Bear was coming to Robin for a reason. Maybe her totem animal. He said, when you go to sleep, make peace with the bear, be friends. This didn't work for Robin, the dreams were still very scary!

Then Robin's son said, ask bear to send you a sign!
Guess what? Not even a day later, my present arrives!!!!

I almost started crying! I did actually! I was so happy we sent that little bear!

This world is such a small place! We all are truly connected! Keep shining bright everyone! Keep sending out love!
Robin's hubby is still not doing well! If you have a moment in your day, send out some good healing energy to him ;o)
Big Hugs xoxoxo


  1. I swear you have a gift, telepathic empathy, soul soother, just f-ing freaky, wow... Sending thoughts into the cosmos now sweet Stacy for Robyn and family xoxox PS hectic x heaps here, write soon!!!! :) hugs, love, and sloppy kisses xoxox

  2. what an amazing story, I believe you do have a gift Stacy, I will sending healing thoughts for sure,

  3. You are so very special and kind, Stacy.
    Bless you, dear.
    Wonderful story.

    I will keep Robin's husband in my prayers.
    I do believe in the power of prayer.


  4. Perfect timing Stacy. I posted the Bear story tonight too! Co-winky-dink? I think not. Hugs to you. Thanks for sharing the story here! Gotta love the Universe!

  5. I am speachless. What a great story - and a reminder that it is not always those huge things that makes the difference. It is all those small things!!! Thank you for sharing this Stacy - and thank you for sending that bear!!!!!!!

  6. Aww, Stacy you are so sweet! Your kindness is so strong. I am so glad about the little bear. I will certainly think positively for Robin's husband. You are such a gift Stacy!

  7. Yes, dear Stacy an amazing story , a love story...Littles things makes a big difference!!!
    You, Satcy , you are a very special and I'm a very happy person because I now that!
    (Sorry for may english:)) )
    Big hug!

  8. I pray every morning and I will pray for Robin's husband every morning, you are such a sweet friend to have little Magic Love Crow...

  9. holy moly that is amazing! you really are very connected to the cosmos my friend

  10. I have goose bumps! That is an amazing story! I had to go and read the story on Robin's blog, too. It was a beautiful gesture to send the little bear, and I will add my good thoughts for Robin's husband, too.

  11. Amazing story Stacy! Your gift must have meant the world to Robin during these difficult times. I can't imagine what it is like to have a loved one so close who is struggling. I hope things turn around for the better.

  12. I am sending loads of positive energy to Robin's hubby!
    That is a truly amazing story about the bear...yes, we ARE all connected and you have more than proved it.

    Hugs xxx

  13. Wonderful story Stacey. I know I have been on the receiving end of your thoughts and well wishes and I can truly feel them. So awesome that you could help Robin out as well. Sending my prayers for her husband.

  14. What a special story Stacy. You (and your mom) have a heart of gold. I do hope Robin's husband will be okay. Oh how life can be so tough sometimes. But thankfully there are those happier things (like little bears) that come along and place a band-aid on our hurts. Thank you for sharing your story!! xo

  15. Stacy, I once had a Zen teacher who told me that she thought the greatest enemy of our innate psychic ability and connectivity in the world is each person's deep and paralyzing relationship with self doubt and fear. It takes a very strong sense of self and a kind of bravery to do something with loving-kindness and openness such as your gift to Robin. I loved this story. . . and I have not been here in awhile but, WOW, your art continues to grow in leaps and bounds and becomes more alive with each new creation! :) xo

  16. You and your Mom are such empathetic souls. When I read this I think of all the times you have gifted me and how much I needed the love you send at just that moment. You and Robin are both terrific ladies and I'm sure that the connection was there for a reason, both ways. Of course I will continue to send healing thoughts for Robin's hubby. But also for your Mom, who deserves to feel better as well. Oma Linda

  17. that is an amazing story of how the universe works in mysterious ways! I'm glad to have read your post and be a blog follower because it really touches my heart.

  18. Wow that is pretty amazing Stacy, it sent a shiver through me reading about it. Sending positive thoughts through to Robins husband xx

  19. A beautiful and touching story, dear Stacy. You are always a guiding star for someone to reach out to. Thank you for this. You are magick itself...magick with a heart as big as this old world that we live on!!!

    My positive and healing thoughts are being sent to Robin and her husband.

    Lots of Love and Hugs

  20. Beautiful story. I don't know Robin, but I'll go and put a little message on her blog to wish her some courage.

  21. Wonderful! Beautiful! Sending healing thoughts to Robin and her husband.

  22. Things happen for a reason. I keep telling myself that when faced with a daunting problem :)

  23. You're such a beautiful, beautiful little lady! I admire you and all of the love and support you share across bloggie land. :D


  24. Stacy ~ I feel so deeply that you and your mom are such beautiful caring souls ! Much love to you both.
    Sending good energy to your friend and her husband,
    Your the best ,

  25. It is strange sometimes how things work, yes I think we are all connected somehow. Not in a magic way, but in a mystical way. It is amazing and I will certainly say a prayer for your friend

  26. WOW Stacy, what an amazing story indeed. So glad you could give some comfort to Robin. Hopefully her bad dreams will stop. Hope things will one day be better for Robin's husband.

  27. Great story! You are such a sweet and thoughtful girl :-) xLee

  28. Oh, wow! This is an amazing story and yes, dreams are important because they tell us stuff we can't know otherwise. How wonderful! I hope the bad dreams stopped and I'm sorry to hear about her husband. I hope things get better.


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