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Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow and Mom's Jade Plant

This weekend we got more of this............
And this................
And, guess what? There is lots more coming on Wednesday. By the time summer comes, I am going to be so fit ;o) LOL!
Last year, Magaly showed her jade plant on her blog. I commented that you should see my mom's.
Mom has had her jade plant now for 25 plus years. It was given to her by a Japanese lady. It was a baby, no bigger than your longest finger. Now she has grown to about 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide.
Mom is the gardener inside! She talks to her plants all the time. When it comes time to transplanting her plants, she takes out her trusted knife and starts sawing! LOL!
Yep, that's what she does! Nothing special. She just starts cutting them apart and then she throws away, or gives some of the plant away, and then repots the main plant again. You have to do this, because the plant will get root bound. Either make the plant smaller, or get a bigger pot, so the roots have room to breath.
But now, this plant has got too big and too heavy. Mom or I can't chop her in half anymore!
This is some pictures of her branches.
We have been trying to give her away, but she is just too big. So once she breaks the pot, she will be gone. I am sure mom will take a baby and start her over. I wish I could plant her outside!

I have been painting, but I can't really show you anything. because it's for the blog parties. I will leave you with one sneak peak of my crow vampire painting ;o) It's a lot different from when I first started ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Gorgeous photos and that Jade plant is fantastic!!! Your mom knows that plants love to be touched and spoken to. After all they are a living, breathing, species :)

    Teasing us, my dear friend? Ok! I understand :) I am anxious to see your finished paintings but I also know that it will be worth the wait!!!

    Great Big Hugs

  2. Hi Stacy, I love snow but I don't have sonw where I leave , in Sintra!
    My mom talks to her plants too :))

  3. i love watching people with a green thumb. it's amazing, especially becuz i can't make anything green grow, seems like. crow vampire sounds intriguing... hope you had a very good weekend:)

  4. A crow vampire? Really? Now I'm curious. Have a lovely week.

  5. Your crow vampire is fascinating already! That's a lot of snow. We used to have those plants at our old place, they'd get huge! Amazing that your mom grew one so big from such a little start...

  6. Crow vampire, wow guess that means Valentine's Day is coming up ;) Can't wait to see what you come up with :) your mum is amazing with nurturing her plants, the jade is stunning! I hope she gets some cutting for all the family and friends before it breaks the pot! We had planted a fig in a half wine barrel, it actually bonsaied itself but eventually broke the barrel and so we took it of the deck and into the garden (actually our yard is more an wild mini forest LOL, hey good luck with your fitness program, you will have to find another activity for summer!!!

  7. OMG...hope your staying warm :) Love the indoor garden and your latest work! xoxo

  8. It is snowing here today...already almost 6 inches...with more to come tomorrow night into Wednesday, and they are already talking about more near the weekend.

    The jade plant is gorgeous! Your Mom certainly has a green thumb! I have a plant in our window box that is going to break its ceramic planter any day now!

  9. Stacy, I can't believe more snow...
    Its been cold here in 'Tx too. I hate it tomorrow back up into the 70s..
    Crow Vampire?..

  10. OK you know how I feel about snow. SOOOO glad I don't live in that any longer. Jade plants are so cool. When I was younger I also had one that was 20 plus years. They are such a treat to have in the house, especially when it is SNOWING. LOL
    Did you get your package yet?
    I am off to my mom's so I will talk to you when I return

    Stay warm

  11. Stacy, Hi your Mom certainly has a green thumb. Great looking plant. Looks like your weather is just like ours..I am so tired of this winter business. I ma so cold and tired of bundling up, The winter clothes are so heavy..ICK....ICK... I can't wait till Spring

  12. Wow! That's a lot of snow. That's for sure...shoveling is great exercise but oh so tiring!! You be careful out there.
    What a beautiful Jade plant. I didn't realize they got so big!!
    Can't wait to see your finished vampire painting!!
    Enjoy your day! :)

  13. I know. It is like a never ending snowfall. It likes to stop for a short while and will fall down hard again.

  14. Zowie! You look like the North Pole :-) glad you guys are safe and warm. The jade is outrageous. Must be very happy! Vampires and Oz? Oh boy, can't wait to see what you do with those. :O

  15. I love the jade plant. My grandmother had one and it fascinated me when I was a wee nipper. And you are a tease with that painting! Where's this blog party, then? Can we all come?

  16. Oh gosh. I really hope you do not sent any of that white stuff this time... LOL!!! It is finally warmer here and the snow is melting. The jade plant is called pengetre in norwegian. Translated it is money tree - you are going to be rich!!!!

  17. I love your Mom's Jade plant! When we lived in California we had a Jade hedge on one side of the house. They grow wide and out of control there because the climate is so great for them. I will try to find a photo of it. I had several in pots from the late 70's and unfortunately had to give them away in 1990 when we moved to a smaller house :(

  18. I used to have a jade plant, but then ...hmmm Crystal managed to kill it. It's back to dreary rain around here. Two pretty 2 inch snowfalls and three days ago it was almost 70!

  19. Oh my what a beautiful plant!
    No end in sight here to winter either and few places left for all that snow!

  20. Awesome, your mom and you, bringing hope and joy to the world, atta little Magic Love Crow and great Mom

  21. I'd take her, but everything seems to die in my house LOL

  22. How amazing your mom has kept the jade plant alive for more than 25 years. I've never heard of someone having a house plant for that long.

    Enjoy the snow tomorrow! It sounds like I will have a snow day from work. :) I can't complain about that!

  23. Hi Stacy, it's good to be back in blogland and catching up with my favorite peeps. 25 years for keeping a plant alive is pretty impressive. I had a jade plant once upon a time but I must have killed it because I don't have one now. Lol! We are getting snow tomorrow too. xo

  24. Brrrr You must be exhausted shoveling your snow! But it sure is beautiful!

    What a pretty plant too!

  25. Ohhh green thumbs up for your post, hehe, gorgeous plant! Your painting looks very the textures and paints are so faded Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny

  26. Wow...that BEAUTIFUL Jade plant...and 25 years old - truly amazing!

    Oh how I wish you could send some snow this, we're being battered daily by storm force winds, torrential rain and floods.
    I'm beginning to wonder if the whole of the British Isles will disappear into the Atlantis!! xx

  27. A crow vampire? Now you got me really curious!

  28. Stacy I took some pictures thinking of you and your crosw hahaha I have to post them!
    The plant is awesome! Tell your mom I wish I could get a clip of it, if only was possible!
    I have some ferns also old, but not as old as that plant.. they are about 10 years old. I have to cut the bulbs as well and chop it in 3rds at least. I haven't done it in a couple of years and now the ferns are coming from the bottom of the clay pot hahahahah I will take a picture to show you.
    What I have done is lay it sideways on a big paint drop cloth, pull it hard out of the pot, sometimes braking the pot... but all the mess is on the drop cloth at least. My son helps me.

    Oh, and you are too mysterious only showing a bit of the vampire! ;o)

  29. Crow Vampire!! Can't wait to see it! Snow is getting old here too! Love that Jade plant, it is remarkable!

  30. Stacy, I only have a minute as Rose is waking up from her nap.
    Many, many thanks for the visit and kind words, you made my heart smile :)
    That jade plant is gorgeous and I know the crow vampire will be wonderful

    Lots of hugs

  31. oh sneaky - sneak peak! Love that your mom has had that Jade for so long ... my mom was always the same way, and my grandma as well.

  32. Wish we could find a home for that plant! I even asked at a Nursery today they didn't want it though... I tried

  33. Wow cool plant. We have had no snow yet this winter very strange, you're getting so much and we are not getting any! blessings, Alison xx

  34. She is ENORMOUS! I'm with Tammy, I wish someone would take her home. It's sad to see an old baby go... ;-(

  35. Gorgeous Jade plant. I never knew that and it explains why after several years mine have grown and died. She is beautiful though. Nice snow! We finally have RAIN! We have been in such a drought that one of the man-made lakes got so low the old town that was there before the lake was showing up like an old excavation area.

    Can't wait to see Vampire Crow. Will there be a Female Vampiress too? Big Hugs to you and your mom!

  36. Little Magic Love Crow yesterday i was on and I saw a lot of books on crows but one series in particular rose my interest and then I lost the name but it's about the end of the world and humans can't survive so they choose human souls to enter crows body to be be able to fight and get the world back as it was I'm not sure what or who I think I could be uploaded one a kindle and the others were paperbacks which at the moment I'm dead broke but it sounded so wonderful i thought you would love it and Iknow I anyway there are many authors that are writings about crows but the don't seem to be fiction, but if Ican find the author and the name of the books, I'll let you know, sounds so wonderful, right up your alley crows rock!!!!

  37. oh found the author Jeri Smith-Ready the one right now is the pre-quel to thetrio which were Eyes of Crow. Voice of crow and the Re-awakened I downloaded the prequel cause its kindle and very cheap...I"m too broke this month but will try to purchase the trio one at the time...sounds fascinating lol

  38. your snow is awesome!! looks so pretty!!!teasing us with just a naughty girl!!
    love your mom's jade plant. she and my husband have the same magnificent green thumb! he planed a small bonsai that my mom had give now towers far above the roof of our 2 story house...a magnificent redwood in all it's glory!
    sending love and hugs!!!


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