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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Sun Was Out..........

Hey Everyone ;o) The sun was out, yepeee ;o) And, good thing it was! We are in another deep freeze for a week! The "Polar Vortex" has returned! -35 last night and today, while I was taking the pictures, it was -25! My hands were freezing! I actually didn't take pictures of everything because it was just too cold and my camera started acting up too!
Before I start, get comfortable and maybe get a drink too, I have many pieces of art to show you ;o) Enjoy;o)
I will start with the aceo's (2.5" x 3.5"). Remember to click the pics to make them bigger ;o)
"Silent Prayers"
"Dream Big"
"The Wishing Fire"
"Nature Is Magic"
"Magical Forest Creatures"
Are you still with me? LOL!
Next, are two paintings by my "songs". U2 kept coming to me!
"It's A Beautiful Day" "Don't Let It Get Away" (5" x 7" wood)
"She Moves In Mysterious Ways" (5" x 5" canvas)
These last two paintings I really love ;o)
"The Meditation" (5" x 7" wood)
"I Love You" (5" x 7" wood)
That's it for now ;o) Promise ;o) LOL!
For all my friends in the United States that are being hit with the bad snow storm, please take care!
Big Warm Hugs ;o)


  1. No sun around here, today. Just lots and lots of snow; way too much for New York City, but I have enough hot cocoa to cope. ;-)

    I love "One." I like them all, but "One" warmed my heart. It reminds me of the story of the dragons born with two heads, but one heart and one soul.

    Stay warm!

  2. Oh gosh. First of all stay safe and warm - what a terrible weather you are having!!! I love your new art Stacy - you have been really busy!!! Something was really appealing to me in "One" - I love that!!!! Take care my friend!!!! The winter you sent is still here - no more room for snow now - so please sent the one you are having now to another place!! LOL!!!!

  3. Geez, those are some dangerous temperatures! Stay warm inside and keep painting. These are all wonderful-I cannot even pick a favorite!

  4. I just fall in love with your little baby magic love crow ...they are precious, like you...and total in the deep freeze, oh gosh..They say if there's a will, there's a way and there are so many things from my artistic friends that I want to buy but I don't have the budget, I think it's time to buy loto tickets, you never know, someone has to win ;) you're the sweetest little Magic Love Crow

  5. I love the paintings of your crows that appear to be in motion, it's as though they can dance to whatever music I'm listening to at the time.

  6. All of it is've been working hard. Stay warm!

  7. I really do love the movement you've found in your paintings lately - such fun. I know what you mean about the freezing temps - couldnt get Libby's collar on her for the life of me, lol.

  8. I love how your crows are now spiralling and moving -- the sacred spiral of life manifesting itself, I think!

  9. Wow all of these are amazing. I love the contours of the crows necks. Very cool.
    Hey email me with your mailing address. I have something for you.
    hee hee hee no I am not going to tell you. LOL

  10. All this undulation is very the sexy crows. And of course I love the little girl crow doing her thing as well. You just rock your art.
    Now as to the, that's cold. Stay warm and dry. Oma Linda

  11. stay warm. love looking closely at your work.

  12. adore the movement in these pics, be careful and wrap up warm over there! xxxx

  13. They are all beautiful Stacy! I love the U2 inspired pieces. :) This coldness is rough!!! Stay warm up there!!! My area got lucky during the last storm. I'm north of Boston and we only got a dusting of snow. Those south of the city got hammered with tons!

  14. Stacy! Please stop sending all your bad weather down our way ;)

    Great new paintings, really love Hibernation as that is what I wish I could do now! And Meditation is beautiful!

  15. Stacy,

    Hope you stay warm! Brrr... hope it warms up soon too!

    Beautiful new art, you've been busy!

    I am thinking of buying a photo light box, I had one before and it was good for taking pictures of ACEO's and then I sold it as I had no room... like this one... might be something you might like to look into also!

  16. Stacy, your art is so wonderful and filled with your magick touch!!! Love them and you my sweet, friend.

    The "blogger Gods" are letting me comment again! How nice of them :)

    I did change my blogs name and URL. I figured if Blogger/Google was not going to let me upload photos to my post...I will have a word blog :)
    Here is my new URL

    Great Big Hugs

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  18. Beautiful! I love your swirling crows and the baby crows are adorable too. "One" is one of my favorites. Oh my it sounds so very cold there! I use a scanner for most of my smaller pieces and they do also make large format scanners (although I haven't invested in one of those yet), but it sounds too cold to go outside there right now! I still have my kitty with the gothic angel at this point. I am hoping to add her to my website soon.

  19. Hi Stacy . I am loving the swirling love of the crow art here today
    So glad you got some sun .
    Tell your mom all the animals say "Hello" we know she see us :))
    We are actually having fun in the snow, night are a bit BRRRR but hey it is Winter haha.
    SO glad you stopped by the farm to say Hi.
    Hugs ,

  20. Hi Stacy,
    Your work is just so creative and fun .
    You must have the music going and always in a good mood while painting...
    I love it aall

  21. Okay now ... that is WAY too cold!! You poor thing! Are your winters always this cold?? Sure hope not!

    WOW WEE!! You have been busy.

    I really like the backgrounds you have created! Very cool. And I love "One"

    Awesome name "The Wishing Fire". And that little gal is SO cute with her little pink boots on. I love that idea of a Wishing Fire!!

    Another wonderful name because "Nature IS Magic". I love everything about nature.

    The Magical Forest Creatures look like they are having a super duper fun time!!! I like their cute little head pieces, too.

    She Moves in a Mysterious that one would be great hanging in a Yoga Studio!!

    And your last two are so pretty. I especially love the loose color feathers trailing down and it is always wonderful to see the your signature 'hearts' on every piece!!

    My most favorite ones are : "One" and "The Wishing Fire"!!! :)

    Sure hope it warms up over there for you! Drink lots of Cocoa!! And bundle up!

  22. Totally amazing! I love the way you do the adult crows. :) We have had a mild winter so far and today is our first snowfall actually. So we've been pretty lucky.

  23. I hope you have warm mittens you sweet babe! Still hot here, actually I think I told you I was taking the girls down to Brisbane, well the car blew up on the journey back, about 10 blocks from where we started, so our trip has been a bit like taxis, buses & trains, we are back now, but our car is not, and of course it's a long weekend (Australia Day) so looks like I will have to make the public transport journey back on Tuesday (if they get the parts)... Loving all the sensual moves of your dark entities, and baby crows always make me smile :) stay warm Stacy xoxo

  24. Oh honey, here it's 10 one day and 48 the next. This up and down swing is so hard on the body. I'm impressed your camera even takes pictures in those temps. Mine won't operate below 30. ;-)

    I love your latest artwork, Stacy. So lovely, so you. Hugging you tightly, Mina


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