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Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Funnies And New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Well the sun came out today! I was excited, because I have been shoveling snow since this past friday! When the drifts get over 4 feet in some areas, that is high! So, I ran outside!
Here are some new aceo's (2.5" x 3.5")
"A Gift For Mother Earth"
But I had to stop taking pictures, this started happening, again!!!
So, I started up my computer and I got the best e-mail from my friend Pam ;o) She sent me some snow funnies and I had to share them with you! Enjoy ;o) (click on pics to make them bigger)

I hope you had a good laugh ;o) I did ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Those pictures are great, and I love the comedy!!!

  2. Forever is wonderful and I loved the funnies!

  3. It's important to kep your sense of humor when winter keeps on giving you presents :D
    Love your new ones!

  4. Had a good laugh at all these snowmen LOLs, especially the "working out" one!

  5. love the heart the snowy pix of your neck of the woods.....and the funnies were just what I needed before heading off to bed. Oma Linda

  6. Hey Stacy.

    Love your two new artworks. "Forever" is a wonderful design. You are so creative with the layouts. And "A Gift for Mother Earth" is so precious. I just love your little baby crows! They are so cute.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the snow funnies! I get a kick out of how very clever people are with what they come up with!! These are way too funny! I really liked "Relax Ted, it's only a phase", and the "I told you if you keep making faces, it would freeze that way." Pretty cool.
    Have a fun day! Keeping my fingers crossed for for sunshine your way!!

  7. Ha ha ha!!!! Hilarious Stacy!!!!!! That was so much fun. And of course I love the new crows. Maybe you should make a snow crow?? LOL!!

  8. Love the paintings!! To bad you got so much snow and had to shovel. We didn't get that much but it has been real cold. It is supposed to get real cold today and Wednesday as well. I hope it stops snowing for you, shoveling sucks!

    I hope it gets sunny and warmer! If not stay in and cozy!


    PS Love the snowman jokes especially the kitty one LOL ;)

  9. Thank you for the laugh today which I really needed! The new art is beautiful. With all the shoveling you are going to have arms like Carl!

  10. I know what you mean about the shovelling. We have a snowblower but two really long driveways so it has been a real chore. Plus the vibration makes my elbow go funny. I should try to paint after, maybe I would get a really wild shaky result, lol.

  11. Beautiful art and lots of funnies!!! What a great way to begin my day!!!

    Thank you my wonderful friend :D

    Warm Hugs to Melt Some of That Snow

  12. There are Underwater Cameras but we need Under -20F Cameras!

    Your new art reminds me Valentine's day is soon and then Spring is on the way, lol.

    Tell Pam her funnies are most welcome! They're all funny, but the cat one... hahaha

  13. Lol, I love the cartoons. Your forever crows are beautiful!

  14. Thanks for the good laughs today.. I so needed them..
    ((hugs)) Marissa

  15. "Forever" warmed me inside and the funnies made me roar. That was awesome!

  16. Aww, those are so cute! I love "Forever," your heart themed art really grabs me! You are one of the warmest people and your art reflects this so beautifully.

  17. I adore the baby crows and the funny drawings had me burst out laughing oops think I woke up my neighbour, it was worth it lol thanks you are such a sweetie

  18. Stacy,

    I love the art you create, such fun crows!

    So glad everyone enjoyed the snowmen jokes!

    Hope your snow lets up soon. We just got some today but not nearly as much as you did. Before today it had all melted except ice everywhere!

  19. Oh those cartoons are all so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing your new art... the baby crow is darling!


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