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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sneak Peaks, A Sign, Blogger

Hi Everyone ;o) Today, is pea soup around here! Rain, fog and everything is melting. The only thing is, lots has melted, but we still have tones! Monday, it starts to get cold again! I do hope more snow goes, before we get more!

Many of my blogger friends are having problems, and it makes me sad, if you can't blog anymore! I am not a techy person, so excuse me if I am using the wrong words, but have you cleared your cache/cookies? I just started having problems today and did this, and now everything is fine ;o) Touch wood! Please try ;o)

Many paintings have been finished and started ;o)
When the sun comes out, get ready for lots of art pictures ;o)

Before I leave, I would like to share one more thing ;o) You know I believe in signs ;o) I might not understand it all the time, but I am always aware of what happens around me! Just this past week, when we were getting tones of snow, I tried taking some pictures at night, to show you, but the pictures weren't turning out. As I was going through them, I noticed this one picture. This is not trick photography! And, our street light is not in the shape of a heart. But, I guess this night, it was ;o)

Do you see the heart? Double click ;o) I guess someone was sending me some love that night ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. I love your new paintings and your heart light photo! So much love in what you do. I'm sorry people are having problems with blogger, I hope it all works itself out. I'm not a techie person either, but I've heard it's good to clear out the cache on occasion.

  2. Very Cool! I love it when the camera works art on it's own like that!!

    Thanks for the sneak peek of your group of paintings! Can't wait to see more once the sun comes out for you guys!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you don't get lots of new snow.

    Have a super wonderful fun day.


  3. Waiting for the sun to come so we can see your lovely paintings!!!! I clear my chache and buffer on regular basis. It is a good idea even if you don´t have problems. A lot of information about you are stored in it...

  4. We here in Michigan are waiting with bated breath for the sun and good weather. Last week it was minus many degrees and lots of snow..way too much then this week end it was 40 degrees (F)...what's up with that.?
    Your paintings are awesome. I love them all. Yes, love is all around you!
    Have a great week.

  5. Love your heart picture...and I love seeing all your paintings in a group like that. It seems there is less blogging going on these days, but I think the speed and the over-stimulation of places like Facebook and such will drive previous bloggers back to this slower savoring-of-art pace.

  6. I too have noticed, less and less of my maties our here in blogdom. It's kinda sad, but then things trend and then they don't. I also am on fb....for the time being. That medium also has it's problems. I guess we just have to be little birdies and wing our way through the bad to get to the the weather, computer dilemma and life sometimes.
    I too was looking at my collection of MagicLove crows. I've got to figure out a way to display them in a better way. Any thoughts?
    I adore your heart photo....of course someone was sending you love, or thinking loving thoughts about you.......that's a given. You're a dear heart. Oma Linda

  7. How cool is that? sending some love .... I like that

  8. I can see the heart! I couldn't send holiday gifts this year, but I sent positive thoughts. Maybe this is one of them? :))

  9. how could people not send you love, you are just so lovable, I love your new work too!

  10. Dear Stacy
    So nice to be here again, really missed visiting.
    I love all the new art (and I love the one you sent me)
    Love that sign too, wonderful.


  11. I can see the heart in the light. How wonderful to received love this way – you will have a great year for sure!

  12. I LOVE the mermaid look of the new paintings. So fluid...

    Blogger is being weird for me, too. But if I give it enough time it comes sort of work. I hope they are just doing start of the year updates or something...

    I love the heart. And I believe in them. I also believe that many, many, many of us are sending you a LOT of LOVE! ;-D

  13. I really LOVE your crow header for your blog. Perfect for you! :) I think blogger is making some updates/changes as I had a few issues yesterday. I left it alone for awhile, returned with no issues after that. Happy 2014. Thank you for being such a wonderful bloggie friend. :)

  14. I love some of your new stuff. Good work kiddo

  15. Sweet sign! I believe in signs also. You just have to be aware of what's going on to see some of them!

    No art for awhile, am starting on taxes :(

  16. The paintings look great! I hope the sun comes out! I'll start sending some of the sun from down here over! Did that make sense? Oh well, doesn't matter. The photo is really sweet!
    Have a fantastic day Stacy!

  17. One painting looks more beautiful than the next, and I can't wait to see them finished! I haven't had any blogger problems lately, but I find if I "google" the problem there is an answer out there for most of them! Cool photo!

  18. Yes, I can see the heart.That would be awesome if someone was sending you love that way. Have a lovely Monday.

  19. Wow~
    Love the heart I think this means something.

  20. Thanks for sharing some of your new artwork! Yes, I see the heart. Just a little gift from the universe, just for you! Cool!

  21. That is so cool!!! CraveCute is right...that is a little gift from the universe just for you :)

  22. of course someone sent you many people think of you and love you!!!
    i haven't had any blogger problems recently..there was a period of time where my "blogs you follow" list would disappear!!!

  23. I would say the love is always coming to you and someone wanted you to know that.

  24. The light does look like a heart. How neat!!! Blogger was acting funny with me last week too. I've noticed this from time to time so I just accept it until Blogger fixes itself!

  25. Even without that sign you must know that YOU sweet Stacy have love coming at you on a daily (and nightly) basis, from all over the world. Huge hugs to go with it from me xoxox

  26. Stacy,

    So glad your having fun with your paintings :)
    Wow what a cool heart!

  27. Your blog is amazing! I love so much!



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