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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Please Help

Hi Everyone ;o)
I have some stupid porn on my blog list and I don't know how to get rid of it?
The person, attached their address on to an old blog, that I use to follow. I don't follow this blog anymore and the blog doesn't exist either. So, I don't have it on my list? Why do people do this!!!!! Uggggg..
Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?
If you do, please explain in easy English! LOL! Remember, I am not a "techy' ;o)

Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Hi, Magic love Crow, I just had a problem with a goggle and I saw you a I thought I would try to help. As for the blog, from what I understand it's an old blog not yours, that you used to follow with this ugh! Man I am so sorry. I hope this will help. You might have to do it manually. First go to the Friend join connect that you had join the blog at; click on that; you should see a window pop up; it should say Follow this Blog-option;
    click on the options; Once you are on options look at the far right
    you should see a - Stop following this site - Click on this!
    This should solve the problem. And you should be completely off the site or the blog with the Uggggg! I hope this helps..
    Wendy on If not I would block them or connect blogger with the problem. blessed be- my friend..-ooo)

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I do hope that you manage to get this problem solved.
    I had a porn person following me once and when I clicked on it was nasty ....Uggggggg

    Many thanks for the lovely comment you left on my last post, you are such a dear.


  3. It is the one with something about kitties? I have the same one and so did Oma. It seems the person stole the address from an old friend of ours *sigh*

    Sadly, there is nothing you can do. The blog no longer exist, so Blogger can't help you stop "following it." You can go from using Google reader (or the bit we see on the dashboard) to using ( for the blogs you follow.

  4. I am so sorry my sweet friend~~~

    Big Hugs

  5. Huh, that's strange...and it can't be removed when you go to your blog list layout on blogger dashboard? It should be gone if you try to remove it from there. I suppose your best bet is to click on the "Send feedback" link from your blogger dashboard to contact help support.

    Ya know, i've been having an issue with blogger too. Whenever I update a blog page, one of my other page changes with it...A bit hard to explain, but anyway, my point is blogger has lots of bugs.

  6. If someone wants to see porn on the web it is FLOODED with it, yet some idiot still feels the need to do this mindless hack and ram it down people's throats, that is so nasty, what the hell do they think they are achieving?? I hope you get it fixed real soon Stacy, so annoying :(

  7. Yep, Magaly said it. I was shocked too. But, I think that ignoring it is the only option. Takes all kinds of folks, icky ones too and I guess we have to put up with them as well. Sorry darling girl. Oma Linda

  8. Oh Stacy, you have definitely given me the giggles. Not that I don't sympathize with this nastiness but I'm also cracking all kinds of jokes. However, if I knew how to fix it, I would definitely pass on that info to you. I don't, so I'll just continue to giggle.

  9. Ick! I hope you're able to get rid of it. I wish I could help.

  10. O dear, those stupid things. I'm not sure how to get rid of it, but I do know that if you're unsure of a link, it might be best to avoid clicking it as you might get to an "infectious" site. Searching or posting in the Blogger help forums can sometimes be useful. Of course, you could just ignore it.. *hugs*

  11. Oh sweetie it's all google's fault oh yeah they copy all your photos...well and then some. Yesterday my brand new laptop with all of its new gadget and with google copying all my photos, I use picasa3 always have, yesterday they told me my drive C was too full and it was crashing gave me 3 minutes to try to save my photos, no such luck it's google;s fault I also found some nudity on mine that wasn't mine google sucks yesterday the crashed taking away all my blogs all my pretty photos, but hey I'll get them back for now, I've gone back to my old laptop, and opened a blog that doesn' have photos just so I could visit my friends, blog was great google screwed everything up...stay cheerful our day will come oh ps I kept the animal blog with Margie and I've rebookmarked all my friends,,, hang in there

  12. oh and what is t his person,s name I also found some nudity on my blogs never mine or send it to me back to my old e-mail since my new laptop crashed with all my photos, I may be able to help

  13. sweetie click on the porn link it will ask you if you want to continue to follow just say no hope it works I tried but it's not on my blog

  14. Some people have nothing better to do and that is sad. The rest of us are helpful in every way. Hope you can get rid of the porn.
    But all in all.... hope you have a good day.

  15. Oh no!!! I'm glad you got this fixed Stacy. I once clicked on a bad website and ended up with pornographic icons all over my desktop. This happened at work and I had to call our IT guy to get rid of them. It was embarrassing, yet funny!


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