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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Crow Art and A Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) Guess what I have been doing all day today?? No not painting, snow shoveling! LOL! The only nice thing about it is, we are out of the deep freeze for right now, so it has been very mild to shovel. Makes it more pleasant. But, there is so much of it! By Tuesday, we are back into the deep freeze.

I thought I would share with you some of my larger paintings I have finished. Remember, how I was telling you how the other painting was shown to me in my dream? Well, something has been going on for a couple of months. When I wake up, I am singing a song. This could be at 3:00am or 5:00am. Doesn't matter the time, but it's when I first wake up. What I have started to do, is keep a journal beside my bed to write the song down, (as soon as I wake up) because if I don't and go back to sleep, I can't remember the song! But, I have found out, when I start to write, I am writing for like an hour, before I go back to sleep, because I start to write about my dreams too. This is getting very tiring! LOL! Now sometimes, I just go back to sleep, but not all the time, because I feel this is happening for a reason, like the berry smells. Some of these songs I don't even know!

These next two paintings were inspired by songs. The first song was, "You Are My Sunshine" ;o)
"Goddess Of Light" (5" x 7" canvas)
Do you remember this?
This came from the song, "Wishing You Were, Wishing You Were Here" ;o)
"The Wishing Pond" (8" x 8" canvas)
Here's a little sneak peak for you ;o) Not sure what's going to happen to this one yet ;o)

And, this painting is finished, but I'm waiting for the sun to come out ;o)
Big Hugs and if any of you are in the areas, that have a lot of snow or are in a deep freeze, please take care!


  1. What is happening to you sounds so magical, Stacy. I agree with you that there must be some reason why this has begun. Keeping a journal is a very good girl ;)

    Your paintings are so fantastic, my friend! I love the colors that you choose and the wonderful movement of your lines...lovely!

    You are a beautiful person and it shows in your art and the giving from your heart~~~

    Big Hugs and Keep Warm

  2. How Exciting! Some of my best ideas happen while I'm sleeping :D
    Hope you can stay snug and warm in the upcoming chilly days.Loving your larger paintings - the colors cheer me, Stacy.
    xo :)

  3. you are such a creative person, its amazing your talents and wonderful attitude, you are an inspiration, I find your crows are becoming so elegant, a magical flowing quality, they are beautiful, watch you back with all that shoveling!

  4. You really are amazing Stacy ! Always smile when I visit and I feel such great energy here:)) Goddess of light is wonderful. It was 1 degree here yesterday morn , today its in the 40s ,but we still have LOTS of snow.
    Stay warm kiddo.

  5. Oh honey, these latest works are absolutely gorgeous! They are perfect creations to the accompanying songs. You are just becoming a powerhouse of creativity. I think it is wonderful that you are writing songs and dreams down. I agree that all of this means something, and when you realize the meanings, it will be magical. Warmest hugs to you sweetie! Mina

  6. The magic that you create in all of your paintings is so strong. These are some of the strongest yet. Love how you do a background. Love how the creation looks when you have completed it. Glad you had a break from the giant freezer, be warm and safe, Oma Linda

  7. How wonderful to paint your dreams :)

  8. Shoveling snow is the best exercise. We got a little bit last night and I shoveled this morning, but not all day like you!

    I love dreams and I wish I always remembered mine. They can make such interesting subjects for art, can't they? Loving your swirly dreamy crows Stacy! Happy New Year!

  9. I think it's so neat that you are now painting your dream songs!

  10. Lovely and with lots of character.

  11. Hi Stacy I love the first has all the magic of the song!!!!
    Big Kiss

  12. Wonderful crow paintings. I love the second one alot. Where do you live to get alot of snow?! :) xx

  13. These are both beautiful and amazing. Always keep listening to your inner voice/subconscious...whatever you want to call it. I have 2 Wishing Pond, did you intend that the two black ?branches would resemble crow feet coming out of the ground? In the unfinished canvas, if you rotate it to landscape orientation, I am wondering if you will see what I see....

  14. A really magical thing is going on. How extraordinary to make art from your dreams and the songs you sing in them. Wow - this is inspiring - and the art is fantastic. Keep dreaming!!

  15. First of all I love your art and these are especially wonderful. The next thing is, Sunshine on my shoulder by John Denver has been in my dreams and mind for the last few months. LOL Keep writing the dreams down. The meanings will come to you.
    Stay warm

  16. wow you are creating magic, they are so beautiful, all of them, your imagination never rests even when you do, spectacular, little Magic Love Crow

  17. Wonderful lovely paintings Stacy! My grandmother used to sing "You are my Sunshine" to me... I love your paintings and they have brought to mind a fond memory, thank you. I hope you are getting enough sleep though... Try to stay warm too!

  18. WOW!! Totally amazing and beautiful work here today! It is SO cool how you are keeping a journal - awesome idea to capture everything.

    I'm liking the new circular crows! They are magical as well as musical. I love them!

    Okay, now you be very careful shoveling all that snow. Don't over do it. Take breaks and do little bits at a time! I remember those days living in Michigan - snow shoveling is hard work. Hopefully, it won't last long for you.


  19. Wow Stacy, You've got the gift! Awesome inspiration.
    We are still under the deep should be leaving use soon. Businesses have closed early and some didn't open at all. This is my second day off. Just staying cozy and warm...hope you are too.

  20. Deep freeze here, too. Wish the North Pole would reclaim its chill and keep it up there where it belongs... be careful with the shovelling, Stacy.

    Your new works have a special charm, glad your dreams are infusing these pieces.

  21. You do what I want to do...write down my dreams! I have such odd ones sometime but forget them. I just wake up knowing I had strange dreams! The problem is I want to go right back to sleep after I wake up from a dream and definitely don't want to turn on a light to write!

    The Wishing Pond is beautiful!!!! Stay warm Stacy!

  22. Your new paintings are wonderful!!! They aren't like your other ones. And the back grounds a fantastic, the colors! Your talent is evolving, and in a very good way! Maybe your dreams are telling you to write, to put a story to your paintings? You write well and your thoughts always seem to come through clearly. Something to think about.

    Keep warm and safe! You and your family. Talk to you soon.


  23. I have to 'heart' 'You are my Sunshine' just glorious :) It totally intrigues me about your songs, and I think it's a great idea to jot them down & keep a journal, you must be tapping deep into your subconscious & not just bringing back or exposing images, but words & tunes, totally fascinating!!!

  24. Brrr sounds like a cold job shoveling. Hope it warms up soon!
    How fun, I have a lot of dreams, wish I had written some down. But they don't inspire my art. Glad your having fun with it, hope you get some sleep soon.
    Beautiful new artwork!


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