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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Crow Art And Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) Thanks for dancing with me ;o) I had fun ;o)
I have some new aceo's (2.5" x 3.5') to share ;o) Enjoy ;o)
"A Prayer For Mother Earth"
"Dream Land" (I like how you can turn this one around!)

"Nature Sings" Dance!
"Nature Talks" Listen!
"The Babysitter"
I will share the larger paintings another time ;o) Don't want you to have crow over load! LOL!

I received a very cute Happy New Year gift from Jan and I had to show them to you!
Please let me introduce to you "I'm Not An Owl....I'm A Crow" (On the left) and "The Witches Dance" (on the right).
Can you believe that these were made out of toilet paper rolls? Than Jan handmade, hand cut everything else and attached it all on. Even that little flower and those feet! Aren't they cute!!!! Big Hugs Jan ;o)

Before you leave, check out the Oz button to the right hand side of my blog! Oma Linda's blog parties are always a blast!

Big Hugs and have a nice warm weekend! We are in a deep freeze with a snow storm coming on sunday!


  1. Really fun to see the toilet rolls become art!! I am impressed - and you are lucky to have them. Love your art Stacy - good to see you are painting your way into the new year!!!!

  2. gosh Jan is talented. I love your little tp owls. And your undulating crows are so wonderful. Looks like you've been havin' fun arting.
    You are so sweet. Glad to see that you're gonna play at Hues of Oz. Thanks for spreading the word. Oma Linda

  3. What a cute owl and "not an owl" crow so creatively made! I love your new ACEO paintings, they are wonderful! You are so productive, I love how much beauty you add to the world! I especially like "Dreamland," it looks great both ways.

  4. O, Dream Land is brilliant -- one of my favourites! And Baby Crow.. well, that goes without saying ^__^

  5. Oh Your baby crows just tickle me! :D Lovely work, Stacy. Still catching my breath from the dancing...
    The little owls are adorable!

  6. They are all so fantastic , Nature Talks Listen really has a tale to tell :)

  7. All great! A Prayer for Mother Earth is especially so and something we all need to do.

  8. Happy new Year! I love a prayer to mother earth :)

  9. Oh these are great! Dream Land and Whisper I especially like. =)

  10. Happy New Year!!

    These paintings are wonderful. I especially love " A Prayer For Mother Earth", "Dream Land", "Whispers"!! And the little baby crows are adorable as ever! It is always so fun to see all your new paintings!! I just love looking at all the new themes you come up with and it amazes me how the themes truly match the personalities of each painting.

    Can't wait to see the larger paintings you have been working on!

    Have a Super Wonderful Weekend.

    Sending you lots of hugs!!

    P.S. Just saw "Goddess of Light"... holy cow! She is cool, too.

  11. love the new crow art! a very Happy New Year to you!

  12. Jan is very talented--the owls are wonderful! I love all the new pieces, especially "Whispers". Very clever whether planned or not how you can rotate the first piece.

  13. Im sending a big hug to warm us up! Your new work is beautiful!! The owls of Jan's are so cute, she is a very talented beautiful lady! I'm so happy to call both of you friend,

  14. Nature Sings with the ribbons and the polka dot trees is darling- I like them all, but the deep freeze (here, too) makes me gravitate to the little crows. The colors in Whisper are fab.

    Try and stay warm and cozy. Tuesday is going to be sooooo cold.

  15. My Dear Sweet Friend, I am so happy that you are happy with your little owls. They are so much fun to create and make :)

    Your paintings are so fabulous! A Prayer for Mother Earth and Dream Land, look gorgeous together and your darling baby crows are always so you :) Whispers and The Babysitter are very cool!!! You are such a talented artist, my friend~~~

    Big Hugs,

  16. Love love love theses new spiral crows! <3 XXX

  17. Nature Sings, Nature Talks are splendid and I love Jan's Owls you two are so gifted I love it, and it's not just the art of it it's the originality and it's so special I love it you're both great xx

  18. Happy New Year!, dear Magic Love Crow! I love your new blog banner. I really like Jan's cute loo roll (Loo-roll is Brit-speak for toilet roll) owls and that crow painting you can revolve around its centre is genius! I think you need to do more of those! Hugs for 2014!

  19. Love your batch of Crows! Jan's little owls are really sweet! Hugs and stay Warm!

  20. Dream Land is so beautiful! How neat that you can turn it upside down! The other crows are fabulous too. :) The owls are super adorable!!!

  21. I've loved the toilet rools...they're fun!!!
    The prayer to mother earth are beautiful I liked very much!!!
    Happy new year to you may sweet Stacy!
    Big kiss

  22. Jan is such a crafty AND generous person, the owls are fantastic, so cute & great company for your other feathered friends! Hey Stacy, impossible to have crow overload when they look as good as this batch!

  23. Stacy,

    Such fun art!

    Awww the toilet paper birdies are adorable!


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