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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snow, Happy Mail, Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, on top of the ice, we have got, lots of snow! My butt is soar from shoveling! A very good work out ;o) LOL!
We are so happy we got our hydro back on! Some people are still without!
Through the power outage I got some happy mail ;o)
Kim surprised me with a beautiful earring and pendant set ;o) It came in a really cute Santa box ;o)
She also included a cute picture of her fur babies ;o) Because I am their favorite Auntie ;o) LOL! (I'm sorry the pictures are coming up in the wrong direction! Don't know how to fix this?) Big Hugs Kim! Thank you!
I also got another surprise from Betty ;o) A gorgeous print of her original art work and a beautiful card. In the picture to the right, you will see another drawing. Betty did this on the envelope. I had to save it ;o) Big Hugs Betty ;o) Thank you ;o)
I've been painting lots. Here are some sneak peaks for you ;o)

Can't wait to take some better pictures and tell you the stories that go along with them ;o)
Big Hugs and thank you all for being you!!! 


  1. Stacy you deserve all the happy mail you got, I'm sure it helped a bit after being without hydro so long! my godson's family just got theirs back yesterday, I felt so bad for them. Can't imagine being in a cold house like that...
    sorry I have no idea how to turn a photo around, I'm lost half the time around blogger myself, lol!
    glad you like the print!
    Your work is really evolving! I'm loving the sneak peaks, they have a lovely flow to them.

  2. Betty & Kim gave you a power surge I bet!!! Awesome stuff sweet Stacy, as is your creations too!!! Hey you KNOW I love you & you KNOW I am a slack arse, I just saw you & that beautiful furry friend in freaking ALASKA, OMG, awesome x 2000, and you look so gorgeous, write soon, love ya babe xoxox

  3. Let it snow. let it snow...let it snow!!!!!
    Big Kiss!

  4. Looks sparkly pretty out there in your neck of the woods ... hope everyone finds a way to stay warm though.
    You are surely loved Stacy .
    I am loving the curl direction of the crow painting ... look forward to hearing the story behind it.
    Stay warm my friend .

  5. lovely pressies for you. and lovely work from you as well. Sure are glad you made it through the black out alright. Now to get on with just being, huh. Stay warm. Oma Linda

  6. I'm so relieved that the electricity came back, and you absolutely deserve those sweet friend of yours...I wish you the best year and forever more magic through your fingertips little Sweet Magic Love Crow :)

  7. OOw ! loving the spiral crow Goddess of light!!! :D ...and happy mail is always good :D XXX

  8. Your new crow paintings are wonderful - and very creative! It looks like you were on a roll - well done!

  9. Awesome Stacy....I love the one that looks like a swirl. (my sign)
    we have about 15 inches of snow on the ground. Shoveling is not my favorite either..!

  10. Your new goodies are fabulous! I love the new paintings. They have such pretty soft lines.

  11. Lovely mail Stacy! So glad your power is back on. Some crazy weather going on. Wonderful new art!

  12. Happy mail indeed! I am very glad your power is back on. Stacy, I love your new pieces, they are so fabulous!

  13. That's a lot of snow! The winged heart and earrings are gorgeous, and there is always something magical in Betty's paintings--you are so deserving of these special pieces!

    I love the sneak peaks and can't wait to hear the story and inspiration behind them!

  14. A little snow won't get you down! Shovelling is a real workout- be careful, don't overdo. How about a snowman or two, a snow crow?

    Love those new paintings, rocking it, Stacy.

    Enjoy the happy mail and wear your new jewelry in good health!

  15. the snow is are your paintings and the gifties you received!

  16. Glad you have your power back on! Too cold to be without.

    Better thee than me when it comes to shoveling snow!

    We are sick of the COLD RAIN, but I keep reminding myself it's better than snow and ice.

    So glad you have been painting. I have a number of things in the works, but decided I needed to clean my big walk-in closet out so I could find things. Like clothing that fits...needless to say after the holidays it's back on my diet. :(

  17. Too much snow here in Michigan !! Counting the days till spring !
    Happy New Year. Lets all hope for a good 2014 ! Hugs

  18. Wow so much snow!! We have had the warmest Christmas here since the recording of the weather! How crazy is that ;) Your paintings look very promising, so can´t wait to see the skyline-imagination from the last one :) Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for the new year to come ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  19. Wonderful! And I love that last crow painting. A blessed, peaceful new year to you and yours :)

  20. Thank you so much for following along on Traveling Cats. I'm following you back with Bloglovin. Have a lovely Sunday.

  21. Beautiful winter photo and lovely gifts for a beautiful person :)

    I am loving your new paintings, my dear friend...stunning!!!

    Big Hugs,

  22. Glad to know you have power and not cooking over candles. It is had been such a pleasure knowing you and visiting your blog. I look forward to seeing all your creations for the coming year.
    The best 2014 to you and your mom

  23. We got the ice and snow too, kind of a weird combination, wasn't it? Love all the pictures!

  24. I love your paintings in work. I don't envy you shoveling at all. :) Happy New Year 2014!

  25. Happy New Year dear friend! I received your beautiful Christmas card and it brought some sweet love along with it, thank you.

    Much love to you and your Mom .... I may not be so active in the blog world but you two are always in my heart and in my thoughts.

    Take care, be happy, know you are dearly loved by sooooooooo many!
    Karen Anne

  26. Stacy,

    Your snow looks so beautiful! Sorry your butt is sore lol

    Beautiful items from your friends!

    And fun new art!

    Hope you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year!


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