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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Crows and Wolves, Happy Mail, Me In Alaska

Hi Everyone ;o) My friend Pam shared with me something she found on Pinterest. 
"Intelligent animals both, crows and wolves have been known to play together in the wild and it has been observed, that crows will sometimes alert wolves to potential prey, in order that they might share in the food it would provide."
I thought this was so cool! And even more cool, wolves have been coming to me, since September! In my dreams and thoughts. When Pam showed me this, I took it as a sign! Not sure what kind of sign? Maybe I will start howling! LOL!

I got some happy mail ;o) (click on the picture to make it bigger)
From the left, Pam's wreath aceo, from our aceo swap. It's so cute ;o)
The purple wooden block house I got from Linda. I love it! It's so much fun and I can flip the roof and the block around, for a different image ;o) Big Hugs Linda ;o)
The black rabbit, with her magical key is from Rhissanna ;o) I love her! Thank you!
The ornament and magical stone is from Oma Linda ;o) Both very special to me! Big Hugs ;o)
And, the Christmas book is from Diane ;o) Mom and I were very touched! Mom said she remembered that book ;o) Something we both will cherish ;o)

Now,  before you leave, Magaly, on her blog, was talking about her dream destination would be to go to Alaska. I told her, I have been there (amazing)! I would like to share this picture ;o) Me in Denali Alaska ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. Wow, this IS happy mail! Now I think I know just what to say about some of the treasures I received! Love the info about the wolf and the crow.. amazing! We have several crows that visit our yard every day, they are always on the look out and constantly talking to each other. I think that picture of you is fantastic -- You look so cozy there! Hugs ~ Diane

  2. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful happy mail--each so special in its own way! Love the photo of you in Denali! I love Alaska & have been twice. I'd go again in a heartbeat!

  3. That is so cool - I had no idea that wolves and crows communicated that way! and what a wonderful pic of you in Alaska - you look warm!

  4. That is such a nice wolf and crow picture. I had know idea how they communicate.
    I wonder if crows communicate with monkeys..LOL

  5. You're very welcome, oh Magic Love Crow. Maybe you'll find where the key fits? What a lovely pile of treasures. And I love that photograph! You look really fabulous sat there, like Gerda going off to rescue Kay from the Snow Queen!

  6. I had no idea that crows and wolves intermingled together either. How cool is that?! :) And you look so cute and cozy in your warm clothes there in Alaska! Hee

  7. AAhhh Wolf medicine.
    •Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
    •Appetite for freedom
    •Expression of strong instincts
    That is just the basics.
    I lived in AK and still have family there. I love that photo of you. I helped trained dogs for the Iditarod.
    You asked if there was anything I don't do. Yeah I don't/can't create beautiful ravens.
    Glad you got some happy mail too.

  8. WOW! That photo of you is wonderful. Absolutely!!
    Love all the happy mail - how very nice, indeed.
    Hmm... maybe since you are thinking about wolves a lot these days, it is a sign that you need to paint a few with your crows since they are buddies in the wild. I'm just sayin' :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Love that photo of you, you look amazing!! So happy too, you must have had a great time!!

  10. Lucky photographer to get that image of the crow and the wolf, they are looking intently at one another. Enjoy your lovely pressies, happy indeed! That's a beautiful looking coat in the photo, you are smiling and warm. Pretty dog with you.

  11. Gorgeous photo Stacy!!!! You look so happy!!! Such great gifts you got - christmas is a little early in your house?? LOL!!!

  12. Amazing what you said about the crow and the wolf.
    I love your picture ...lovely!
    Big kiss!

  13. Wow all around gosh your friends love you there's a reason for that and I adore your photos, you look so warm and cuddly funny an artist once told me my guardian was the Wolf, and I was happy about that although I really don't know why...I'm glad you're receiving all kinds of lovely things, you deserve them all xx

  14. How amazing is that with the crows and wolves?! I didn't realize they communicate and work together. So cool!!!! The Alaska photo is adorable. I used to work with someone who always told me I need to see Denali. He said it was breathtaking!

  15. Love that last picture! So cool in many ways. :) I also think the crow-wolf connection is very cool! LOVE your mail art and all that inspires you to keep creating great artwork! You rock, gf!

  16. Stacy,

    I thought the wolves and crows were so interesting!

    What a fun lot of happy mail! Glad you like your wreath ACEO!

    OMG Lucky you, I would love to go to Alaska, it is my dream too!

  17. Oh my goodness, Stacy! That picture of you should be a postcard, part of brochures to get people to Alaska, running in the best smiles every (the pup has a wonderful grin, too!). Now I want to go to Alaska more than ever.

    I love all your gifts. So much holiday love. And that bit with the crow and the wolf should teach us, humans, that even wild animals--with a brain--know that sharing and playing is the way to go.

  18. Look at you.
    Stacy, you are adorable.
    I so want to go to Alaska, someday I hope to.

    Enjoy all the 'happy mail.

    I will wish you a Merry Christmas now ads won;t be back till the New Year.
    Peace and love to you dear Stacy.

  19. Stacy the photo of you is so darling.......I agree that you should be on a flyer for Alaska. And as for all the goodies......good things come to good people, nuff said. Oma Linda

  20. Wow! Alaska! One of my woul-visit places! :))

  21. Love the pic of you in Alaska..powerful and beautiful! Enjoy your new sacred journeys with wolf-spirit..they have taken me on many deep beautiful pathways in my life..shine on! Wonderful treasures..thanks for sharing!

  22. How do you get so lucky? I never get fun stuff. Well, I do get Christmas cards but you seem to have some wonderful blogger friends who send you cool stuff. You are blessed. I love the picture of the wolf and crow. Yes, both very smart. In fact Crows are super smart. Blessings for CHristmas you crow is in his place on the bookshelf brightening my living room (smile)......Janice

  23. Happy mail is the BEST mail! What lovely goodies you received. I adore that photo of you in Alaska! You had some fine company there, I see. And you look so happy (and warm!). Happy weekend, dear friend!

  24. What a beautiful picture of the wolf and the crow. I didn't know that they worked in concert. What sweet happy mail! I love the picture of you all bundled up, just adorable!

  25. LOVE this post! The Alaska pic is simply adorable!!! ;)

    Oh yes, and please do let me know when your "package" from me arrives. Should be coming very soon (post office willing!) LOL!!

    Huge hugs,


  26. Stacy you lucky girl, you got some fine loot there!
    and that pic of you is simply magical! Alaska is a place I really want to go, and I've even dreamed of living there for a few months just to experience it...I can't get over that photo, it is so striking!
    thanks for stopping by my blog for my first post in a while...sorry you can't get any of the ACEOs, Christmas time is when they seem to be more popular, lol! maybe because I love doing them ....
    yes we got a decent amount of snow, it is finally pretty here, now it needs to stay for Christmas! I've had enough green Christmases to last a life time, yuck!
    not as much as I thought, but it will still be a pain in the behind to shovel, lol!
    hugs to you dear friend

  27. ps- maybe you are getting hints to start painting wolves :-D

  28. Hi Girly, I love the photo of you in Alaska. You look awesome and warm. You got a fine haul of goodies. Please check out my new post.
    Thanks for the blog plug! Glad you like the block house. We have a foot of snow here. Going to melt next week.

  29. Hi Stacy!
    Alaska looks so cold in that picture! But the smile (and clothes) look very warm! I didn't know about the relationship between crows and wolves - that's pretty cool and gives me an idea! Maybe you'll meet someone that is like a wolf? Haha, I don't know, but it's fun to imagine right?
    Oh! I just saw the painting you gave Mum a little while ago ('Winter Love') and it is really, really awesome!
    Anyway, have a wonderful day Stacy!

  30. Stacy I am clapping wildly ...I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you in Alaska with the sled dog and the super atmoshpere ~ WoW is your aura ever shining in that photo ( of course your aura always shines lol) ! Wonderful
    That pic of the wolf and the crow is amazing too.
    Edgar Allen Crow is doing very well by the way, I will keep you posted and get a pic out to you too.

  31. Ohhh how I love the pic from you in Alaska! Sooo cool...looks like you are on a hike ;) ah and the first photo is adorable! Now you have to think about incorporate some wolves into your work maybe ;) lucky you with all the beautiful gifts...Happy Holidays to you ♥ and your sweet mom ♥ be blessed ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  32. Oh this is all so wonderful! I love you in Alaska. You look like an Arctic beauty! The gifts you received are so wonderful and there is none more deserving. Did you know that one of my spirit animals is the wolf??? How cool is that??? The crow and the wolf, indeed. Warmest hugs sweetie, Mina


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