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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Crow Art and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) We had a wicked storm monday night! The power went off at 9:30pm and didn't come back on till tuesday morning! Really high winds! Lucky nothing got seriously damaged in our area! I have battered operated Christmas lights, in the window, where I paint, so they lighted the way ;o) My computer started to act up on tuesday! I went to my guys at Staples today, and he said, when the power came back on, it could have been the serge that went through, that made it act up. He said they had over 50 computers come in on tuesday, that had been affected from this! Crossing fingers, nothing serious happened. She is working fine now ;o)

The sun was out today, so that meant picture taking, yeh ;o) Enjoy ;o)

"Tango" "The Dance Of Love" ( 5" x 7" Canvas)
"3 Wishes" (5" x 7" Wood) If you remember, I did paint another "3 Wishes", but that one is no longer for sale. It spoke to me too much ;o) I had to keep it ;o) Enjoy the new one ;o)
"Mahala" "Tender Female" (4" x 12" Canvas)
The next piece was inspired from Willow ;o) Willow has a great blog and always makes you smile ;o) If you haven't been to her blog, I would recommend it! She showed some really funny garden signs in the summer time. I loved the sayings so much, I wrote them down. The one sign said, "Trespassers Will Be Composted". Here is my painting ;o)
"The Guardian" (5" x 7" Canvas)
Lastly, I am working on a special order. One of my Native Crows. I really like the way it's turning out. I think she looks very sleek ;o) The customer picked out the colors and I really like them ;o)

Before you go, I have something seriously cute to show you! I got an early Christmas gift from Deb, at CraftyMoose! She made me a steam punk crow ornament. It's made out of clay. I think she should make more of these! My personal opinion ;o)
Deb even signed the back ;o)
Thanks Deb! I love it!

Big Hugs Everyone ;o) 


  1. Hi Stacy, I am glad your computer is okay. I hate storms I usually turn off everything..
    those paintings are so adorable and I love your early Christmas gift too. Those are the cutest clay crows.

  2. oh no! that was some storm! Really great new paintings!

  3. beautiful art and I love the steam punk crow!!

  4. Hi Kiddo!
    Lovely new work from you! Busy girl ;) Oh drat power outages and surges are no good for all our electronics :( Hope your computer is hunky dory.
    That ornament is so you!

  5. I always enjoy seeing your crows in love!

  6. Glad you were safe my friend.
    Love your compost /guardian crow ...sooooo awesome lol !!

  7. Hope your computer stays all right; computer problems are the scum of the universe!

    "Tango" is such a beauty. They all are, but "Tango" looks in love ;-D

    Love your new steampunk crow!

  8. Love the swirly bits and the colors in your new art. "Compost" made me laugh! Deb's crow is a real cutie, she has a gift! Glad you survived the storm, hope the weather is computer friendly from now on...

  9. Well done on the cumputer surviving. It's a calamity when they fail! I love the new Three Wishes. I really like the flow of movement across the composition, making the crows separate but still part of a cohesive whole. Willow's blog is a treat. I love Honey Bee! As for that steampunk bird! Oh my! You lucky crow!

  10. Your crows just keep getting more and more "spiritual"...I love them all <3 XXX

  11. I agree with Gina above! Your crows are getting more spiritual and speak to me! It would be hard to pick a favorite out of this group!

    Love the steampunk crow!

    Surge protector needed for your computer! We have lots of power surges in our area and the surge protector keeps all safe. Don't get a cheapie either, they are a waste of money.

  12. I love all your new paintings...they are wonderful and I especially love your Christmas gift for Deb. It's amazing. I am curious to see where you display it.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  13. computers, no electricity...good thing you had the battery lights to guide you. I sure do love your native crows. Well I love all you do but the native ones are really getting detailed. And your steampunk crow present is wonderful. Stay warm and safe, Oma Linda

  14. Stacy...your crows are fantastic!!! I am loving them all so much!!!

    Love your beautiful!

    Sorry about that "wicked wind"...what weather our world is seeing this year...scary!!!

    Lots and Lots of Hugs,

  15. I'm glad you are ok from the storm! That does stink about the computer getting messed up. :(

    Your new paintings are so beautiful that I can't even pick a favorite! The Trespassers piece is a riot. Very cute!

    The ornament is so fun. This is my first time seeing a steam punk crow!!!! He is great!

  16. I'm glad the storm didn't cause too much trouble, I hope your computer is okay. Your new paintings are wonderful, I especially like the Trespassers one, it has a wonderful quirky funniness to it. Definitely a cool gift from your friend, great idea!

  17. Hi Stacy
    We have no Sun today in Lisboa!
    All your new paintings are really beautiful!
    Big Kiss

  18. My gosh! Your crows are getting festive! :) I love them!

  19. No excuses for not visiting sooner ... am happy that I did today, your talent has grown by leaps and bounds and your pieces are all stunning! WOW! I can't even choose a favorite this time ...

    The SteamPunk Crow by Debbie is just darling, thanks for sharing! Her pieces are always so delightfully creative.

    Is your computer OK? Certainly hope so, I always have to remember to unplug all the electrical items when we experience a blackout, such a bother but well worth it the end to avoid any power surges that can damage them.

    Take care and be happy!

  20. Love the new art!!! That ornament is solo adorbs

  21. That was some storm! We keep surge protectors on all our expensive electronics and usually unplug the laptops (at the least) when there is a storm.

    I love all your new pieces--the pink backgrounds look fantastic.

    I'm glad you like the steampunk crow, and I appreciate everyone's nice comments.

  22. uh oh we had extremely high winds and snow yippy and then i bitched against the newly payed for security systems since i purchase alot by computer...ooopsy ohhps I love everything, and I agree tell your friend to make a lot, she is very talented...oh and ps my sweet little magic love crow, did you really think I would send you a comment for all that beauty not a chance my post today is dedicated to you , check it out when you can, a comment , pffff you're worth so much more

  23. Oh and the 'trespassers will be composted' had me burst out laughing spitting my coffee, gosh as if i'm not messy enough as it is...

  24. So glad you were safe! Hope your computer is ok!
    Love the new art, wow you've been busy!
    What a sweet Crow... I LOVE Steampunk!

  25. All of the paintings are nice! I love them all plus your new ornament is wonderful! She does very nice work!!


  26. I absolutely love Mahala. I really enjoy seeing your artwork develop!


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