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Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Crow Art and A Giveaway

Hi Everyone ;o) Guess what????? It's snowing ;o) Yehhhhhhhhh ;o) I think it's going to stay this time ;o) I am happy ;o) Before it started snowing crazy, I was able to take some pictures, enjoy ;o) (click on the pics to make them bigger)
"The Fortune Teller" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Believe In You" (4" x 12" canvas)
A small key opens a big door. Just imagine what you can do!
"Sneak Peak"
Now, you are probably wondering about the giveaway I put in my title? Well, do you remember, that sexy Tiger pillowcase I won?
Well, Lil'Shy is having another giveaway for Christmas. This one is for a 14" red satin pillow case!
So, get your little butts over there ;o) 

Big Hugs ;o)


  1. love!!!
    the fortune teller is my favorite! fabulous!!!! i'll bet it is soooooooo pretty!!
    enjoy the weekend!!!

  2. Believe in you is elegantly done~
    I hope you stay warm Stacy and have a fabulous thanksgiving.

  3. "Believe in you" is beautiful! The colours and details on that one are really exceptional. Have a lovely, blessed weekend, my friend :)

  4. Wondrous works of art Stacy...I did enter the giveaway..Thanks for the heads up! Cold is where we are...and a little snow. Even the dogs are cold. I am already for spring. Of course it can snow for Christmas, but then it can turn into spring....

  5. Oh you got snow - good you enjoy it!!!! I love that story about a key - such a special symbol of so much!!!! You always come up with so much interesting in your art!!

  6. wonderful new collection - loving the fortune teller

  7. I think i may just do that my little magic Love Crow friend!

  8. I LOVE "Fortune Teller" and can't wait to see your completed sneak peek. ;-)

  9. Thank you Magic! You are so kind! Added a new entry- free do not have to like anything, just enter. Thanks again for mentioning us! I like "Believe in You" although it is a little hard to choose!

    Snow you say, we didn't get much here, but it has gotten very, very cold!

    Lil'shy ;)

  10. First of all, "Believe in You" is such a sexy bird! I love those feathers, the blue touches...

    And of course, I'm off to check out the satin ;-D

  11. Oh, I love Believe in You! Beautiful symbolism. Congratulations on the fabulous and wild pillowcase. :)

  12. Beautiful work, Stacy! I really like all the ideas you come up with!

  13. Very lovely! The Fortune Teller really grabs me. I had a dream in part about some birds last night, they were so pretty...


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