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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Mail and a Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) I got some treasures in the mail ;o) I was a Big winner at Magaly's blog party!!
I won a copy of Magaly's book, AlmaMia Cienfuegos and Other Stories by Magaly Guerrero 
 photo AlmaMiaCienfuegos-1.jpgShelle designed the cover! ;o)
A $13.40 Amazon gift card, which I still have not spent!

A beautiful painting from Gina, called "Dark Mangoes". Based on Magaly's story.
Gina, also gifted me with another meaningful painting and some pretty feathers ;o)
And, Day Of the Dead Drops Red Earrings by Brighid's Fire ;o) But, that's not it, She felt bad the earrings came late, so I was sent a cool bracelet too ;o)
Thanks so much Magaly and everyone else! I truly Love everything!

Before you go, these are two paintings I am working on ;o) I have been in a pink mood! LOL! The one on the left, is finished. I just have to spray it. The one on the right, could be done too! Haven't decided yet! LOL!
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. beautiful gifts!!!!! Your new work is lovely, the pink is perfect for breast cancer awareness!! Such a talented young woman you are, stay safe in the storm, say hi to your Mum,

  2. Very cool winnings . Glad your in the pink , I always love your art my friend .So fabulous and unique .
    Hope your weekend was wonderous .
    Hugs ,

  3. Love your winnings Stacy~
    and love the pink paintings.very well done.

  4. Crows go really well with pink! In my eyes, they both look finished.

  5. lovely gifts my friend!!
    love the crow paintings!!!

  6. What lovely treasures! How exciting for you. :) I'm in love with your new crow paintings, too. I love how you have one theme for your designs and you never run out of ideas. :)

  7. Oooh! What a treasure trove of goodies! You lucky crow! I know just how you feel, with another of your wonderful paintings. And yes, they still talk in those voices! "Hey, Dud! Take off the mask!"

  8. Awesome winnings..congrats Stacy. How wonderful for you.
    Our weather is crazy, winds up to 60 miles an hour and lots of rain. It was 60 degrees f last night. Still windy this morning. If this was snow we would be snow bound and under 3 feet of snow. Thank goodness it's not.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Congratulations Stacey on winning all the cool prizes! And the new paintings are awesome! I love the pink! :-)

  10. Big hugs to you little magic love crow, pink sounds just lovely , atta girl! Is your store open yet? ps if anyone should win anything it's you

  11. Cool prizes! I got the Paradise Lost album which I love!

    You were definitely in a pink mood!

  12. Wonderful talent out there in blogland...beautiful gifts and prizes!!!

    Your paintings are a feast for the eyes, my dear friend...gorgeous!!!

    Warm Hugs

  13. Hello my Beautiful Crow Friend! Wow, you got some wonderful gifts there! I want to get Magaly's book. I love her stories. And Shelle did the cover, WOW! Cool paintings from Gina too! And I love the jewelry, especially the red skulls, how cool. As for you going PINK, nice job! Both are awesome as always and I think the one on the left is done. So pretty! Big hugs to you my friend and thank you for the loving comments. :)

  14. This is something to spread your wings over!!! Such nice gifts Stacy - and of course your crow paintings are the best!!!!

  15. What wonderful goodies! Gina's painting is so cool. Your new paintings are beauties. I love the pink coloring!

  16. I love Crows in are unique!!!
    Big Hug

  17. Congrats on all the happy mail--everything is beautiful! Your crows look wonderful with the pink backgrounds--Love them!

  18. Look at all your pretties! I LOVE Gina's "Dark Mangoes" and you got feathers, too? Yum! One of these days we need to wear our matching earrings at the same time. I'm enchanted by your pink (and black) mood.

    1. P.S. enjoy the second edition of AlmaMia Cienfuegos!

  19. Wow..congrats to many wonderful treasures you have won..enjoy and enjoy....all looks so magical and very special...! Loving your new pieces..the pink energy is dazzling and so healing and enchanting your new precious souls...magical beings!
    Hugs kindred..wishing you a magical week!

  20. Ooh wow, congratulations! What a lot of awesome goodies. And beautiful paintings as always :)

  21. Congrats on your winnings! Amazon gift card huh... lol I'd be buying Christmas movies... they are my weakness!

    Pretty new PINK art!

  22. What wonderful things to get in the mail! I always enjoy Magaly's word when I read her. I love the pinks, they look great with your beautiful crows!

  23. Terrific new crow paintings! Congrats on your haul- the book, the painting, and everything... Lots of talented people!

  24. All that pink, maybe your head is onto Valentines day already? I love the new ones, they're perfect!

  25. Yay!!! Sending you huge congrats for all of the amazing prizes. You go girl! There is no one more deserving of specialness than you, sweetie. Warmest hugs, Mina

  26. congrats on your win! i love the painting with the feather!


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