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Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Back ;o))))

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, two days of my computer not working properly, went to my computer not starting up! Off I went to Staples and my computer was shipped out to be fixed! I just got it back last night. And, I was up early this morning! I was back at Staples at 8:00am! Lucky the guy there is a real sweetheart! I had to go back and ask some more questions. I don't know the "proper" names for all this technical stuff, but basically, my computer's insides are all new ;o) LOL! The bill was a little over $400.00, but guess what? My computer is still under warranty ;o) I had to pay nothing! Yepeee ;o) But, now because it has new insides, it is doing things a little different, so I am confused! LOL! Like I said, lucky "my man" at Staples is there for me ;o)

Please be patient with me ;o) I am going to try to go through all your blog posts. I won't be able to comment on everything. Then I will catch up with e-mails ;o) I won't be getting any sleep this weekend! Oh, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating ;o)

I will leave you with some new art ;o)

"Peek A Boo" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5") (This one made me smile!)
"Believe" (5" x 7" piece of wood)
"Nature" (6" x 8" flat canvas board) ( I like the eye!)
"A Magical Night" (4" x 4" gallery wrapped canvas)
"3 Wishes" (5 x 7 piece of wood) (This is my favorite painting! It is quirky, but I love it! I was imagining what my 3 wishes would look like?)
Big Hugs! Missed you All ;o)


  1. Welcome back, dear Stacy!!! Love your always, such talent!!!
    "Nature" is absolutely fantastic!!!
    So happy that "your man" at Staples is there for you :)

    Great Big Welcome Back Hugs!!!

  2. Hurray you are back. Thank goodness for warranties!! Yeesh, I hate trying to learn new computer things. You are intrepid!!
    Stacy, your new paintings are great. That freaky skull-headed crow is perfect. I love "Nature" too. You are amazing to come up with so many different themes. Love them all! Hugs, and enjoy your turkey!!!

  3. How wonderful that it was all under warranty! Hooray for new guts, I say. Love your new art works!

  4. Good to see you and your gorgeous art back! Yay for the Geek Squad! Something similar happened to Christie's computer...they put in new parts and things work just a little differently. Take a deep breath and enjoy your turkey!

  5. Hello Stacy...well came back!
    Take your time !!!
    Big Kiss

  6. Lol We arty types can be real dimbos when it comes to our puters. Good job we care about them enough to run screaming for help :D XXX

  7. Oh I love Three Wishes as well. Very nice. Glad you've got your computer back AND super glad it didn't cost anything. Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. WOW! Your new paintings are all GREAT!! REALLY!!! GREAT!!

    Peek A Boo is perfect for Halloween! "Believe" is so stunning, love the colors, and the design. "Nature" is really cool with the eye and all. How cute is "A Magical Night"! I love "3 Wishes", too, Great lay out and design choices. It is truly difficult to choose a favorite! Have an awesome weekend!
    (so glad your computer is up and running!)

  9. So happy you're baaaack! :) you were busy too! Lovely Art! I love warranty work :D Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  10. So glad your computer was still under warranty! Hate that it broke down...but what great timing :)

    Look at all the new art! Gorgeous crows, Dear Stacy!

  11. Well I am glad you have your computer back! Warranties are nice are they not? ;) I hope they told you what was wrong with your old one, just so that you know what not to do or to watch out for. Computers can be very stubborn. I love your new paintings, they are all nice! I really like the "3 Wishes"

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I am glad for the long weekend so can catch up as well the last two weeks have been very weird for me.


  12. Hooray! You're back! Welcome back! We've missed you! Oh, and I love peek A Boo and Three wishes. Whatever your wishes were, they were something outrageous, guessing by those faces. I'm so glad you got the problem fixed for free. Isn't that the best price? Hugs!

  13. Soo very glad to see you are back! I think all of the paintings are awesome, but I must admit that "Nature" is definately my fav!!!!



  14. Stacy, I'm glad you are up and running again. Wow, what money exchanged. Yea ! Your new art is great. If you get a chance hope over to my blog...Finally a new post!

  15. Glad you got all your computer issues resolved. The good thing about losing a computer for a few days is that you can focus more on your art! Take care.

  16. Hi Stacy, so happy you are back!
    Yay !!!!
    And guess what I am 'feasting my eyes' upon?
    Yes, it's your beautiful Crow painting, it arrived in yesterday's mail and I love it so much.
    My husband told me to tell you that he loves it too.
    Thank you soooooo much!

    Love all your new paintings!
    My goodness you have amazing talent,
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving .

    Hugs and smiles


  17. glad you got your computer situations cleared up. I'm in the same boat. This will be my last entry until I get this mess fixed. Great new art Ms. Stacy. Gotta fly, Oma Linda

  18. Welcome Back! I just love a magical night!!

  19. glad you are back!
    peek a boo is all that:)

  20. Welcome back Stacy - so good you had warranty!!!!!! And so lovely to see your new art - I love them all but 3 wishes is so very special!!!!

  21. Glad to see you back!

    I adore your Nature crow!

  22. Fantastic paintings! I'm glad your computer had a successful operation. :)

  23. Glad to hear your computer is all better! Loving your crow creations, they are all fabulous!

  24. 'Bout F- ing time you got back! See what happens when you are so awesome and reliable, then don't post? .. Well I'll tell you, we all miss you HEAPS!!!! Good to see you kept painting my sweet Stacy, I especially love 'peek-a-boo' actually, you know, on 2 nd thoughts, I can't really pick, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

  25. Welcome back Stacy, so glad you got it fixed and at no cost to you... hope you didn't lose files!

    Fun new art :)

  26. It is the most important: YOU ARE BACK!
    You can find us little by little, no hurry, we are here, waiting :-D
    Very nice paintings!

  27. oh yea! computer is back in business! I feel so cut off when I can't get online and see all my bloggy friends :O Hope you have a fantastic holiday

  28. I feel your pain my new artistic friend, i bought a new laptop, new, never did before it was always used even now some things are beyond my comprehension but yay!!!! I love your paintings my favourite is the one in the snow well because I love winter he would have to be magical to withstand Canadian winters so glad to see you and wonderful art!!!!!

  29. and oh my gosh look at you you're so pretty and so I'm so glad the world needs all the love and magic it can get art does that makes you dream makes you weep makes you feel the magic, atta girl!!!!

  30. Believe and Nature are wonderful!

    I have been offline for 2 days also! But mine was internet troubles. Had to get DISH out here to fix the darn thing.

    But I have listed some of my Halloween cats on Etsy and eBay. They are on my blog, hope to get the last bunch listed soon.

  31. So glad you got your computer fixed, I feel so helpless when the wi fi goes here, we are so reliant on them aren't we? Love the pic with the heart and the eye, blessings, alison xxx

  32. Oh dear! Good luck with all this . My new computer died 2 weeks after I bought it. They put all new goop in it and it's fine now,but I lost a lot. That plus babysitting our grandchild has slowed life a bit. I'll catch up some where. Hugs

  33. I so don't like techno details on the computer or net. Just like to push a button that goes right to the right thing lol
    Love your new art of course. Your ideas and portrayal of them with the crows always amazes me .
    Hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. Was great to see you over at my blog.
    October hugs !

  34. Welcome back my friend!! Love your peek-a-boo!! :)) And I'm really happy about your PC!! :)

  35. Yay! I'm glad you are back up and running Stacy! Warranties are a beautiful thing. :) The new painting are awesome. I love Peek A Boo! Oh the wishes. I have many of those!
    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of delicious food. :)

  36. So happy to hear that your still under warranty!! I just love Peek A Boo!!!

  37. Welcome back! So good the computer issues have been resolved.

    I need to say that I love all your work; you know I always, but that "Peek A Boo" painting produced a higher kind of love. I squealed with delight when I first saw it ;-)

  38. Welcome back! I am glad your computer was still under warranty! I love, love, love the painting you sent me, thanks so much (I did a blog post with it in it, but I think it was when you were away). Your new works are very cool, I especially like "peek a boo"

  39. Your art is wonderful-- very liberating to see. I especially love the 3 wishes, too.

    I read your story and can relate-- warfarin sucks, I hated having to stick needles in my gut, but hey, it kept me from dying.

    Keep on crowing! Peace, Mari

  40. Hi Stacy, thank goodness your computer was under warranty, that would have been a hefty bill! Your man at Staples sounds very helpful indeed, it can make all the difference getting good customer service. I'm enjoying seeing your new work- 3 wishes is my favourite too, I very much like the strong colour combination between the turquoise and red with all the softer pastel tones mixed through, very beautiful x


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