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Friday, October 18, 2013

A Special Bottle and A Special Crow Painting

Hi Everyone ;o) Back in September for my birthday, Kim sent me a beautiful magical bottle filled with glass beads, herbs and oil. All made especially for me, by her little hands ;o) Decorated so pretty too ;o)

The only thing is, these are Kim's pictures. You see, when I started to open the box, something was rattling and I could smell a beautiful aroma. I didn't know what I was opening, this was a total surprise for me. I carefully unwrapped the bubble wrap and realized what Kim had sent me, but the bottle was smashed! I guess it was from the glass beads inside? Not sure? Because Kim had it packed really well.

I didn't know what to do? Should I say something? Should I not? Well, I decided to tell Kim, because I know she makes these for prizes and gifts and I didn't want for this to happen to her again. Kim was upset, but I said, everything happens for a reason. Maybe we are suppose to make this bottle together? I had never made anything like this before, so I thought it would be fun ;o) I had to ask Kim to send me more of the wooden decorations, because I couldn't get them off the broken glass!

So, I got one of my bottles. Sprayed painted it purple inside. Don't know why? Just did ;o) Then, Kim had printed out a birthday note for me. I cut it into little pieces and put it into the bottle, so I would have her wishes with me always ;o) After, I carefully picked out the beads and the herbs and placed it all into my bottle and put some silver material on top. I put the lid on and then decorated it. This is the bottle, Kim and I made together ;o)

This was a lot of fun to do ;o) Something I will never forget ;o)

I would like to leave you with a special order I just did. It was a great joy to create ;o)
"Santa Crow" (the sky took me a few hours, and it was worth it)

Have a great weekend ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)


  1. both are beautiful, so sad about the breakage,

  2. Ho, Crow, Ho! He is is your collaboration jar :)

  3. How very special, indeed. So sorry the first one broke...but then look at the beautiful outcome!! Great thinking to remake one together.

    Your "Santa Crow" is awesome. Those stars are truly amazing! Love Them!

    Have a Super Wonderful Weekend.


  4. Stacy, the bottle looks wonderful!!! I am soo glad we had a chance to create something special together! I really love what you did with it!!!

    Blessings my dear friend,


  5. Hi Stacy, Sorry to hear about the smashed bottle but how sweet that you both got to create together! LOVE it! I also love your santa crow, what a gorgeous and detailed sky, no wonder it took you hours! So much detail! I also love that sugar skull crow from your previous post!!!

    So lovely to hear from you and see what you've been up to! :)

  6. Oh the breakage was just an opportunity to create a beautiful piece together, Stacy you have the most gorgeous way of looking at life... the results are great, and I remember other things that 'stuck' and/or broke in transit and how gracious you were in fixing them :)
    Your Santa, is utterly superb, & oh that sky is amazing!!! OK off to make dinner, hugs to you my precious mate, hope love & happiness hugs you & never lets you go xoxox

  7. You are such a sweet, thoughtful, considerate artist, as is your friend, I loved that out of this came something two friends made together, with care and friendship came out something magical, bravo to you too, you need more people like you 2 in this world of ours that is hurting so much, thanks for adding magic and ps i adore your Santa Crows, beautiful....

  8. So sorry about your lovely gift arriving broken, but as you said there was a reason for it and I think that what you did with Kim made it even more special and it is so lovely, too.

    Your "Santa Crow" painting is wonderful, Stacy...lovely art as always my talented friend :)

    Big Hugs,

  9. That's so wonderful! I'm glad you two made a new one together! What's the Chinese word for crisis & opportunity...Jīhuì that is what this situation is!

  10. Sometimes things do happen for a reason! The end result was great as is the Santa Crow.

  11. Sorry to hear Your bottle, but the new is wonderful and ful of memories about Your birthday.

    Santa Crow??? Hello Stacy: look at Your calender :-D Ok, it is good to start wait and be ready when it is a time.
    Backround is really wonderful and of course I love Canta Crow :-D

  12. I love what you did with the broken glass. It is a joint work of friendship.
    Santa Crow is wonderful, you can't start too early for the holiday season.

    I finally made a new post. Check it out and make a comment.

  13. So glad that something beautiful came out of the broken gift. Gosh, it is soon christmas and you gave it an early start. And what a wonderful start dear Stacy!!!

  14. Hi Stacy, I love your special bottle .Do it together it was a good idea!
    Santa Craw is amazing!
    Hug and a nice weekend !!!

  15. Stacy, oh, I adore your santa crow.
    And the new bottle you and Kim made together is beautiful.
    Sorry the one she sent you was broken

    Sending you hugs
    Lots of them


  16. Such a shame that the bottle arrived broken, but the piece you created together is doubly special! The custom Santa Crow is magnificent! So much detail, texture and love went into it--I know the recipient will be pleased!

  17. Your Santa crow is wonderful! I can definitely see why the sky took so much time to paint. The detail is amazing. It is too bad that the first bottle arrived broken, but it seems that everything worked out.

  18. Hey Stacy! You are WONDERFUL. Thank you SO much for your comments on my blog today!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.
    Have a Super Fun Weekend!

    Joan :o)

  19. I love how you are able to take the smashed bottle and make it into something shared, and more profound than it was originally (and it looked pretty amazing originally). You are one special lady.

  20. Stacy, what an incredible post these time! Love what you do with what you get :) So sweet you made a new bottle out of the gift you get from Kim!!! and then in the end Santa Crow wowzered me...what a beautiful painting!! Hugs to you ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  21. Yikes about the bottle! But you are right...everything happens for a reason! I love what you and Kim created together. Santa Crow is fabulous. Beautiful work on the sky! Have a great week. :)

  22. First off .. Awesome header! Second so sorry your bottle arrived broken such a shame! but glad you were able to lean a new craft.. LOVE the santa crow sooooo cute!!!
    Stacy you are amazing!

  23. Your Santa crow is adorable! I'm sorry your bottle arrived smashed, but it sounds like you and your friend created a beautiful memory in addition to the sweet new bottle!

  24. Those stars! I know how long it took to paint those stars! You amazing girl!

    And well done on making a collaborative piece from a shattered bottle. You're a bit of a star yourself.

  25. Stacy, glad you were able to create a new bottle. What a nice gift!

    LOL Love the Santa crow... can't wait for Christmas!


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