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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween and Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) Happy Halloween ;o)
Enjoy some yummy treats ;o)
Have a magically spooky night ;o)
And, don't forget to dance ;o)
Before you leave, I would like to share with you two things ;o) The first one was a special gift I got from Oma Linda and her grandson Ry ;o) They made me a beautiful Halloween button ;o) Big hugs! I love it!!
Next, I won an amazing and beautiful, Tigress 14" pillow case from Lil'Shy ;o) Meow! LOL!

It feels so nice and it is so well made! My mom was impressed too! I can't wait to put my pillow inside ;o) Thanks so much Lil'Shy ;o) I love it!
Big Hugs Everyone ;o))))))

Monday, October 28, 2013

Goddess Bastet

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) I finished another painting. Nope, it's not Disco Rules! He will be finished soon ;o) My Goddess Bastet painting was calling to me and I had to finish her first ;o) She took me many days and hours, but it was such a pleasure ;o) I love painting Goddess Bastet in my own way ;o) She is my favorite Goddess to paint ;o)

This is my largest painting I have done of her so far! 9" x 12" and the sides are 1.5" thick.
Enjoy ;o)

"Goddess Bastet"
"Goddess of Cats, the sun and the moon."
Indeed, the people of ancient Egypt turned to Bastet for protection and for blessing, as she was a renowned and beloved Goddess. She was the protectress of women, children, and domestic cats. She was the Goddess of Sunrise, music, dance and pleasure, as well as family, fertility and birth ;o)


Hope you can see all the detail ;o) Click on the pictures to make them bigger ;o) I lover her ears! LOL!
Big Hugs, Stacy

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Crow Art and A Sneak Peak

Hi Everyone ;o) It's cool here ;o) The weather is changing! But, we still have our robins, so winter isn't here yet!
I finished some paintings ;o)
The first one is called, "The King and The Queen" (9" x 12" canvas)
They are watching over their Kingdom ;o)
"Winter Wonderland" (6" x 6" canvas)
Now many of you ask me, how do I get inspired and I always say, from everything! You never know where I will get an idea from. A couple of days ago, I was looking at my goofy mug.
I thought, maybe I could paint a surprised Crow and call it Boo? Like someone spooked him. Well, I started painting and something else took over! LOL! The painting is now called "Disco Rules". I have a crow in bell bottoms, with platform shoes dancing! LOL! The painting isn't completed! I just wanted to show, how things can inspire me ;o) Sorry the picture isn't that good, but I think you will get what's going on ;o)
Do you see the disco mirror ball? LOL! Hope I made you smile ;o) Can't wait to get this one finished! ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you're all well ;o) I'm feeling really good today ;o) Last week, I was out of it. I wasn't feeling sick, but my mind was all over the place and I felt like a cloud was on top of me. You know what I mean? I'm glad that is over with!!!!
Hope you enjoy the new art ;o)
If you have been following my art for awhile, you realize, I don't paint my crows straight on. I think I can count twice, that I have painted my crows that way. Well, I was looking at Shelle's art, which I love and she inspired me! Many of you know Shelle ;o) She always has so much feeling in her art, no matter what she paints! This is the piece I was admiring.
This is my piece, "The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul". (5" x 7" wood)

"Winter Kisses" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")

This next aceo (2.5" x 3.5") I really liked the way it turned out! It's my ghost couple. "Forever Love"

Take Care Everyone ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calaca Crow In Love

Morning everyone ;o) I have the pleasure this year, to be a sponsor in Magaly's All Hallow's Grim, So Good, So Dark Blog Party ;o)
I have to admit, it took me a while to create something! When I first started, this is what the painting was looking like.
I wanted to show the love of a crow couple. How they mate for life, unless one dies or is captured. As I kept looking at the painting, I kept seeing a skull, but not any skull, a beautiful decorated skull.
Then I darkened the background with some black, to make the color pop more and to create some images ;o)
When I was finished, I asked Magaly to name it. I don't know why? This is the first time I have done that. And, I love the name she came up with! "Calaca Crow In Love". Calaca is a Mexican Spanish name for skeleton. When they use a skull or skeleton during The Mexican Day Of the Dead Festival, the Calacas are depicted as joyous, rather than mournful.
Now, if you would like to win this painting, please go over and say hi to my wicked and beautiful talented writing friend Magaly and see what she wrote about this painting ;o)
There are also many other giveaways and stories to read. So, while you are there, snoop around my friends, you won't be sorry ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm Back ;o))))

Hi Everyone ;o) Well, two days of my computer not working properly, went to my computer not starting up! Off I went to Staples and my computer was shipped out to be fixed! I just got it back last night. And, I was up early this morning! I was back at Staples at 8:00am! Lucky the guy there is a real sweetheart! I had to go back and ask some more questions. I don't know the "proper" names for all this technical stuff, but basically, my computer's insides are all new ;o) LOL! The bill was a little over $400.00, but guess what? My computer is still under warranty ;o) I had to pay nothing! Yepeee ;o) But, now because it has new insides, it is doing things a little different, so I am confused! LOL! Like I said, lucky "my man" at Staples is there for me ;o)

Please be patient with me ;o) I am going to try to go through all your blog posts. I won't be able to comment on everything. Then I will catch up with e-mails ;o) I won't be getting any sleep this weekend! Oh, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating ;o)

I will leave you with some new art ;o)

"Peek A Boo" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5") (This one made me smile!)
"Believe" (5" x 7" piece of wood)
"Nature" (6" x 8" flat canvas board) ( I like the eye!)
"A Magical Night" (4" x 4" gallery wrapped canvas)
"3 Wishes" (5 x 7 piece of wood) (This is my favorite painting! It is quirky, but I love it! I was imagining what my 3 wishes would look like?)
Big Hugs! Missed you All ;o)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Hey Everyone
Computer problems - be back soon.
Big hugs Stacy

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Crow Art

Hi Everyone ;o) Happy October ;o) Hope you're all having a great start of the month ;o) Our Canadian Thanksgiving is on the 14th! We are actually celebrating it on the 12th with family and on the 14th with friends ;o) This year is flying by!!
I have some new art to share ;o)
"Winter Blessings" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Love" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
When you have love in your heart, that is all you need ;o)
"Ecstasy" (9" x 12" canvas)
When two souls meet that were destined to be together. Nothing will break them apart!

Before I go, enjoy Johnny ;o) Pam, sent this to me and I had to share ;o)
LOL! Big Hugs ;o)