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Monday, September 23, 2013

Signs, New Crow Art, Happy Mail

Hi Everyone ;o) Hope you are all well ;o) I have to show you what was left for me, on the night of my birthday ;o) But, before I do, do you believe in signs? Like a turtle walking in front of you, or a robin talking to you? I know we can't explain these things, but I feel they are all signs for us to look, and listen! They are trying to tell us something ;o)
Around 7:30pm, on the evening of my birthday, I was going outside to bring in the bird feeder. If we don't, the raccoon family gets into it! As I opened the screen door, I looked down. On the step, was half of a walnut shell, with a heart in the middle ;o) I picked it up and said thank you ;o) What a beautiful gift and sign ;o) It will forever be with me ;o)
Now on to some new art ;o)
"Spirit Of The Wizards" (This painting took me a long time to do! I had the background finished for about a month, but I wasn't sure what do with it, until I saw the face in the sky! 5" x 7" canvas,)
"Skating Fun" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Dressed For The Season" (4" x 4" canvas)
"Come Fly With Me" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
"Keeping Warm" (aceo 2.5" x 3.5")
I would also like to share some happy mail! I was sent two crow pictures for my birthday.
The first one is from Deb (CraftyMoose). This was taken at the Grand Canyon ;o)
The second picture was sent to me from Linda (Moments In An Eye). This was taken in Mexico.
Thanks girls, love them both!

Big Hugs ;o)


  1. The Universe sent walnut luuuuuv to you!

  2. I love that the heavens granted you with a gift, beautiful art and beautiful gift of photos,

  3. little witch crow flying her broom is darling :)

  4. What a cool find! I just love your latest pieces!!

  5. Hey There Stacy!

    Pretty cool walnut 'heart' shell. I love it. I do believe in signs. When we first moved into our house many years ago, we were in the yard for the very first time planting flowers and such and I found a "heart" shaped rock about the size of my hand! I was SO excited!! To this day, that rock is in our house!!

    "Spirit of the Wizards" is BEAUTIFUL. Very magical. I love that there are two crows in this painting. I also love the position of each crow. They look majestic as well.

    Your little baby crows are SO precious. Absolutely darling! These cute little babies always look so happy as well as having tons of fun. Oh, to be a kid again!

    And you most definitely captured the feeling of "Keeping Warm!"..

    Love looking at all your new work. And it amazes me how your titles are always right on the money!! Great Job.

    Have a super fun week.


  6. Oh!! Just had a thought... you should paint a "King & Queen" couple, if you haven't already!!!

  7. That walnut is something really interesting:) Read the signs...
    I Loved your new paintings, especially the Spirit of the Wizards, and Dressed for the season - too cute little crow!

  8. ...awesome hearts`y sign! ~ blessed be! dear kindred heart!...(O:

  9. In my culture your "medicine" changes on your birthday so you may learn all year long.
    The walnut is a sign of hidden wisdom, abundance and much more if you want to know you can read about it here


  10. I for one am not the least bit surprised that the universe sent you love in a nut. I'm a nut and I love you, right?????? Oma Linda

  11. You deserved that love nut!!!! Great new art Stacy!!! Bless you!!!! Hugs :-)

  12. You have got a wonderful mark and gift. Very interesting and I also believe that We get sometimes marks how to do.
    Very beautiful paintings!

    Greetings from Finland, Uuna

  13. That walnut shell is wonderful Stacy. That is definitely some sort of sign! Your paintings are fabulous. I love the baby crows having fun. :) The happy mail photos are great!

  14. That walnut shell is wonderful Stacy. That is definitely some sort of sign! Your paintings are fabulous. I love the baby crows having fun. :) The happy mail photos are great!

  15. What a beautiful sign you get! ♥♥♥ send from heaven :) Love your sweet aceos especcially the two sweeties riding a wisk! And the last photo is amazing, isn´t it ?! ♥ Conny

  16. That was no coincidence I believe in signs too.. love your paintings girl .

  17. I do believe in signs...the universe is saying thank you for all the love you send out.

    Love the new art!

  18. Ha, a skating crow! I can almost see that!

  19. Love all the new crows! Very colorful this time! :)

  20. Oh, those magical signs! Yes, keep the walnut somewhere safe. I have an adder stone I keep on my keyring for luck. I love 'Keeping Warm'. All those green trees! Hugs!

  21. I love your heart shaped shell! I'm glad it found you. Your paintings are so sweet, I especially like "Keeping Warm." Happy birthday wishes again dear Stacy!

  22. The walnut shell is awesome, how wonderful to have found it!
    Gosh , you have been busy.
    Love all the new paintings and like Lisa, I too especially like "keeping warm"
    Also love my visits here as you make me smile :)

    Hugs m'dear

  23. Awesome paintings Stacy...Great works of Art.

  24. Magic! The walnut shell really does look like a heart! That has to be a good sign! The paintings are wonderful and I see why the one took so long, a lot of detail! The crow pictures are beautiful, I like the first one where you really see the details of the crow and the second one looks like a crow watching the beautiful sky! Sounds like you are having a very full Birthday Month!


  25. Best pressie from a wild animal ever :) Loving the new art & the pics too, great post my friend :)

  26. the walnut is a good sign. i am headed to your etsy shop. alecia and i and little hazel will be moving soon to a temporary place, followed by a permanent place, and i want a piece of your artwork on the wall. i won't order until we get the new place, but i will enjoy getting more familiar with what's available. fun!

  27. I'm so sorry I missed your birthday!!! Happy belated birthday! I know you had a wonderful day as you have such a positive attitude!

    Love Face in the Sky!

  28. How awesome Stacy! Yes I totally believe in signs and that was a perfect one for someone who is as loved as you are. Your new paintings are awesome!!! And on canvas too? And what special crow pictures from your friends. Its amazing what beauty and life arrives inside a gift! Happy Birthday Month for YOU!!! Big hugs!

  29. I do believe in signs. What a lovely gift from Nature.

    As always... your art is beautiful. Such talent.


  30. I love the heart in the nut! So adorable ♥ Same as your art, such cute baby crows Xo)

  31. Mother Nature and all her happy spirits left you Birthday Love!!! Awesome!! your Crow photos you got!! you are certainly loved..and for a good reason.the love you get is equal to the love you give!!!

  32. Hi Stacy,

    What a fun present from mother nature! Yes I do believe in signs!

    Beautiful new art! (Love the ACEO's you sent me too! Thank you)

    Beautiful Crows also!


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